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Chapter 4 Age Five(4)

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“Princess, are you awake yet? You have to go to kindergarten today.”

“Mm, what time is it?”

“Seven Thirty~. Hurry, wash up and get dressed. Mom has laid out your clothes.”

Waking up earlier than usual, I’m still a little drowsy.
It seems like Dad, who is usually gone by the time I wake up, hasn’t left for work yet at this hour.
He hugs me with a sleepy expression on his face.

“Is my daughter awake? Let’s go wash up.”


I step on a step stool for toddlers since I can’t reach the sink, and I quickly wash my face, feeling more awake now.
After finishing, I hastily put on the clothes Mom had laid out for me.
It’s a frilly dress that reflects my mom’s taste. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s morning and I’m feeling tired, I would have immediately run to Mom and complained.

“Haah, I’m all ready.”

“If you’re done, Dohee, come and have breakfast. Honey, it’s time for you to go to work.”

“Okay, I’ll be back. Dohee, are you going to have fun at kindergarten today? Your dad has to go now.”

“Yeah, have a good day.”

After a quick meal, Mom and I leave the house and take the elevator.
It’s exhausting to go out at a time when I would usually be sleeping.
I should only go to kindergarten for today and no more.

After all, once I start elementary school, I’ll have to go through this struggle every morning at this time. I should just rest at home during this time.

While riding the elevator down, it stops and a middle-aged woman gets in.
She smiles as soon as she sees me.

“Oh, what a lovely child. How old is she?”

Mom smiles proudly and answers, “Oh, she’s 5. Haha.”

“Are you going somewhere with your baby?”

“Today is her first day going to kindergarten.”

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“Oh, really? I thought she was a child actress going to a filming set because she’s so pretty. If you’re interested, you should try making her a child actress.”

As the small talk between Mom and the woman we just met is coming to an end, the elevator arrives at the underground first floor parking lot.

“Well, I’ll go now. Dohee, say goodbye.”


“Oh my, the baby is so polite as well. Alright, goodbye~”

While riding in the car on the way to kindergarten, my mom asks me.

“Dohee would you like to appear on TV, by any chance?”

“TV? Well, that’s also an experience. It’s worth trying to appear on TV at least once as an experience”

“Hehe, my daughter speaks like an adult. Earlier, that woman mentioned child actresses. Ah, by the way, do you know what a child actress is?”

“I know, to some extent.”

“Aww, my smartie, there’s nothing you don’t know. Mom hopes Dohee can try everything she wants to do. It would be great if you could try them all. Take some time to think about it.”


As Mom and I continue our conversation, we suddenly arrive at the kindergarten.
We approach the teacher who is accompanying the students entering the kindergarten and ask for directions to the principal’s office.

“Welcome, are you Dohee’s mother who called yesterday?”

“Oh, yes, that’s me. Hello.”

“Hello, principal.”

“Hi, Dohee. You look so pretty. You resemble your mother, who is a beauty, don’t you? Hoho.”

“What are you talking about? Haha.”

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Of course, it’s true that I’m pretty, but there’s something unsettling about the way the principal talks.

“Please have a seat for now.”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“Ah, please make it coffee.”

After guiding me with familiar gestures, the principal brewed coffee and gave me candy while asking my mom.

“So, you mentioned wanting a one-day visit?”

“Yes, since I’m not a working mom, I could just play with her instead of sending her to kindergarten. But I think she should make friends to develop her social skills.”

“Yes, ma’am, nowadays children need to develop their social skills from kindergarten so that they can adapt well when they go to school.”

‘Getting along with naive toddlers at my age… Well, I am five years old, after all.’

“But if you visit for just one day, it will end before you have a chance to develop your social skills. How about attending for a month instead?”

“Ah… our daughter really wants to stay at home.”

“Mother, in addition to social skills, our English kindergarten provides a natural environment for learning English. By the time she enters elementary school, she will be better than children who have studied abroad in terms of English proficiency.”

“Oh, that’s right… English is important.”

If things continue like this, it seems like I will keep attending kindergarten. I look at my mom and shake my head vigorously.

“But my child dislikes it so much…”

“Well, ma’am, do you know that our English kindergarten costs 1.99 million won per month? We have a special promotion this time, and if you register by today, you can attend for one year at a cost of 990,000 won. You will regret it if you miss this opportunity.”

“Seriously, this person is only running an English kindergarten not a fitness center, so why is he doing this ridiculous promotion? And he’s even set the price in the nineties. No matter how beautiful my mom is, it’s just a simple sales pitch…’

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My mom’s eyes were wavering. At this rate, in the blink of an eye, it seems like I’ll be stuck attending for a whole year without being able to stay home…

‘Sad thoughts… Sad thoughts…’

‘My virginity I left from my previous life… My ****… I’m sorry for never using you even once…’

“Mom… I want to be with you.”

With those words, I gently close my eyes. A single tear rolls down my cheek. Mom, seeing me shedding tears, tightly embraces me.

“Oh, my dear princess, Mom is sorry. Mom didn’t understand your feelings.”

‘Kya, that was an impressive performance. Should I really try being a child actress?’

“Mom… Can we just… for one day… please…?”

“Sure, sure. Let’s give it a try for just one day, my little princess decided.”

“**** my life, I almost ended up playing into the hands of the principal’s sly tongue.”

“Ahem, then let’s go with the one-day field trip option today, and the payment will be 99,000 won.”

