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Chapter 263 – Ambush at the Bottom of the Sea

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1102 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We returned to the cottage after that and had a rest until dinnertime. We were going to do activities at nighttime, so we needed to get some sleep lest we would risk falling asleep in the middle of it.

For us kids who still had undeveloped bodies, a desire to sleep was one thing we couldn’t easily go against.

After we ate the dinner made with the marine products we caught while playing at noon, we waited for the sun to set and once again came to the shore.

Floating Wakame appeared on the coast during night and stuck to the bilges of boats and such, melting and devouring the wood it was made of.

Fortunately, since the manager of this place was coming here occasionally, there was a small boat for us to step into the sea. It could also be used as a decoy, so we were killing two birds with one stone.

Still, with two adults and four kids, it really did feel cramped there. Michelle, in particular, who switched out her bow for lances was big baggage there.

She didn’t hold a lance-related Gift, but her marksmanship should still work when it comes to throwing the lances. In other words, her accuracy would skyrocket only when throwing it.

“Night sea sure is exciting.”
“W-Would it really be okay? It would be dangerous if we fall…”
“You’re taking swimming lessons, aren’t you, Letina? It’s easier to float in the sea than it is in the river, you know?”

It was really easier to float in the sea compared to a river. We had Maxwell with us, too, so even in the unlikely event that we fell into the sea, he would save us as long as we managed to hold on. Rather, falling into the sea was within the expectations. Or more like, our goal was to get in there.

Besides, it would be no training if we relied on Maxwell for every little thing. Having an expert like him help us would be putting the cart before the horse.

“Okay, the water is appropriately deep around here, and Floating Wakame can also approach easily. You should get ready in the water.”

Michelle raised her hands as she replied cheerfully, but with 5 lances in her hands, her normal loveliness was replaced by a dangerous aura.

With Maxwell’s words, I cast Warm on us five, finishing the preparations. Next, Maxwell cast Breathing on us. I didn’t want to borrow his help if I could help it, but I had to close my eyes when it came to things we really couldn’t do anything about. It was not for convenience but due to unavoidability.

Cloud and Michelle with less swimsuit surface aside, the other three wore a one-piece, so the effect of Warm was quite high. Then, since I had a high level of perception and also a bigger swimsuit, decided to take on the role of a vanguard and jumped into the sea.

As I jumped, the first thing was to confirm the safety underwater. Following that, Cloud and Finia, who fought in close quarters, jumped after me. And finally, it was Michelle and Letina’s turn.

The depth of water around here was about 5 meters at most. In other words, it was a distance where we could pay attention to the boat’s bilge from the bottom.

It was perfect terrain for us to hide below and wait for the Floating Wakame to approach the boat above.

The Breathing spell that Maxwell cast on us could only hold out for about an hour. Still, if you provided it with more than the necessary amount of magic power, you could extend the duration. Since we were planning an ambush, I had Maxwell cast it on us to last for 6 hours.

We hid behind the rocky area for about 30 minutes, yet the situation above remained unchanged. What changed was instead our side. That abnormality started with Michelle who suddenly started fidgeting around.

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“Hmm, what’s wrong?”
“Eek!? N-Nothing!”

She was clearly moving unnaturally, but kept insisting that it was nothing. She stood pigeon-toed, rubbing her knees together… That could only mean…

“You wanna pee?”

The fact that we could converse like this underwater was also thanks to the Breathing spell. It was cute to see bubbles escaping her mouth every time she spoke.

“Can’t you just do it behind those rocks?”
“Cloud, you really should learn some delicacy!”
“That’s right. Also, we are underwater…. Does that mean you want to drink her pee? I don’t think that’s a good fetish for your age.”
“No! I don’t have a fetish like that!”

Hearing Cloud offer a simple solution, I rebuked him a bit. Hearing that, Letina and Finia retreated a step from him. Noticing that, he hurriedly started making excuses. Letina aside, he apparently didn’t want to be avoided even by Finia.

“At any rate, we are just starting, so want to take a break around here? It would be more dangerous if your belly gets cold.”
“Right. This is my first time to lay an ambush underwater too. It is quite nerve-racking, so let’s rest for a bit.”

Sea bottom it may be, the currents still flowed there. We had to make sure to not get separated while also staying vigilant for the situation overhead.

Since we had to multitask like that, me aside, Letina who was light and easy to get carried by the currents was even more exhausted.

We returned to the boat where Michelle got Maxwell to cast Flight on her and she flew to the cottage to relieve herself. The reason we didn’t go back with the boat was that the boat served as the bait here.

We continued taking such rests periodically, and three hours passed. The moonlight that reached the bottom suddenly started to darken.

Floating Wakame didn’t have a sense of hearing. They didn’t even have eyesight. They only had something resembling a sense of smell towards wood, and they could also react to sunlight.

As such, there was no need to keep our voices low, but we reflexively ended up doing it as we looked up.

There they were — Floating Wakame swaying and clinging to the boat Maxwell was on. Naturally, he noticed them too, but he was intentionally staying out of this. This was our adventure, after all.

Confirming our target, we exchanged nods. Our prey finally showed up, so we had no plans to let this chance go. Matching our timing, we all charged towards the Floating Wakame.


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