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≪11≫ – Hunting Practice

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

It was late in the autumn when the mountain took on red and orange colors when Kafal brought back a game that was in a different state from usual.

“Welcome… Wait…”

She brought it by holding it with its strong hind claws, but that monster was actually still moving.


It was a wolf-like magic beast that was bigger than a bear. It was bleeding from its head and abdomen, dyeing its fresh green fur red. But even so, it was glaring at Lucella ferociously while foaming through heavy breaths.

“…Are you telling me to fight it? Wait, could this be…”

Kafal let it go without finishing it off. The green wolf sprung to its feet and immediately rushed at Lucella as it set its indiscriminate gaze on him.

—No way! Even if it’s at death’s door, no way I can take on a Variant magic beast!

He screamed internally but the wolf beast didn’t stop.

“Agh! Fine, I’ll show you my magic then! ≪Fireball≫!!”

A ball of flame manifested from Lucella’s hand and intercepted the charging wolf.

Clash! Boom!


However, the wolf pierced through the blast and flames and continued charging. It was no wonder— the Variant magic beasts roaming near the dragon’s habitat were on the level where superhuman adventurers needed to join hands to hunt.

A mid-grade attack spell would only graze it. It was far lacking as a restraining measure! The wolf beast bared its fangs and leaped at Lucella while scattering bloody drool.


Lucella somehow avoided the attack by slipping under its claws and fangs with a roll. Nevertheless, the wolf beast was fast, very, very fast! By the time Lucella rose up, the beast’s deadly jaw was already before his eyes.


But just before it could reach Lucella, Kafal’s forefoot predicted its movements and accurately captured the magic beast.

Even this giant wolf was helpless before the dragon’s herculean strength, squirming desperately to escape her grasp.

“I told you it was impossible! I’m just a human, okay?!”

Lucella shook his head at Kafal who seemed to want him to try a bit harder. He knew this was that kind of place. Kafal was protecting him now, but unless he became able to fight with these magic beasts, he wouldn’t be able to freely move around through the mountain.

Be it going down to the city, or searching for his origins. Not just that, if the nest was attacked while Kafal was out, he’d just die helplessly. Nevertheless, Lucella thought this training was far too unreasonable.


She slumped her shoulders in slight dejection and then crushed the giant wolf in her grasp.


It seemed that the wolf beast’s bones broke and its heart ruptured, it spasmed several times and stopped moving.

“Thank god… I’d die if I was forced to fight something like this.”

Lucella heaved a sigh of relief, thinking he narrowly escaped death. Giving him a sidelong glance, Kafal flapped her wings and soared up.


Then she overlooked the mountain and suddenly swooped down, attacking something. Trees shook and birds scattered around, and a shriek and roar reverberated from the place.


Before long, Kafal flew up holding something. Hanging from her feet was a big two-headed spider covered with dark bristles which was spilling semi-transparent fluid.

“So you brought something slightly weaker this time?!”

Kafal threw the large spider down near the nest. It quickly got up after the clumsy landing and rushed at Lucella, rattling its twelve legs adorned with claws.

“Hissss! Kiaaaaa!”

The enemy’s movements were dulled due to the injuries, so he could just barely handle it. For that reason, Kafal didn’t intervene and continued observing the majestic figure of her child as she swayed her head around.

The game of tag around the nest involving Lucella’s life continued until evening.


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