“Yes, here’s my card.”

After making the payment…

“Well… then which class should we arrange for the visit? Berlin Class, Rome Class, Paris Class, Madrid Class, Lisbon Class…”

‘Oh, my god.’

It seems like this English kindergarten is not in its right mind. They named the classes after the capitals of countries that don’t even primarily use English, leaving out English-speaking countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and others.

“Principal, can we put her in the same class as Baek-hwi? It would be easier for Dohee to adapt if she has a friend.”

“Oh, really? Let me see where Baek-hwi’s class is… Ah, here he is.”

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After searching through the records, the principal found the class of that blessed little wealthy kid and picked up the intercom.

“Teacher, we have a new student in your class today. Please come to the principal’s office to guide them.”

Then, she hung up and said,

“Since I called the homeroom teacher, she will be here soon. Ho-ho. And Ma’am, after experiencing it today, if possible, I hope you can sign up for the one year deal by the end of today. We have a promotion, so I’m sure you understand what I mean, right?”

“Ah… Yes.”

‘The principal is so sly. So conniving.’


“Principal, I’m coming in.”

“The homeroom teacher has arrived.”

“Hello. I’m Yoo Sohee, the homeroom teacher for the Seoul Class.”

‘Kya, they’re connecting classes like Berlin Class, Madrid Class, and so on, and now it’s the Seoul Class? Interesting.’

The homeroom teacher bent her knees and looked at me.

“Nice to meet you. Such a pretty friend has come. What’s your name?”

“Lee Dohee.”

“Your name is so beautiful. Shall we have fun together today? Ma’am, you can go home and rest, and please come back by 3:30.”

“Yes, I understand. Dohee, Mom will go home now. Are you going to have fun?”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll try to have fun.” (“응, 알았어 좀 따 봐.”????)

As my mom left, the homeroom teacher held my hand and said,

“Dohee, shall we go now?”

Just as we were about to leave, the principal called the homeroom teacher and whispered something.

“Just a moment, Teacher Yoo, please come here for a moment.”

-It’s only a day… One year… Shrewd *******…-

By now, I feel like applauding the principal. It seems like this is how they make money. After the principal’s instructions, the homeroom teacher’s expression became strangely intense as she came over and spoke.

“Now, shall we go then, Dohee?”

“Yes… Let’s go.”

I entered the Seoul Class.
As soon as I entered, I saw children running around, chasing each other.
Children building towers and knocking them down.
Children snatching toys and a child being robbed of their toy.

There was a child sleeping happily.
A child who tries to imitate and act according to the animation they probably saw yesterday.
A child pretending to cast spells with a magic wand, and so on…

‘Ah, the terrible age of five…’

“Attention, everyone.”

Even though the homeroom teacher shouted for attention, the children remained chaotic.

“We have a new friend in our class today. Shall we all say hello?”

‘Huh, is the teacher only talking to herself…’ (‘아니, 선생님도 자기 할 말만 하는 거냐…’????)

“Alright, once again, attention. We have a very, very pretty friend in our class.”

Surprisingly, one by one, the children glanced at me and fell silent, fixing their gaze on me…
My appearance managed to captivate even the chaotic five-year-olds.
I’m grateful for my parents’ miracle…

“Oh, Dohee is so pretty. That’s why everyone became quiet. Now, shall we do self-introductions?”

“Yes… Hello, I’m Dohee. Please take good care of me…”

“Okay everyone, let’s clap~”


“Now, who wants to ask Dohee a question? Raise your hand. Yes, Changmoon.”

“Hello, I’m Park Jangmoon. I am the youngest son of the Milyang Park family, the Jukdosagongpa lineage. I’m the youngest of 2 boys and 1 girl with an older brother and sister. My dad is a baseball player, and my mom is a full-time homemaker. When I’m at the LA Kids Cafe… um… so… that’s why… yeah, that happened and…” (밀양 박씨 절도사공파 32세 손이고 2남1녀중 – bruh 32 years old???)

‘What’s with this kid? Has he gone crazy at this damn kindergarten?’

“I currently live in the Bando Yuboora Central Parkview Edu River Marina The First City.”

“Kya, even the apartment resembles its owner. Such a Jangmoon fanatic.”

“So, here’s the thing, if you don’t have a boyfriend, go out with me.”

“Oi, ****!”

‘Ah, I couldn’t take it anymore and cursed in a moment. Even in this life, I tried to live with manners and without swearing…’

The head teacher, hearing my curse from the side, looked surprised and had a bewildered expression, unsure if what they heard was actually a curse.

“Ah… Oh… My goodness, my feet are itching…”

While listening to Park Jangmoon’s speech, I stood there pretending my feet were itching.

“Hoho, Dohee’s feet are itching. Your way of speaking is just like a refined lady from the Joseon Dynasty.”

“Yes, I watched a historical drama on TV yesterday… Hehe…”

While performing a desperate act, Park Jangmoon shouts once again without a clue.

“So, if you don’t have a boyfriend, go out with me!”

“Ah, dammit.!”

I should take a deep breath slowly. Phew… Ha…

‘Ah, please calm down…’

Taking a breath, I decided what I should say.

‘Well… There’s nothing I can do.’

“Sorry, I’m going to marry my dad.”

‘In the end, I’m saying something like this…’

It seems like it’s going to be a tumultuous day until I escape from English kindergarten.


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