Chapter 8

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1623 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1063 words

She smiled at me.

“I knew it, I knew big sis would definitely be interested in the prophesized hero.”

As soon as I said that, she pressed both sides of my shoulders with her hands and said very earnestly while staring into my eyes, “I am more worried about you being bullied. If he dares to do something to you, no need to wait for that person to make his moves, I will personally deal with him!”

I smiled weakly at her serious response… No matter how they spun it, I am biologically a boy if I discarded my clothing, who would bully me?

Moreover, the hero was a girl inside and out.

However, since I promised to keep this a secret between us, I didn’t tell big sister about the hero’s true gender.

“Let’s go and meet this otherworlder.”
“Wait a minute!”

I clapped my hands together and begged her like usual— “You must not let the hero knows that I am the saintess! All right?”
“Well, since you insisted… fine.”

Sister Angeline answered as she held my hands, it felt very warm.

“Then let’s go.”

I prepared myself in advance and shut my eyes. A split second later, I could feel strong wind carrying me away by the arm. I was almost unable to breathe due to how fast my heart was thumping. By the time I opened my eyes, we were already in front of the Red Maple Manor.

That was Angeline’s teleportation magic…


Ten minutes later; Angeline and the hero were sitting face to face in the living room with a small coffee table separating them. I brewed black tea for them and even added a slice of lemon.

“Charlie, stop busying yourself and come sit here,” Angeline patted at the sofa beside her while giving me a glance.
“I understand,” I nodded, knowing full well she was feeling distressed for me.

“I heard that you wanted to learn magic?” She turned to face the hero and asked.
“That’s right. I am actually very curious about how the magic works, can you teach me?” Replied the hero.

I got closer to Angeline and sat beside her. She lifted the teacup and took a sip of the black tea I brewed. I knew that she liked lemon-flavored foodstuffs, that’s why I specifically added the slice of lemon for her.

“First of all, you need to understand what magic is,” she put down the teacup and started explaining, “let’s start with what His Holiness is. The Holy Light is the core energy of our world, it envelops and permeates in each and every one of us. It exists everywhere and is revered by us as a god.”

“The very same Holy Light that prophecized my eventual defeat of the Demon King?”
“Precisely, and when Holy Light overlapped with darkness, the resulting shadow is what we call magic.”

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Since Angeline was being so vague, I was a little worried that the hero wouldn’t get it. However, it seemed to be a needless concern. After merely two seconds to sort out the information, she began to understand everything properly.

“In other words, magic is derived from Holy Light?”

“That is correct. His Holiness itself is a pure entity, only the saintess of the Holy Light Church would be able to summon the purest form of holy light. And what the mage employed is essentially tainted holy light. The intensity of the magic entirely relies on the level of corruption. That is what we call the depths of magic. The deeper the depths, the more powerful the mage is.”

“Oooooh—” The hero answered with a tacit understanding.

I sat there with a composed face, but I was actually breaking out in cold sweat within. Why did she have to go and mention me? Thinking that this might be how they taught the mage apprentice in class, I honestly wanted to hide my face in shame.

Regardless of my inner turmoil, Angeline continued her explanation, “The magic attributes varied from person to person, but generally speaking, there are only four main systems.”

“Ice, fire, wind, and earth?” asked the hero.
“It’s manipulation, elemental, enchant, and illusion.”

“……” the hero remained speechless.
“It might be hard to understand with an explanation, you might understand better if I demonstrated to you.”

As Angeline glanced at the teacup, the black tea floated up like some sort of gelatin-based dessert.

“Wooow.” The hero exclaimed in awe.
“This is manipulation.”

Following that, Angeline spread out her palm and a miniature tornado formed on top of it.

“This is elemental magic. When the mage of the elemental system releases their magic, they will take form in various kinds of elements. Depending on the magic caster, it can form ice, fire, and whatnot. We call this mimesis.”

The hero nodded, “This is easy to understand. It’s the ice, fire, wind, and earth system I was talking about earlier. So they’re actually categorized as a single system.”

Without any comments, Angeline picked out a slice of lemon from the teacup.

She pinched the lemon slice between two fingers. Soon after, I could feel magic power coursing through her fingers and extended toward the lemon slice. She casually scratched the corner of the table with the lemon slice and easily cut off that section.

“And this is enchantment. Naturally, I only showed you the most basic stuff. Real enchantment is a lot more complicated than this.”

I looked at the corner of the table with a helpless gaze and wondered how we should repair it later…

“And lastly, the illusion magic,” Angeline continued with her demonstration.

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I looked at her restlessly, was it finally the illusion magic?

materialize that in the living room, would she?

I was quickly overwhelmed by anxiety, if she really materialized that, the damage wouldn’t just be limited to the small coffee table.

We looked on as Angelic pulled out a sword from a rippling space.
It was a black sword. The only difference from the last time I witnessed this sword was the addition of a scabbard.

“This is the ability to materialize an object with magic. In other words— it turns your imagination into reality. They can interfere with reality and space up to a certain level of strength.”

I involuntarily heaved a breath of relief. Good thing it was a false alarm.


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