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≪32≫ – Rest

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

The room allotted to Lucella and Kafal for that night was extremely simplistic. It has one wardrobe, one small desk, two chairs, and…

“One double bed… I see, so they’re telling us to sleep together.”

In the compact room, a fluffy double bed stood imposingly.

“This… is?”
“Uhh, well you lie down on it… Oh, you don’t have to curl up. Human bodies can’t do that. Anyway, you then put the blanket over you and…”

Though she obtained a temporary human body, Kafal was an existence beyond a human’s common sense. She seemed to have trouble understanding how to use a bed meant for humans, she took a pillow and started swinging it around, so Lucella pulled her to the bed and lied down with her.

—Wait, what am I doing…

There were no problems. It’s not like he hated sleeping together. They always snuggled together in the mountains, after all. But still, Lucella wondered whether this was really okay. Would imitating a human parent and child really be meaningful to Lucella and Kafal?

He couldn’t calm down, feeling as if he was suspended in mid-air.

“This… size… Lucella… close.”
“We… slept… together… a lot. But… now… feels… new.”

Kafal hugged Lucella as if he was a hug pillow.

Because Kafal wasn’t used to creating a body yet, this magical body looked human on the outside but felt transient to the touch similar to a plushie.

“Kafal… when small… Lucella… big. Full… of Lucella.”

Held to her soft chest, Lucella didn’t know what face Kafal was making.

“Lucella. Does… Lucella… hate… Kafal?”

She spoke timidly. Yes, timidly enough to tell from her tone. The mighty dragon that trampled the mountain and dominated the skies… was afraid.

She uttered the world she feared. Her state had been a little strange since they came to the city. She appeared conflicted at times, and one moment she distanced herself and the next she clung close to Lucella.

Her heart was filled with anxiety and had difficulty gauging the distance with Lucella.

“…No. I love you… I think. I’m not quite sure.”

Those were his honest feelings with no falsehood or dodging the topic. He felt indebted, he learned of her gentleness, and thought she was a charming being. Even if he couldn’t describe it, he still wanted to stay with her forever.

If he had to express it with one word, “love” should be appropriate. Though he did feel embarrassed about it.

Hearing Lucella’s answer, Kafal seemed a little relieved.

“Why did you ask me that?”

She stared at the dim ceiling for some time to collect her words.

The gentle light of lamps or such was reflected by the river and gently spilled in through the window.

“Sorry. Human… words… difficult.”
“I see.”

Instead of words, Kafal hugged Lucella tight. And then.


She suddenly licked Lucella’s cheek, so he ended up twisting his body.

“Do you… hate… it?”

Seeing her so saddened, Lucella thought he screwed up.

“L-Listen, that’s not it… Humans don’t lick like dragons do, because it has a different meaning. Uhh, w-when you’re in your dragon form, you can do it.”
“…I see.”

Kafal hugged her once again, but a little moderately now.

Lucella, too, lightly rubbed her cheeks on her chest in affection.


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