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≪26≫ – Tailoring

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

After leaving the guild’s branch, Lucella decided to part with Tim for the time being.

“I’ll go have a little talk with Gamel. I alone will be enough. Meanwhile, can you guys try and make Lucella less conspicuous?”

The armored man walked away with a wave of his hand, leaving behind a confused Lucella who couldn’t follow their conversation.

“What do you mean less conspicuous?”
“Look, you’re not gonna tell me you plan to keep walking around wrapped in pelts like a feral child, are you?”
“Isn’t it deviant to wear a cloak while mostly exposed underneath?”

They were absolutely right.

If Lucella removed the robe, it would definitely draw the eyes of the pedestrians from around.

“You almost went and stood out at the guild earlier too. So you should at least try to look normal. Standing out is unavoidable but at least make it moderate.”
“You should buy normal clothes too of course, but you’d want an adventurer get-up too. If you look like an adventurer, then even if your strange aura leaks out the other party is more likely to accept it, right?”

Viola had a point.

The world’s common sense was that any kind of oddball could become an adventurer, so it would make the situation more swallowable compared to a simple weird child walking around.

Either way, he had to get clothes to live in a civilized society.

“The problem is that they don’t sell a lot of child-sized armor.”
“About that… we have the pelts of the Variants that Lucella brought, right?”
“We certainly do.”
“I know a pervert that will get off from seeing them.”
“Oh… you wanna make her do it?”
“It’s just around the corner too.”

Wein and Viola chatted and nodded in understanding with no regard to Lucella.

“What? Who?”

As you would expect, there were many stores around the guild’s branch that were aimed at adventurers.

Big towns like Kugutfulm act as hubs for the adventurers working in the smaller towns and villages in the vicinity, so this tendency was even stronger here.

Adamant Sewing was one such store, and it focused on custom-made non-metal armor manufacturing and repairs. Colorful threads, strips, skins in the middle of making, rolls of clothes, and many such things filled the inside of its workshop walls and ceiling.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaa! C-Can I? Can I r-really cut it?! And sew it?! And dye it too?! Really?! Y-You’re serious, right?!”

Seeing so many varieties of pelts lined up on the low work table, the workshop’s owner, Midum, let out a shrill while squirming.

Based on her outward appearance, Midum appeared to be the same age as Lucella, but she was an adult in reality. Dwarven women generally grew up until they looked like humans in their early teens, after which they stopped growing altogether.

There were countless pelts piled up in Lucella and Kafal’s house. It was the result of Kafal accurately peeling each monster she took down and gifting the pelt to Lucella.

Lucella took a few of those with him. Even a single pelt of a Variant cost a fortune, and they were first-class articles as armor materials too.

Lucella brought them just in case they came in handy, and they quickly did.

“Are you fine with us paying the processing costs and hush money with the leftover scraps of it?”
“W-W-W-What are you scheming?! Y-You’re not only letting me sew this, but e-even giving me the scraps?! A-Are you a devil trying to trick this little Midum?!”
“Like hell I am.”
“And you’re going to have this adorable girl wear it?! Ahhh, my hands are trembling already!”

The dwarven girl with her hair up and the work apron on her was so excited that Wein who approached with the request was put off by it.

She breathed wildly through her nose and stared at Lucella with a feverish gaze.

“Measurements taken!”
“You did it with just a glance?!”
“That’s just how she is… a pervert, that is.”
“Speaking of which, Viola, you seem to have gained 1.1 kg since the last time we met! Did you eat a bit too much?”
“I’ll slaughter you!!”

Viola leaped at Midum and started stretching her elastic cheeks.

“How many days will it take?”
“Hehehehehe, don’t look down on this great Midum. I can’t possibly do any other work, so I’ll close the shop and continue nonstop and it should take 4-5 days.”
“That fast? You have to start by processing the pelts right? They are rare materials so I expect good-quality armor, okay?”
“That’s how long it would take to just shape them into gear. Enchanting is not my specialty so I’ll just make the slots for it. Besides, a Variant’s pelt is a magic item on its own, so I’m not sure if it even needs any enchanting.”

She rolled up and fixed her sleeves in place and started cutting the pelt with scissors that glowed with a peculiar light, no longer turning around.

The speed she was working at was fast even to an amateur’s eye.

“So that’s how it is. She’s a pervert but her skills are trustworthy, so you can just leave the rest to her.”
“Oh, right. Thanks.”
“That leaves normal clothes. We should go for the ready-made goods for this one…gulp.”

Viola licked her lips as her glasses flashed.


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