Chapter 10

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1687 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1126 words

During lunchtime, while stuffing herself with the goblin peas, the hero looked towards me— “what’s that in your hand?”
Standing beside her, I waved around the lemon slice in my hand.

“Oh, it’s just a slice of lemon.”

More precisely, it was a lemon slice that had been enhanced. It was pretty handy to cut fruits with1.
She looked at me in surprise, oh that’s wrong, more like, she’s looking at the lemon slice.

“Is that the lemon slice teacher used during the class? It’s already been more than an hour and the magic is still effective?”
“I suppose the effect will be long-lasting. Did you know? A powerful Enchanter can cast an everlasting enchantment on the object.”

It wasn’t surprising given that Angeline was the headmaster.

“Is the teacher an Enchanter? From how I see it, she’s pretty proficient in all four systems.”

I skimped over it with a giggle.
The hero showed me a contemplative look.

“This is a +15 lemon slice.2
“Plus fifteen……?3
“Well, that doesn’t matter4, will the Enchanter sell enhanced weapons and armors to the adventurer?”

I thought about it for a while.
“Short answer, yes. But you should always be on the lookout for the duration of the enchantment. Some uneducated adventurers had been scammed by this before and had their equipment turn into basic gear after the enchantment run out. On the other hand, the equipment made by well-known Enchanters are usually priceless.”

I kept blabbering, but I actually didn’t have much experience myself. All of this was told to me by an adventurer sister of mine.

“I read in the book that aside from enhancing objects, the enchantment magic can also be used to strengthen yourself? For example, to make a magic shield.”
“Sister Angeline told me enchantment magic is more suitable for close combat.”

I was an amateur in magic, all I could tell her was superficial knowledge.

The hero said with a bun in her mouth, “but I still have no idea which system I can use.”

Seeing that she was still eating, I tried probing discreetly, “That um… Sister Angeline has invited us to a hot spring, you wanna come along?”
“Hot spring?!”

Just like the time I heard the news, she had an astounding expression on her face.

“You didn’t tell her my identity right?”
“No…!” I answered hastily, “I promised right? I won’t tell anyone.”
“Then that’s good.”

She showed signs of relief.

“How am I supposed to go to the hot spring? Are you telling me to bare my upper body like a man and only wear a swim trunk? Wouldn’t I be exposed that way?”
“Of course…” I replied weakly.
“That’s why you should go by yourself, let’s just say I’ll give you a few days off.”
“I’ll be back in a day,” I answered.

The hero had evaded the issue, but it was already too late for me. We were faced with the same problem, but conversely— I was a boy. How could I soak in the hot spring with a girl without exposing my gender?

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Naturally, there was no way I could get into the hot spring with my clothes on. Other people would think I was mentally retarded. My only hope lies in— the swimsuit!
After we finished our lunch, I quietly pushed open the door that led the queen’s room… in other words, Sister Tristina’s room.

Don’t ask what I’m doing here, I just wanted to borrow some clothes from her.

Stealing her swimsuit to wear while she wasn’t around, just the thought of that made me so ashamed. However, I had no choice, I didn’t have any swimsuits to call my own. I hope Sister Tristina wouldn’t blame me for this?

As I cautiously walked toward the wardrobe, I feel strangely nervous.
Even though the Red Maple Manor was her second home, the wardrobe should still be filled right?
I nervously swallowed my spit and opened the wardrobe. All sorts of pretty dresses greeted my eyes.

As expected of the queen’s wardrobe. It was simply a clothing paradise. There were all kinds of dresses, ranging from the more conservative ones to the more revealing ones. It felt as though the dresses here could last for an entire year and some more even if one was to keep changing clothes every day.


As I looked further inside, there were also some u-u-un… underwear…!

They’re so cute.
But it’s a shame the size does not fit me.
Even if they were a perfect fit, I wouldn’t go that far! I have my own underwear! Why would I want to put on other’s? I am only here for the swimsuit!

My eyes felt dizzy just from looking from one end to the other end of the wardrobe. But just as I expected, I was able to find the section where the swimsuits were kept.

That’s great. I started to look through the swimsuit one by one, but huh—? Why were the majority of them bikinis? Bikini with flower patterns, spotted bikinis, plain bikinis, everything that should be here was here. And wait, was that a leopard print bikini?! How wild.

A bikini was definitely out of the question, therefore I continued my search. The one-piece swimsuit would be cute, but I wouldn’t be able to wear them because of the bulge down there so they were rejected too. The whole point was to cover it up!

I must find one with many decorations, the kind that could cover up my crotch. Eep, it really is so embarrassing to search through the swimsuits.

And finally, my sight fell on a cute pink swimsuit.
“Is that a… swim skirt?”

I carefully lifted it up from the clothes hanger.
Hmmm… one size fits all? I should be able to wear this right? Unlike the swim trunks, they were pretty and covered up my important parts nicely.

The biggest difference from the other swimsuit was that it came in pair with a pareo. The importance of this pareo was indescribable, it could be worn in so many ways. I tied the pareo around my waist and turned it into a skirt.

That adds one more step in defense, now that I have double insurance, everything will be fine, surely!

I looked at my bashful self wearing a swimsuit in the mirror. My face was so red that… I couldn’t help but cover my face.
Sister Tristina wouldn’t suddenly barge in and catch me wearing her swimsuit right? I looked toward the door with a guilty conscience, only to heave a sigh after confirming that it was tightly shut.

After I get back, I will secretly return the swimsuit and make sure to leave no trace behind. Yup, that’s what I’ll do!

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  1. Kek… wot? Using lemon slice to cut fruits? xD
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  3. Yeah, my thoughts exactly…
  4. Nonono, you shouldn’t put it off like that… this is important…

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