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Chapter 9

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2065 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1317 words

When Angeline swung the materialized sword at the coffee table, my heart skipped a beat. But goodness, how is the table still in one piece?

“And that’s the four main systems of magic, did you get it?” Angeline asked the hero.

“Yup, I did.”
“Then what are they?”

How strict! That must be her usual habit from when she was teaching. When the hero glanced at me, I could only return a smile to her.

“Um… Illusion, enchant, elemental, and manipulation?”
“That’s the correct answer. Although magic is divided into four main systems, most of the mages can only use one. This is all but determined at birth.”
“Oh? That sounds a little like blood group.”
“And next—”

The following lessons couldn’t be divulged, but I quietly accompanied them until it was over.

In the end, Angeline placed four books on top of the table. I believe those are the magic codex written by the greatest mage of this age. There should be records in regards to the zenith of magic. I was the books in which the mage apprentices would never get to read even if they split their heads.

“Give these a good read once you get back.”

After class, Angeline pulled me outdoor. I took this opportunity to ask her, “So, what do you think about it, Miss Principle? Does she have potential?”

While I was listening to her lecture, I couldn’t restrain myself from calling her that. Haha, just look at how she’s puckering her brow, “Don’t call me like that, it sounds very awkward coming from you. But regarding his potential hm? I can’t tell at the moment, but—”

She pressed my shoulders with both hands and asked seriously, “Why is the otherworlder interested in magic? Did he think magic is the key to defeating that person, or—”

She was grasping my shoulders a little too tightly, but I could tell that she was very concerned. The hero’s action was indeed a little hard to make sense of. Whether it was Tristina or Angeline, all they could do was take a guess at her intent.

“Maybe so…?” I answered while scratching my face.

It was no wonder she was so serious about the matter. As the hero’s maid, I was the closest person to her and had the highest chance to understand her strategy.

“Alright then.”

I could see a hit of concern in her ruby red eyes as she relaxed her grip.

“Even if he’s a magic genius that only appears once a millennium, isn’t it too late to—” she sighed before continuing, “forget it, there’s nothing we can do but bet on it.”

She glanced at me and added, “No wonder Tristina asked you to stay by the otherworlder’s side.”

“That’s right,” I answered with a light tone. I am like the bridge that connects this world with the hero. As one of the key figures to enact the plan to defeat that person, I have an important role to play.

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“However, I still don’t want you to have anything to do with that guy— sigh, never mind, I’ll go back first.”
“Why don’t you leave after having lunch first?” I tried to make her stay for lunch.

“If I do that, you’ll have to cook an extra share for me. That’s why I won’t.”
“Eh? But I don’t mind…”

“I do!” She said in deadly earnest, “You are the saintess for god’s sake!”

I nervously looked towards the half-opened door. Although she kept her voice down, I was still afraid that the hero might have heard her.

“Please let me make something tasty to repay you…!” I appealed to her in a cutesy tone.

She hesitated for a moment.

“You want to repay me? How about this then, I’ve found a nice hot spring during one of my adventures, I’ll count it as repayment if you’ll come with me.”

After a short moment of dazedness.

“H- hot spring?!”

For an instant, the embarrassing sight of me soaking in the hot spring with a swimsuit flashed through my head.

“Nonononono… only that, I can’t…!”

I shook my head ceaselessly, causing my white hair to flip left and right like a rattle-drum.

I am a boy, so how can I wear a bikini and sneak into the girl’s side and bathe with them???
I’ve never taken a bath with anyone since I was young!
Even if it is fine to wear a swimsuit in the hot spring, it’s still pretty dangerous…!

“Aw… you’re rejecting me again? We’ve known each other for so long, but we’ve never been to the hot spring, the beach, or bathed together for once—!”

Sorry, but I also have troubles of my own…

“That’s because… um…”

I turned my face aside with a blush.”

“I… don’t have confidence…”

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“Charlie—!” She said with heartfelt words, “I was even flatter than you at the age of fifteen.”

“That’s not possible!”

I stared with her chest that even her robe couldn’t even conceal with an incredulous face.

No matter how flat she was, there was no way she could be flatter than me—! That’s because— I— am— a— boy—!!!

“I didn’t lie at all,” She grasped my shoulders and said with a sincere tone, “Believe me, given time, you’ll become big.”

What am I to believe…
If it became big, that’d be a miracle indeed.

But now that I thought about it, Angeline was indeed a loli when we first met at the Magic Tower. The pointy wizard hat she’s wearing now would look like an umbrella if she was wearing it back then. After so many years, that loli has evolved into a big sister… what could’ve happened to cause such a change in her body…?

“It’s not that, actually… I feel quite embarrassed to bathe with someone else, so…”

I scratched my face with a finger and said with a blush.

She looked at me with a frown, “We’re all girls, what is there to be embarrassed about?”

And that’s the problem—!

Oh dear…
I still hadn’t prepared myself to tell her the truth at this time.

I honestly couldn’t bear to look at her disappointed face after being refused by me. Originally, I already had a guilty conscience for hiding the fact that I was a boy from her. Add on to that, she even agreed to teach the hero on my behalf, how could I reject her at this point?

“Ok fine, I’ll just go with you alright?” I answered in a low voice.

She hugged me as soon as she heard my positive answer. Her breasts almost caused me to choke.

“It’s a promise! I’ll come pick you up tomorrow.”
“Y- yeah…”

After Angeline left happily with a hum, I returned to the kitchen with a grim face.

And the hero? She was sitting on the sofa and reading the magic codex.

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“Did the teacher leave?”
“Yes, she did. I am going to prepare lunch, do you have any requests?” I asked courteously.

“Goblin peas then. I hear that eating food unique to this world can boost your base magic power.”
“Very well then.”

She got up from the chair and left the room, but her eyes were still fixed on the book.

“The teacher also said that I should surround myself with nature as much as possible, I’ll be going first…”

After sending the hero off, I realized this might have been the first time she left the house in these two days we’ve been acquainted. That’s quite rare.

Was magic really that attractive to the heroes that came from the other dimensions?

I picked up the section of the coffee table that got cut off by the lemon slice.
How should we fix this?
I pondered about it for a bit, then decided to apply some holy power to my saliva and used it as a glue to barely stick it back together.


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