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Chapter 262 – A New Magic?

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1002 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After several experiments, I more or less grasped how to adjust the temperature. After that, it was finally Michelle’s —the main person in need— time to receive the spell.

I poured the carefully adjusted magic power into the spell, activating it. It wrapped her body and showed its effect immediately.

“Ooh, so warm. Nicole, this magic is the best!”
“Looks like it’s a success. Thank god.”
“But since you were gonna cast it, maybe it was better to switch to a one-piece instead of a bikini?”
“True. Your belly would freeze in your current getup.”

Finia voiced her opinion, which I was in agreement with. The swimsuit was the one being warmed up, so it wouldn’t cover the parts where it didn’t reach.

Michelle who was exposing so much was receiving little benefit from it. Her firm belly looked especially cold.

“It’s okaaay, it’s okaaay. Health is my redeeming point. I’m plenty warm as is.”
“I envy that toughness of yours.”

She was like night and day compared to me who hadn’t entered the water unlike the trio and yet was still clinging to the bonfire.

With everything said, I managed to obtain this new magic with a small sacrifice, so I should consider it good fortune. Thinking so, I looked towards the sacrifice in question.

There was Cloud, collapsed and squirming like a bug while holding his crotch. I ended up burning his trunks over and over with Warm.

“Well then, it has started to grow colder so shall we return to the cottage? Hey, the young man who’s holding his crotch and squirming indecently there. Time to get up.”
“And whose fault is it that I’m in this state! Rather, those aren’t words that should come from a girl’s mouth!”
“Mgh, look at you acting so cheeky.”
“What’s that about acting cheeky? This is something the orphanage sisters taught me.”
“Fine then. Let me reword it. Cloud, time to get up. You don’t have to get any other part up.”
“Come ooon!?”

I was a man previously, so I was fully aware of the way that part tended to behave. Michelle and Letina, who were unfamiliar with male physiology, didn’t understand what I was saying. It was cute to see them looking at me so quizzically. I wish you two remain that innocent forever.

As for Maxwell… He was standing pigeon-toed away from me. Hey, don’t worry, I’m not gonna cast it on you.

“Still, isn’t this quite a dangerous magic?”

That was my impression based on the experiments so far. Since it could heat up the swimsuits, it would also be able to heat up the pants. If you cast this on your opponent in the middle of a battle, it should be possible to both create the openings and also damage them, shouldn’t it?

However, Maxwell denied my assumption with a shake of his head.

“Normally, it is not a spell that raises the temperature to that degree. Moreover, magic to heat up your weapon to damage the opponent already exists.”
“Huh, so this isn’t really a new spell, huh?”
“Not entirely correct. That spell only works on the metal, so this could be said to be a new spell, in a way? There is also a way to cast Tinder on the enemy’s clothes. But when it comes to simply heating it up without burning it, this might be a new discovery.”
“So like…. I mean, do you mean to say that there weren’t any people who failed like this before?”
“I believe it instead has to do with the amount of magic that you hold…”

There were my friends nearby so I couldn’t use my usual speech. I almost never talked to Maxwell with everyone present so it was a bit awkward. Still, I wanted to discuss the earlier spell right away. There were cases when you forgot the sensation after some time passed, after all.

“How are you faring with magic consumption?”
“Hmm? I used the weakest level of consumption, so it’s not that much… Then again, it felt like it took more than double of Enchant, I guess?”
“That much with just Crimson One? While it is true that its magic power setting is high due to being middle-grade magic, it still does not add up. Perhaps the extra magic power manifested as excess heat.”
“Well, our damages this time only amounted to Cloud’s wicked crotch, so you can even say it went without problems.”
“No, it didn’t!”

Cloud hurled complaints my way while on the ground. Since he wasn’t standing up, was the damage actually more than I thought? Deciding to check on his injury, I walked up to him and asked.

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“Did you actually suffer a major injury? Come on, let me see it.”
“Like I can show it!”
“Please, I won’t be embarrassed if you show me your shabby thing.”
“Well, you should be!”

He was still 13 years old. He was just a child from my perspective. I was a grown man in my past life, and Lyell has taken me to the bath with him too. When I was an infant, that is.

As such, his little pee-pee wouldn’t be a big deal for me, but he seemed to be embarrassed in front of adults.

“I can’t cast Cure Light if I don’t see it.”
“You don’t have to! I’ll ask Lord Maxwell to do it later.”
“You want to trouble Maxwell? Do you realize how much you are asking?”
“Huuh!? I mean… Then, I’ll just endure it!”
“You should just get your friend to heal you, you know?”
“Okay, leave it at that. You are turning into a sexual harasser girl.”

Maxwell was unable to watch and sent a Heal his way. My Cure Light could only heal the sensation, so Maxwell’s spell was overwhelmingly more effective.

And it didn’t seem to have been a serious injury, he quickly regained his usual condition and stood up. Good grief, worrying me for no reason.


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