Chapter 260 – Swimsuits

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 987 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Maxwell’s villa wasn’t too far away from the uninhabited island’s beach. Normally, the seashore was quite a dangerous place, but the currents were calm and stable near Citri, so there were apparently rarely any problems.

We finished the cleaning during the morning, ate the lunchboxes prepared by Finia, and then headed to check out the sea.

At the end edge of the woodland path to the beach… One man stood in a daunting pose.

“Finally… The spring of my life is here!”
“It’s winter now. And get out of the way already.”

Cloud with clenched fists declared in tears before receiving my kick to the back. Standing in the middle of a road in that pose was blocking our path.

With that, he fell flat on his face. And I kept mercilessly trampling down on his back. But make no mistake, this was not some unreasonable abuse. It was an absolutely essential measure to protect my friends from his indecent gaze.

After all, the place where he was staring towards was the shore where my friends were currently playing around.

“Kya, Michelle, the water is still cold, you know!”
“Come on, big sis Finia, you have to prepare before entering the water too or it would be dangerous.”
“Michelle, you’re as lively as ever. Please consider the season.”

The three beauties with abundant variations were being merry in their respective ways. It wasn’t like I didn’t understand why Cloud was yelling like that.

The Forest Kingdom of Raum was covered in greenery, so the temperature changes weren’t drastic. Citri outskirts, in particular, were quite resistant to the temperature drops due to the effects of the warm currents coming from the south.

It seemed to be just under 20 degrees based on how it felt, so you could swim if you really wanted to. The current temperature could be summed up like that.

Thus, we switched into swimsuits and came here to test whether we could do water activities or not. Michelle and Letina were of course not thinking about such tests, and just came fully intending to swim right away.

Actually, Finia was the same. She was completely hyped after seeing the sea for the first time.

It was really a sight for sore eyes to see her wear a light green one-piece on her slim body and play water splashing with Michelle while looking uncommonly cheerful.

Michelle, who didn’t lose out to adult Finia in her body proportions, came with a newly bought sports bikini. I couldn’t help but comment that it was outrageous to have such a body at that age. Outrageous, truly outrageous. Hmm-hmm.

Letina also came with a new swimsuit, and it was a child swimsuit with a cat ornament on it, which was… Quite fitting to her less developed body. The frilly skirt around her waist further added to the childish image. I couldn’t see her being the same age as Michelle.

“Well, I understand your feelings.”
“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

I suddenly heard a questioning voice from under my foot, and erased my lewd gaze. Looking down, I saw Cloud gazing up at me with a strange expression. His rude gaze made me flinch back a bit.

“Master, did your breasts get a little bigger?”

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I instinctively started twisting the leg that was pushing down on him, adding more force to it. He raised a voice like a frog run over by a carriage, struggling underfoot. The sensation from his back felt unusually rugged for someone his age.

He was always hunting and piling up real experience, on top of getting frequent spars from the senior Adventurers at the Guild, so his muscles were shaping up pretty well unlike what his appearance suggested.

His body resembled that of Lyell who was my goal, and his bodily build already held more prospects compared to mine from the previous life.

“Ugh… You’re expelled.”
“Eeeh, don’t be unreasonable!?”
“He-he-he, there’s no need for a student who’s stronger than the teacher.”
“Even your reasons are just as unreasonable!”
“Can you leave it at that?”

Someone addressed me as I was trampling down on him. It was Maxwell who had approached from behind. He was following behind me so he should have seen our entire exchange.

“Nicole, your earlier conduct resembled that of a maiden being jealous of her boyfriend looking at other girls, you know?”

Having that pointed out made goosebumps stand on my body. Being told that when my body was already developing into a womanly direction was like attacking my identity. I rubbed my arm to calm down the goosebumps and removed my foot from Cloud.

“T-That’s absurd. Cloud is nothing but trash. I’m not interested in him at all.”
“What sort of tsundere line is that?”
“I’m being serious!?”
“Being told that in my face is kinda shocking, you know… That aside, Re-… I mean, Nicole. Why are you the only one in school uniform?”
“Cuz it’s a pain.”

In the first place, our goal wasn’t to swim. Besides, there was no demand for a swimsuit given the season. There being no demand also meant it wasn’t being sold in many places. I don’t know where those three managed to obtain theirs, but at the very least, I wasn’t aware of a store in the capital that was currently selling swimsuits.

Not to mention, the academy swimsuit wasn’t to be looked down on.

It was thick, sturdy, and good at retaining warmth. It was a perfect match for adventurers like this. Also, since it was made for growing students, it simply had a margin for growth.

“Nicole… You are a mess.”
“Not you too!”
“I cannot sell this to Cortina.”
“Okay, let go of that photo tool right now.”

Maxwell, who sneakily brought a photo tool with him, slumped his shoulders in grief. I rushed on to attack him after seeing his typical behavior.


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