Chapter 7

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1742 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1134 words
Editor(s): Fire

After breakfast, I got the hero’s permission to go look for that sister of mine.
Apart from traveling, she’d normally stay in the Holy Flame’s Magic Academy.

Since I stayed in the Red Maple Manor at the outskirts of the city, it’d take at least an hour to reach the magic academy by carriage. Although there were horses and carriage readily available in the mansion, it was a pity that I neither knew how to ride a horse nor drive a carriage…

Did you see that? This is the price of cross-dressing for fifteen years! I have mastered none of the skills that all boys should know.

With that said, I had already left the mansion and was currently walking on the avenue that led to the capital. The path was lined up on either side by rows of intertwined trees, surely planted there by Tristina’s ancestors. They were truly a sight to behold as if they were forming a scenic tunnel straight out of a fairy tale.

However, my legs would give out first before I managed to get to the other side of this tunnel on foot.

Fortunately, this was an avenue that led to the capital so quite a few carriages were bound to pass by. And just as expected, I did manage to run into one soon after.

I tried my luck by waving at the driver and it unexpectedly stopped right in front of me.

“Hello, pardon me for asking… but can I ride along to the capital?” I asked the middle-aged driver shyly.
“For such a cutie, of course.”


He agreed so easily despite not knowing that I was the saintess, I might have just experienced the advantage of being a girl.

“Then I’ll be in your care.”

As such, I climbed onto the cart full of wheat. I didn’t imagine everything would go so smoothly today. Maybe I might be able to find her effortlessly later?

The cart slowly proceeded toward the capital.

——One hour later.

I looked at the ruins of the Magic Academy from afar.
I could still vividly remember the day that tower had collapsed.

And to this day, that tower still remained in its collapsed state. The wreckage was not fixed by the mages as it was left as a reminder of the destruction and violence that monsters had brought upon the world.

Later on, the mages had built a Magic Academy near the ruins of the tower, and that’s where I’m currently heading.

I walked towards the glorious Magic Academy, but just as I reached the gate, some guards blocked my path with their spears.

“Halt! State your purpose!” The guard inquired rudely to me.

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These two should be new recruits, so it wasn’t anything strange if they didn’t recognize me when I was wearing a maid costume. However, there was no way I could just go back and change into the church dress now. In addition to that, wouldn’t my identity as the saintess be exposed if I was seen by the hero?

“Excuse me, but I’d like to meet the headmaster,” I told them.

Unexpectedly, they had evaluated me and arrogantly said, “Nonsense! Do you think the headmaster is someone you can meet that easily?”

Eh? Huh?? What???

I was stunned momentarily. This was the first time I’ve heard these kinds of words being said to me in all my life.

“You’re just an insignificant maid, shoo, shoo— don’t block the gate.”
“Even if your master comes to visit personally, you still can’t meet the headmaster without an appointment!”

How can these two be so rude! They didn’t even give me some leeway! Moreover, who would my master be? Wouldn’t that be His Holiness himself?

Their loud voices attracted the attention of some passersby on me, I felt so insulted.

“What happened? Why is it so noisy?”

All of a sudden, the calm voice of a lady rang out. In the direction where I was facing, in other words, from behind the two bodyguards, a girl with black hair walked over. She was wearing a magician robe and the typical pointy hat of a wizard.

The two bodyguards put away their arrogant attitude and said respectfully, “Headmaster, it’s just a maid making a scene here saying she wanted to meet you.”

The so-called headmaster shifted her gaze to me, and surprise colored her face.

“Sister Charlotte?!”
“Sister Angeline,” I weakly waved at her. I suddenly felt a little embarrassed to let her see me like this…

Anyway, that’s the sister I was talking about— the youngest headmaster since the dawn of history.
The two guards turned pale.

“The audacity, how dare you two offend the saintess!”

She glared at them with a scary look.
The two of them kneeled down at the same time. Their bossy and domineering attitude from a moment ago immediately flew towards the horizon and beyond, the contrast was too much that I couldn’t even compute.

“T- t- the saintess??? We didn’t know!!”
“I- it’s our fault for failing to recognize you!”
“Both of you can go to the treasury to receive your wages now!” Angeline said coldly.
“No, don’t be like that. They are quite responsible and diligent.” I said hastily
Then Angeline rebuked angrily— “Since the saintess has pardoned you, now scram!!”

They quickly bolted away with tails tucked between their legs.

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Shortly after that, Angeline used both of her hands to examine me with an incredulous look on her face.

“Why are you dressing up like that???”
“It’s a long story…”

Therefore, I told her everything in full details, but I didn’t expect her to get really angry— “Say what?! Is Tristina out of her mind?! No, this can’t do— I’ll go find her and have a good discussion.”

“No— don’t go!” I promptly grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let go no matter what. As a matter of fact, she was perhaps the only person who would dare to speak rudely to the queen! Eh? What? She’s too strong, she almost escaped from my grasp.

“I’m fine, really!”
“Sigh, my dear sister, you are much too kind.”

She looked at me helplessly.

004“There are too many villains in the world. The otherworlder especially, cannot be trusted so easily!”
“I know that already…” I answered softly. In fact, since the hero was a girl, what did I have to be worried about?
“No, I just can’t feel at ease. Take me to see the otherworlder.”
“Huh? Does that mean you agree?”

I was so happy. Now I wouldn’t have anything to worry about if the Magic Academy’s headmaster herself personally trained the hero.

“Your problem is also my problem.”
She lifted the brim of her hat and smiled at me.

“Moreover, I want to personally confirm what kind of person the otherworder is.”


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