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Chapter 261 – Measures Against the Cold

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 953 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After I played with my friends a bit at the waterside, we decided to properly verify things. First, we needed to judge whether the current water temperature would make long underwater activities possible.

“It… Might be a bit tough, after all.”

Michelle, wrapped in a towel, declared while trembling. It was natural that she’d end up that way after playing water splashing in this season for an hour straight.

“Indeed. I don’t have confidence in my stamina, so it would be difficult for me too.”
“The temperature would fall even lower at night, wouldn’t it? I’m of the same opinion that it would be difficult.”

Finia and Letina agreed with Michelle in turns. In the end, this winter season became our biggest obstacle today.

Incidentally, I only entered the water up to my waist so my stamina was mostly fine. In addition, Cloud had still not come out of the water. There… was a reason that made him unable to come out.

I… Understood what he meant. I was also a man before. Michelle having so much exposure and skinship was a fatal hit for any man.

“Moreover, It seems that water limits our movements quite a bit.”
“Yes, it doesn’t seem like I can use a bow here.”
“I managed to use the Breathing spell that Lord Maxwell taught us, but the waves shook my body more than expected, making it hard to aim.”

If you used Breathing you could breathe underwater for an hour. Not just that, you could even talk, so that made using magic possible.

The problem was the water resistance, as it made drawing magic circles slower and the waves made aiming difficult. In fact, when Letina tried it in practice, some of her spells missed by several meters.

“This is a big problem for me too. Bestowal can also miss, and I might end up buffing the enemy instead.”
“That would already be more than just a simple pinch.”
“The cold makes movement difficult so it’s quite dangerous.”
“You just have to do your best, Cloud.”
“Why only me!”
“Shut up, if you have anything to say, come up here.”
“I can’t!”

Well, I could understand what he was feeling. Michelle was currently trembling and hugging her body. Yes, she was squeezing herself. And that was extruding certain parts. Certain fleshy parts. Moreover, she was wearing a swimsuit with big exposure.

Even if his eyes were glued on her, I couldn’t really blame the guy. I fully understood it.

“At any rate, I shall do something about the cold. No, I will let Nicole do it.”
“Interference system has a spell called Warm, right? You should be able to use it about now.”

This Warm spell was mainly used in cold or tropical regions, basically, places where the climate made it hard to tread normally.

By casting it on the equipment, it retained a fixed heat. Moreover, the duration was as long as your magic power lasted, so it could be up to 6 hours.

As it wasn’t cast on the body but on the equipment itself, it required little magic power and could run for a long time. It was a spell devised to act the same as Light where its duration was essential.

I heard it made it quite pleasant if you applied it to the sheets during the winter season. Because it was so convenient, it belonged to the middle-grade magic, so it was quite difficult to master.

“I see. But can I really use it?”
“Given your current ability, there is no doubt. Even if you were to fail, you can simply keep retrying until you succeed.”
“In that case, we can deal with the cold one way or another.”

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Suddenly, someone picked up on Maxwell’s words. It was Michelle, who was trembling after getting carried away and started bathing in this season.

“Nicole, do it now! Now’s the time to test that magic!”
“…You’re just cold, aren’t you?”

Taking in mind her honest affirmation, I decided to cast Warm on her. Rather than start trial and error at night, it was better to get it over with now.

“Crimson One, Gold Six, Jade three—Warm.”

I attempted to cast it towards Michelle. I used the least magic, with 6 hours of duration. She was three meters away. Maxwell had already taught me privately how to form the magic circle.

I recalled and formed it, then let magic power pass through it and released it. Michelle was wrapped in the magic light that I discharged and her expression changed into a soothed one.

“Waah, so warm! My swimsuit is so warm, Nico-…H-Huh? H-H-Hot!?”

But her expression only lasted for a moment. It seemed that I failed in adjusting the temperature and it ended up being too hot, making her start rolling about on the beach.

“Ahhh, I-I should dispel it! Uhhh, errr…”

While I was in a panic, Maxwell quickly chanted the spell and dispelled it. Michelle remained lying flat on the beach.

“Hm, there are no traces of burns, so there should be no problems.”
“That’s not the problem here! Michelle, are you okay!?”
“Y-Yeah. I’m glad we tested it beforehand though… It would’ve made me tired before our adventure.”
“Right. We need advance preparations, after all… Time to change the test subject, so Cloud, you’re up.”
“Why me!”

Facing Cloud who was half-submerged in the water, I released Warm. Naturally, such a hastily discharged spell was never expected to end up successful.


He screamed while holding his shabby pants underwater. He’s been looking at us lewdly as of late, so there was no problem even if his d̲i̲c̲k̲ got scorched.


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