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I hear the sound of car horns, footsteps, and people’s conversations coming through the basement window curtains. As usual, I wake up at noon when the sun is high in the sky. Then I look at my phone while repeatedly tossing and turning in bed.

[Kwon Dohyung, who caused the Luna crash, is being summoned for investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.] [The vulnerability and liability of Terra and Luna… Did Kwon Dohyung, despite knowing, covered it up?] [Hacker Group Anonymous, “We will put Kwon Dohyung on the judgment seat of Terra” – Pocool Daily News]

When I read the article I let out a deep sigh.

I have been lacking ever since I was young, so I jumped into society as soon as I became an adult after dropping out of college. My twenties, where I couldn’t enjoy any youth romance. I worked during the time when others played, and I managed to save up 100 million won with great difficulty.

Suddenly looking back, I’ve regretted that I didn’t enjoy any of the time I had. I couldn’t just live by working anymore. So, I decided to invest with the 100 million won I saved up. There was also the aspect of jumping on the trend of the stock market boom at the time.

I learned about stocks from a guy I knew while working, and then I became a typical speculator in this day and age by buying Luna’s stock pool.

“F*cking *******.”

I sighed and cursed under my breath.

Am I cursing Kwon Dohyung, who created Luna Stocks, or am I cursing myself for wasting money like an idiot? Probably both.

After tossing and turning in bed for a while made me feel a sense of hunger, so I roughly put on some clothes and headed to a convenience store nearby.

The sunlight was blinding. The clear weather with the shining sun seems like a different world from the depressing state of me

“Ah, I wish I could live in a different world”

It was a ridiculous thing to say even though I said it. With a hollow laugh, tears well up in my eyes. Perhaps it’s because the sun is too bright.

People walking along the street look like they blend in with the sunshine. I feel like they and I are living in different worlds.

A couple in love, a busy office worker, a university student hurrying to an afternoon class, a young child holding hands with their mother. Their future seems full of possibilities.

When I opened the convenience store door and went in, a bell rang and a part-time worker greeted me with an annoyed tone.


I bought instant noodles and soju and left.

The sun was particularly hot today.

“Why is it so damn clear and sunny today?”

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On the way home, I saw an old woman dragging a cart full of scrap paper.

The grandmother who was pulling a cart on a hot day looked particularly tired.

I felt a sense of empathy for the old woman.

I walked up to the cart, pushed it from behind, and said to the old woman.

“Let me help you, grandma.”

“Why thank you, young man.”

“Where are you headed?”

“If it’s okay with you…then please just take me up to the top of that hill, young man.”

The old lady and I walked up the hill in the scorching heat, sweating profusely.

“Thank you very much, young man.”

“Not at all, be careful not to get heatstroke.”

“Thank you.”

As I walked home, I decided to think positively.

‘At least I’m in better health than this old lady. Even though my 20s are long gone, let’s have a drink and start anew tomorrow.’

As I continued to repeat those words in my mind as if brainwashing myself with these thoughts, my body suddenly felt energized and hopeful.

‘Tomorrow, I’ll be better than I was today.’

‘I can do it!’

Lost in thought, I suddenly found myself at a crosswalk in front of my house. And as I crossed the street, a truck hit me.

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‘Ah, **** my life.’

It’s true that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, but to die the moment you make a decision is just cruel.

My vision blurred and it went completely dark

‘Ah, I don’t want to die.’

‘I wanted to live a good life.’

‘I wanted to be someone’s idol…’




‘When I was 13, I should have auditioned to be a trainee.’




‘When I was 15, I should have sung a different song during music class…’




‘Damn it, why did I participate in that talent show back then?’

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‘When I was 18, I should have confessed my love to her…’




‘…What…? Why am I not dead yet?’


I opened my eyes and screamed, but what came out of my mouth was a baby’s cry.


When I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw a man and a woman in front of me. The woman’s face was a mess, covered in sweat and tears, but even in her disheveled state, she was beautiful.

“”Honey, you really went through a lot of hardship…!”

The man, who looked very handsome, said.

“Our little princess is so cute…really…It’s me, your mom, Dohee.”

‘Huh…? Princess?’


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