Chapter 240 – Before The Departure

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1112 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That night, I returned to Cortina for the moment. The moment I opened the door, I was hugged by a petite figure. This feeling of softness and yet also some insufficiency was undoubtedly…

“You got it! I heard you let Maria know I was in a tough spot! Thank you!”
“Well, of course I would… Hmm?”

I gave a half-hearted reply while inspecting the sensation transmitted through my cheeks. It was about the same as Michelle and Finia, I would say? Unfortunately, there was no hope in Cortina growing any more than this, so this was her limit.

That said, too meaty ones were outside of my tastes, so this size was justice for me. Sorry, Michelle.

“Oh well, this is a rarity in its own way.”
“Hmm, what are you on about?”
“No, nothing. That aside, how is your leg?”
“It’s alright. Maria healed it thoroughly.”

I saw that her leg was injured when we were in Lilith. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury, so I left it to Maria, but I was still worried. After all, she could heal any injury as long as they were alive, so I could fully trust her.

As such, I simply asked that out of politeness now, nothing else.

“Ah, but… Ouch ouch!”
“Huh? Did Mom actually fail to heal it!?”

Cortina suddenly grabbed her leg and crouched down. I paled seeing that and started inspecting her leg. At a glance, there was no trace of an injury on her calf. However, there were cases when even if the injury was healed, the mental injury still remained and it got in the way of actions.

Could her leg have ended up in the same condition?

“Aahh, it hurts, it hurts so much. It won’t go away if you don’t massage it for me in the baaath!”
“…Cortina, drop the act.”

Even someone as deceivable as me was able to see that she was just faking it. Given her tone, there was nothing wrong with her leg.

Still, she got involved in a fight, so I guess I could understand her wanting to be spoiled a bit.

“Oh, fine. Just this one, okay?”
“Uhehehe, I’ll be in your care!”

She answered with a slovenly laugh, but she could make this face because she managed to survive. I wanted to praise her for managing that against someone of Mateus’ skill. I decided to accept her request to reward her for that.

Well, this was a reward for me just the same, however.

After I was done with rewarding Cortina with a massage together with Finia, midnight came and I slipped out of the house. I left a camouflaged doll inside my blanket while Kabby stayed to cast illusion magic on it to make it appear as me. That lowered the possibility of it getting found out to a minimum.

The illusion was being supplied magic power by Kabby, so there was no need to worry about it being disrupted. On the other hand, I would no longer be able to cast an illusion on myself, but this time I had to avoid people either way, so it shouldn’t matter.

Maxwell’s mansion could sense me coming so it disabled all the traps. If there was a trap still left like the last time, that old man better be ready for what was to come.

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Maxwell was already all set in the living room, along with two other men standing by.

“You were late, Re-… Nicole.”
“You didn’t exactly set the time, y’know? What about those two.”
“They are the two involved in the attack against Cortina. Their injuries are already healed.”

Now that he mentioned it, one of them was frantically feeling around his neck, while the other one was rubbing his legs together. The traces of their injuries were probably making them uneasy.

“So they are going to be the guides, I take it?”
“Indeed. Naturally, I have cast Geass on them so they would feel immense pain if they attempt to run.”
“Then there should be no worry on that part. Actually, your Geass is on the level of death, ain’t it?”
“They are just that weak.”
“If they are considered weak, that’d also make 70% of the entire population of the world the same. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Time to hurry.”
“Hold it. Do not be so hasty. I got new information from these fellows.”
“New… Does that mean Mateus hid something?”
“No, that does not seem to be the case.”

According to them, Klein was currently not in Sedim, but instead sheltered in a residence outside of it. That was in accordance with what Mateus told us. That residence was used by the slave trader and he was treated as a guest of honor.

I knew that much too. However…

“It seems that the top of the Jend Sect is currently in that residence.”

The man involved in the kidnapping of Matisse, and the Jend Sect that raised Mateus. The leader of that sect was teamed up with the slave trader and was currently in Sedim.

When I heard that, a silent fighting spirit welled up within me. Those people were the reason why I found myself in so many troubles. This was my chance to pay them back for everything.

“It appears that Mateus was in a bad relationship with their leader. Due to that, his information was too delayed, and did not reach him. So, how about it? He seems to be a troublesome individual, so we can wait for another day if you wish?”
“No, this is fine. I will take this opportunity to get rid of them in one go.”
“Are you sure you can handle it as you are now?”
“Don’t worry. I have a few ideas.”

Saying that, I borrowed some equipment from his mansion. They were mostly of the throwing knife category. I used my threads to fight from a distance, but in narrow spaces, throwing knives would be more convenient

I put the knife case on a belt and tried to put it on my waist…

“Ugh, it’s too big.”
“I gave you the smallest belt I had, yet it is still big for you… I think you are a little too thin.”
“No, this can work if I put it on my shoulder. Right, I’m not thin at all.

The belt that would normally go around your waist was hanging on my shoulder. It ended up emphasizing my chest that started to bulge for some reason, but I decided to ignore it for now.

Thus, after finishing my careful preparations, Maxwell and I made a leap to Sedim.


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