Chapter 239 – Secret Request

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1273 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That night, we ended up returning back to Raum.

We took the three offenders along too. After this was over, they were planned to be put on trial there. However, after Mateus managed to postpone his sentence due to Maxwell’s mediation, the other two had also been extended a rescuing hand.

They would become Maxwell’s underlings and work in various places. Naturally, they were directly under Maxwell’s supervision, so if they attempted a betrayal, one of the Six Heroes would be dispatched to erase them. As such, they couldn’t make any careless moves.

Moreover, they were under Maxwell’s Geass Magic, so they could not escape. Geass Magic made it so one would feel extreme pain and be unable to move properly if they decided to defy the order. Of course, sometimes people could withstand the pain through sheer will, but with someone on the level of Maxwell casting it, it would result in a pain that would instantly kill an average person.

Even I would not dare to go against it.

Later, the other kids and I were also interrogated by Maxwell. This was because we met the man from whom I obtained the information. The notice has reached the Guild too, they were given a rough description of the man and he was being wanted now. With this, he would have trouble leaving this city so easily.

After the day had set and I was about to take a breather, I got called by Maxwell. On the surface, it was to check the condition of my leather armor, but I knew that was only a pretext.

I was led to the living room and treated to tea as usual.

“So, what did you call me for this late?”
“Well, actually, there was a favor I wished to ask of you, Reid.”

I felt a little strange hearing that. Normally, Maxwell would be calling me Nicole now, but he called me Reid. Of course, it’s not that he never called me that, but there seemed to be a deeper meaning in it this time.

“Since you are calling me that, I suppose this is that type of work?”
“Indeed… I feel a little hesitant about this, however.”

He sipped on his tea with those as a start. After fully drinking the contents of the cup, he heaved a big sigh… And finally turned towards me.

“Reid. I wish to ask you to assassinate Klein.”

His request was unexpected even for me. I was certainly an assassin in my previous life, but I have never been entrusted an assassination from Maxwell. No, from any of my comrades, actually.

“Why? You have Mateus, don’t you?”
“He is officially retired now. It would not be good to have him abandon his will on the same day.”
“But why is there a need to assassinate him in advance? Lyell and others would deal with him before long, even if you leave him be, right?”
“That would be a problem in its own way. Klein has committed a great crime by attempting to assassinate the leader of another kingdom. That sin would normally extend to his entire household.”
“…This is about Donovan, huh?”
“Indeed. At this rate, all of his relatives would have to receive the death sentence. However, that would run counter to your agreement with him.”

Cortina and I had made a promise with Donovan. He wanted us to declare him unrelated to Klein’s actions and to return the taxation certificate back to him. However, if the death sentence was to be made, it would include even Donovan. And that would mean that we failed to fulfill our promise.

“As such, I thought of having you assassinate him instead. At the same time, we would take back the taxation certificate in absolute secrecy. As for his body, we would get rid of it so he would never be found…”

“So as long as the main offender is not found, the truth would remain unconfirmed and you can keep the matter up in the air, is it?”
“For better or worse, the other offender, Tarkashire, has already been silenced. Had he been alive, he might have insisted about complicity, but he is already dead.”
“So if we catch Klein, the complicity would be confirmed and that crime would even reach Donovan. And to avoid that, we need to deal with him behind the scenes.”
“It is an extremely gray area, or rather, it’s already on the borderline of sophism. However, sophism is also within reason. If someone objects, they could be talked into silence.”

Indeed, he attacked a VIP of another kingdom, so some people might object to why his relatives weren’t put to blame. The Northern Alliance, and Elliot’s bodyguards, in particular, would find it hard to accept. They would at least demand Serwa household’s ruin, and depending on the situation, even execution.

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Refusing that would be difficult for Raum. But knowing that his sins would reach even a minor like Donovan made us feel bad. This might be a good opportunity for me.

He was certainly unpleasant personality-wise, but ability-wise he was clearly very gifted. Besides, it would leave a bad aftertaste if I let someone I know die.

“I see. I understand the situation.”
“So would you accept it?”
“Right… I suppose I have no other choice.”

In truth, I had no obligation to keep my promise with Donovan. Still, Cortina had promised him before the other students, so going back on her words would lead to some problems. Maxwell’s proposal was the absolute best that he could do to protect both Cortina’s and the kingdom’s reputation.

“However, it would take me over two weeks to reach Geeze Union. I trust you will at least take me there and back, right?”
“I can do that much of course. I have been to its capital Sedim a number of times, so there are no problems with that.”
“Sedim is a pretty big place, isn’t it? Searching for Klein in the middle of that would take a lot of effort.”
“That… Is true. Would you like to take Mateus with you?”
“That’d just get my identity busted, wouldn’t it?”

If we headed for an assassination together, he would realize why I was there. He was pretty clever, so he could catch on to my abnormality. I mean, my combat power was already far beyond anyone my age. Mateus was well aware of that too, so I didn’t want to give him any more suspicions.

“Let’s leave Mateus out of this. It would be bad if he gets to know more about me.”
“Hmm… In that case, how about you talk with the other two?”

Those two participate in the attack against Cortina, so they might be aware of Klein’s whereabouts as well.

“Did they wake up already?”
“Yes. Presently all three of them have been thrown into a guarded room. Considering the previous incident, I made sure to increase the guards too.”
“In that case, it would be better if I act tonight. If the information that Mateus has been caught reaches Klein, he might start hiding somewhere else.”
“True. Then it would be better to go talk with them at once. I am sorry, but I have to ask you to visit me again tonight.”
“Yeah, got it.”

Since I was going to take on an assassination request, I wanted to do some maintenance to my equipment first. I haven’t even tried fighting with my new equipment, so I wanted to get used to them as much as possible.

And thus, I decided to take part in Maxwell’s secret maneuvers.


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