Chapter 241 – Starting The Invasion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1241 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We teleported to the nearby highway to Sedim and made a night journey from there.

Geeze Union’s capital, Sedim prospered through its sea trade with Matara Alliance, so it had a harbor nearby.

But given the position, it wasn’t something on the level of a harbor-city, but rather a small town a bit inland on top of a cliff. Cargo was transported to that harbor from Sedim, after which it proceeded towards Matara through the sea course.

After we arrived near Sedim guided by the men, we suddenly changed direction and instead headed towards the top of a steep cliff.

Even from afar, you could see a mansion in that direction.

“Is that it?”
“It’s not just Klein and our leader, this time even the slave trader is there so they are far too vigilant.”
“So I suppose it would be pretty reckless to try sneaking in from the front.”

After we approached up to where the guards wouldn’t notice us, I asked the men to draw me a rough sketch and started making my plans.

The mansion stood on a steep cliff, or rather, it was more or less a small peninsula, so except the front all three other sides were surrounded with water. As for the front, it was right next to the highway so there was an unobstructed view.

It would be one thing if I had my illusion ring, but the way I am, sneaking in would be very hard.

“Actually, what are your names again? I’m Nicole by the way.”
“Huh…? Weren’t you more girly earlier…”
“I’m just keeping up appearances with other people.”
“Is that so… Well, I’m Argus.”
“I’m Bauman. Look forward to working with you.”
“Ah, yeah. But I’m not Maxwell’s underling, okay?”

I felt like they were treating me like their coworker, so I warned them just in case. I sketched on the ground with the dagger, planning my way inside.

“If it’s from this side of the highway, maybe these plants can block the view and allow me to approach?”
“No, that only obstructs it up to midway, so it’s impossible to advance anymore.”
“How many guards are there?”
“There should be the slave trader and master Klein inside, as well as our leader and eight other subordinates.”
“So eleven in total, huh? That’s quite a lot. I suppose it’s better to climb the cliff instead. How high is it?”

I have new gauntlets now. It would be easy to climb a cliff with them.

“It’s about twenty, no, thirty meters.”
“Quite tall.”
“Also, there are strong winds, and waves come crashing hard, too. The sea currents are wild here, so if you are unlucky, you might get swept by a wave during the climb.”
“In the first place, you have to go all the way down there before you start climbing. It’s not very realistic.”
“Ugh… What a pain.”

It was quite a cautious location, probably expected of someone who traded illegal slaves. That said, the only means left to me was to climb the cliffside.

“Eh, you do not need to climb there, you know?”
“Maxwell, you have a better idea?”
“Why not simply fly up there?”
“…Ah, that…”

Maxwell had Flight magic. If we used that, we could dive through their vigilance net from above.

“In that case, going in from the rooftop it is. Fortunately, it’s cloudy tonight.”

If it was a clear night, the moonlight would have revealed my shadow and made an aerial intrusion hard. But with clouds up there, there was nothing to cast my shadow, so being in all-black now I would be quite hard to spot.

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“For now, I shall follow you until we are above the roof. That way, you can come to me and we will escape together during a critical moment.”
“True, it’s hard to spot you up there, plus I would need you to fly me back anyway.”
“Assume that the teleportation is obstructed within the mansion, so when you need to escape, come to the rooftop.”
“Got it.”

We ordered the two men to stand by, and then Maxwell used Flight to take us in the air. We headed towards the rooftop while making sure the clouds were above us and avoided the moonlight.

Just like that, we silently landed on the rooftop and checked the surroundings. There was one guard on the balcony right below. I put a finger on my lips and signed at Maxwell to be quiet.

He nodded and took out a pigeon from his chest pocket. It quietly flew to my shoulder and sat still. I suppose he wanted me to take it with me.

I nodded back after understanding his intention and moved to the edge of the roof. There was one guard right under me on the balcony. If I made a sound, he would instantly realize I was here.

I took out the dagger from the case and used its reflection to peep below. I had a mirror with me, but it could reflect too much light and get me exposed.

This oscillating dagger reflected enough light, so it was good enough to use instead of a mirror.

The room inside the balcony was wide, but there were no signs of anyone there. It seemed like this man was the only guard here.

As long as I dealt with him quietly, I would be able to slip in undetected.

I quickly sent my thread down, and around his neck. And then I used my muscle strengthening and pulled him up with all I had.

If it was the former me, I could’ve just hung the thread on the edge and jumped down, lifting him up in the process, but I was far too light to do that now. Unless I shouldered a rock or something, I would not be able to lift him.

With the muscle strengthening, however, I could forcefully lift him up and strangle him to death.

“Hmm? Gh…Khah!?”

The man could only let out a muffled voice, desperately trying to remove the thread from his neck. Seeing how he immediately pulled out a knife to cut the thread told me that he was quite well trained.

If this was a normal piano wire, he might have been able to cut it. But now, he was being lifted with threads made of processed Mythril. Some average dagger would not be able to cut it.

Before long, his legs left the ground and he stopped moving. After seeing blood foaming from his mouth, I finally released the thread.

He limply fell down and collapsed on his face, never making another movement. I jumped down next to him and stabbed the dagger into his neck as a finisher, just in case.

“Okay, you can come down now.”
“A skillful performance as always. How dreadful, oh how dreadful.”

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He silently jumped down while making jokes. His movements didn’t look suitable for his age. He was quite a big mystery, this old man.

“You wait here. I’ll be fine alone from here on. Or rather, you’d get in the way of my Stealth.”
“Is that so? Well, let me still confirm the situation through my familiar.”
“Fine. Depending on the situation, I may have to make an escape without joining up with you.”
“Understood. I wish you luck.”
“Leave it to me.”

Saying as such, I opened the door and headed into the hallway.


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