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Chapter 93 – Inlet-making

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1047 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That day, they gathered all the new students in one place and took us to the river located on the city’s outskirts. There was a big river near Raum that supplied its population with water. Today’s goal was to make a big inlet for swimming there.

We planned to gather the riverside rocks then pile them up inside the river that had a slow current, and make an inlet… or bay, in other words, and hold our swimming lesson there.

Over a hundred students entered the water with an armful of rock and dammed up the current. My swimsuit didn’t make it, so I had no choice but to enter the water with my gym uniform, which was quite nerve-racking even if I was a child.

We didn’t make much progress in one day, but we were going to keep it up for around a month, so the inlet would eventually grow big enough for tens of people to swim in it.

“Ugh, so cold. Why couldn’t they just ask the Adventurers to do this instead?”
“Because some children may join the army and become soldiers. They are using this to train us with public work too.”

Letina who was physically like your average child complained while carrying the rocks. I also carried the rocks while secretly strengthening my muscles with a wool yarn underneath my clothes.

Naturally, I didn’t use magic to strengthen them, as that would’ve gathered attention. Some of the yarns snapped midway, but I replaced them with new ones each time. Just replacing them did the job well, since carrying some stones didn’t require extreme movements.

“Ah, Nicole, Letina!”

Looking towards that familiar voice, I saw Michelle and a few dozen kids heading our way. I could see their guiding instructor, so probably the Adventurer’s support academy’s bunch were also rounded up for inlet-making.

“Are you also making an inlet for swimming?”
“Yup. We share PE related lessons with the magic academy, so we also have to join in!”

I greeted her back as she slipped out their line and ran up to us. It wasn’t like she slipped out work, for she simply rushed towards their destination, so the teacher let it pass.

We got to the shore and started chatting while staying in our swimming uniforms. Cortina who was acting as the supervisor didn’t start scolding us over a little break. Rather, we had to take breaks or we wouldn’t be able to work in such cold water for long periods.

“Okay, if you’re going to rest, make sure you warm your bodies up properly.”

She said that and presented steaming cups before us. It was bean tea with milk added.

“Michelle! Hurry up and come back already!”
“Oh, shoot!”

Their teacher caught up and scolded her. The support academy’s students were already lined up, too. Looking at them, however, made me think they looked quite out of place. Yes, they were clearly too lightly equipped.

They at least had weapons like Michelle to protect themselves from monsters. But other than those, they had far too few things on them.

“Michelle, where’s your lunchbox?”

She, or should I say they, didn’t seem to have brought food with them. Other than weapons, they had nothing, save for a change of clothes.

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“Mhm, we are going to procure it here. There’s a lot of fish in the river, after all!”
“Wow, you’re fishing on top of making the inlet? Support academy is on another level.”
“More like catching them by hand!”

Oh, right, they don’t have fishing rods on them. How do you even catch them by hand?

“The first group is going to start making the bank. The second group will prepare the kitchen range and the third one will catch fish. Can you do it?”

The kids answered cheerfully and scattered to different directions. Waiting for that, Cortina raised her voice.

“Okay, let’s take a short break. You might catch a cold if your temperature drops too much! It’s just the right time for lunch too, so let’s do that!”

Unlike those kids, we brought lunchboxes with us. We weren’t putting as much importance on the survival skills as they did. Other students also got out of the water and rummaged through their luggage.

I suppose it was because we were kids that we weren’t bothered about being wet. Seeing that, Cortina clapped and yelled once more.

“Hey! Change your clothes first! I’m the one getting cold here just by watching you!”
“If you kids caught a cold I’d be the one held responsible!”

Cortina chased after the kid who ran around, not wanting to change. She used magic and proceeded to catch them one by one.

“You look nothing like an adult.”
“Oh leave me alone!”

I ended up muttering my thoughts as I watched her resorting to magic to catch those kids. She overheard them and retorted back.

“Nicole, if you are free, help me catch them.”

Playing a bit of tag here with all these rocks scattered about could serve as training in a way. Thinking that I decided to chase them… after I changed.

“Okay, changing done. Let’s go, Letina.”
“Leave it to me!”

Letina raised her hands overhead and dashed out. But there wasn’t that big of a difference in ability between her and the fleeing students. Thus, she wasn’t as successful in her hunt. I was different, however.

Footwork and body balance. Unlike those kids who ran away with all their might, I had my previous life’s experience to aid me.

I ran past them dexterously while covering the minimal ground, got in front of them, and secretly caught them with threads. The number I caught rivaled Cortina’s who used magic to do it. After we caught all of them, she couldn’t hide her surprise seeing my number.

“I’ll be damned. I couldn’t beat my student even by using magic… Did my skills grow dull?”
“Isn’t it simply because I’m specialized in close-combat unlike you?”
“Even so… You’re just too good, Nicole… I’m feeling bitter as a teacher.”
“You have a lot of strong points, Cortina.”
“I’m happy you say that, but still…”

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With a sigh, I encouraged the sulking Cortina by patting her on the head.


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