Chapter 15

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1428 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1010 words
Editor(s): Fire

“Just listen to me, it’ll get better once you drink some hot water,” Sister Angeline advised me with heartfelt words.


While lying face down, I glanced at her with my head on the pillow and saw her pouring water with magic! With just a single glance from her, the hot kettle floated up and poured water into the cup by itself.

That’s magic from the manipulation system, right? It looks so convenient for everyday life, but wait a minute! That’s not the point! The point is, why do I have to drink hot water?

I stared blankly as the cup of hot water flew towards me. Angeline received the cup and presented it to me.

“No need to get up, just stay like that alright? I’ll help you.”

Again, why do I need to drink hot water! She must have misunderstood something!

“If I knew it’s that time of the month1, I would have brought you out to play at another time, but it’s fortunate that it didn’t come when you were in the hot spring.”

Come what now? See, I told you, right? She had indeed misunderstood something, but the hot water was already before me and her worries were genuine so it was hard to reject her kindness. As such, I could only obediently drink the hot water.

Since my body temperature was already high to begin with, there was no need to mention how suffocating it was to drink the hot water.

“Here, one more cup.”
“Be good now.”

After drinking two cups of hot water at once, my stomach felt like it was on fire.

“Do you feel a little warmer?” She asked in concern.
“Yes… it’s a lot warmer now,” I answered ambiguously, but the truth was that I didn’t feel cold before.
“You see, as a girl2, you must take care to stay warm.”

My body tensed up as those words came out from her mouth. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t end up just being merely two cups of hot water.

And just like I expected, she once again used her magic to retrieve a hot water bottle from her baggage and filled it to the brim.

I immediately fell into a panic as the hot water bottle flew towards me! I wanted to say something but I didn’t know how to break it to Sister Angeline, so I had no choice but to gnash my teeth and swallow it.3

“Come, lift your body up a little and place this under your belly. Yes, that’s it, just like that.”
“Big sis, you are much too kind to me,” I really wanted to cry.
“You are my little sister. If I don’t treat you well, who will?”

“Uuuu…!” I buried my face into the pillow and let out a cry. Is this the price I have to pay for crossdressing? The water bottle under my belly was roasting me alive, but I wasn’t feeling cold at all! What should I do—!

“Did you put on the pad yet?”
“Huh…? Y-Yes!”

Please spare me! Any more than this and I will die in shame! I’m a boy! It’s not what she thinks it is, but what else can I do? I didn’t have a choice! If I don’t lie, the pad will probably come flying next!

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“Charlie, your face is so red.”

I didn’t respond due to my shame. But please, stop pouring oil on the fire!

My train of thought was as messy as the tangled thread. If not because my body had become strange4, I would have been really moved by her meticulous care!

After that, I could feel her warm hand on my back, gently stroking my hair. I remained still and let her do as she wished, but for some reason, why did I feel like a small animal? From my point of view, the way she brushed my hair was full of affection.

“Charlie, your white hair is so pretty.”
“Uh… Is that so?”
“White hair color is really uncommon, it’s like they represent the purity of the saintess. Just like the purest holy light that didn’t contain any impurities.”

Pure huh? Actually I… don’t know about that… After she finished playing with my hair, Angeline pulled me into her embrace. I didn’t dare to move from my position, but she wouldn’t hug me like this all night just to keep me warm right?


I didn’t know when I fell asleep, but during the latter half of the night, by the time the water bottle and the hot water in my stomach had cooled down, I did start to feel a bit chilly. Fortunately, Sister Angeline was there to keep me warm all night so I fell asleep peacefully until daybreak.

And so, the next day arrived——

By the time I opened my drowsy eyes, I realized I was no longer lying face down?! Upon that realization, I immediately broke out in cold sweat!

I had unconsciously turned my body sideways in my sleep and stuck closely to Sister Angeline’s body. I-I didn’t get exposed right? With that thought in mind, I quietly clamped my thighs and maintained a curled up posture.

So she really did hug me to sleep the whole night…

As that thought crossed my mind, I involuntarily blushed.

Geez, I’m a boy, why do I act more embarrassed than a girl?

I gazed upon Sister Angeline’s sleeping face and became frozen stiff in a fluster.

She didn’t notice it, right?

I was only wearing a flimsy nightgown and our bodies were sticking so close, but as long as she didn’t touch that part below my skirt, she shouldn’t have noticed, right?

Before I knew it, she opened her eyes and our line of sights matched.

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“Morning, lil’ sis.”
“Yea… good morning, sis.”

Since she called me little sister and not little brother and whatnot, I heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

Even though we spent one whole night together, Sister Angeline never found out I was a boy?


  1. Silva: Kek
  2. Fire: Oh you sweet girl. Ignorance is bliss.
  3. Silva: Probably some kind of Chinese idiom equivalent to swallowing her own words?
  4. Silva: Kek, calling your own body strange…
    Fire: He’s not wrong

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