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Chapter 92 – The Approaching Crisis

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1068 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

It has been a month since I’ve started taking the Magic Buildup Disease medicine. Since then, while I felt dizzy at times, the incidents where I suddenly lost all my strength and fainted drastically decreased.

The matter of absorbing my magic proceeded without problems, Finia doing it at home and Cortina at the academy. Naturally, all while avoiding the public eyes.

Since that sensation was giving me indescribable feelings of exhaustion, my expression at that time wasn’t something I could show to people. If it was an ordinary child, it could be passed off as a feverish face, but I was quite a beauty so it could invoke some wild ideas in others.

Either way, I was entering secluded classrooms with a female teacher and came out with a flushed face, so it did cause some strange rumors, but since everyone was aware of my weak constitution, they were convinced that it was due to the treatment.

Days passed as such, and I finally reached the level of the healthiness of ordinary children. However… a new crisis approached me now.

“S-Stop… Stay away!”

I slowly retreated behind as the personification of ill will sidled up to me. However, that didn’t continue for long, for my path of retreat was cut. There was no running away now.

“I refuse that with all my might!”
“Ehh, why? Isn’t it cute?”

She inclined her head puzzled at my extreme denial… While holding the school swimsuit in her hands. A girl’s, of course. It was a deep blue swimsuit made by a combination of several thick fabric. The chest area was mostly covered, but the arms and legs were left completely bare.

It had already been over two months since I enrolled in this academy. It was already time for me to take on the swimming subject. And for that reason, I was trying to flee from Cortina who sidled up to put that swimsuit on me. With. All. I. Had.

I got used to clothes with frills and lace. I even resigned myself to short skirts. But this… No way I was gonna wear this.

“Even if you say it, swimming is going to be added to your lessons, so you are going to lose credits if you don’t take it, you know?”
“Ugh, so you’re betraying me too, Finia.”
“No such thing. I simply thought you looked really cute in the swimsuit, Lady Nicole.”

Finia answered with an ecstatic expression on her face. She was probably recalling how I looked in the swimsuit… But what about the things on top of that swimsuit? Where was the need to wear those kneesocks and ribbons!?

“Finia, I’ll wear that hat, but I don’t need those ribbons. Or those socks.”
“Oh my, I prepared this so you stay warm until you enter the water. As for these ribbons, I just wanted to decorate you with them.”
“Do I have no allies left!?”

Though I refused, there was a grain or two of logic in her statement. Now that I was included in the swimming lessons, I had no way of escaping from it. Plus, I had to get the suit’s size right while I could, or it could slip off during the swimming.

Considering the time for readjustment, trying it on now wouldn’t necessarily be a mistake.

“Ugh, just kill me at once!”
“Why are you making such a tragic tale out of it? It’s just a swimming class, isn’t it?”

Raum was a big country surrounded by woodlands. It was also located on the water veins that supported the said woodlands.

Rivers branched into every part of the country, so whether you became an Adventurer or joined the army, you had to have experience in crossing rivers. For that reason, I had to at least learn how to swim.

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I tried on the swimsuit, but my denial for the kneesocks remained firm. It was quite big in size, enough that its chest would slip off if I swam with it.

“So it was too big after all.”
“Her illness should be cured, but her appetite didn’t change, after all.”
“It’s not like the medicine affected the stomach’s capacity.”
“Lady Nicole looks cute when she’s so small. But I do feel the urge to feed her lots.”

She put hands on my shoulders from behind and rubbed her cheek on me. I felt that the distance between us shortened a bit since we started kissing every morning. I put my hand on her head and patted her.

“Finia, you are a good girl.”
“Geez, Lady Nicole. It’s hard to tell which one of us is older here.”
“Aah, Finia, no fair! What about me, Nicole?”
“Teachers shouldn’t ask for headpats. Good grief.”

Though I said that, I still patted her too. I’d be repeating Finia, but which one of us was an adult here?

After having our fill of skinship, I started taking off the swimsuit. Remaining in it in this season felt too cold. After taking it off, I looked over my bare limbs. They were so slim that, put nicely, were like a fairy’s, but put badly, were like withered branches.

I kept on training in secret for the entire month since then and I became quite strong… Is what I feel. But I didn’t gain any muscle at all.

Given that I was a girl now, I had no intention of turning into a brawny macho, but I still wanted some muscle. My overall physical strength improved, but it was still below an average child. I started feeling the progress in proportion to the decrease in my faints.

“Do I lack training, after all?”
“I believe you are more than active enough already, though?”
“I decided. I should train some more.”
“Please don’t. I’m quite serious.”

While I didn’t faint lately, Finia didn’t stop worrying whenever I went off somewhere and returned with scratches. While the sun was up, Michelle and Letina took me out for hunting—which was actual combat in name only—and at night I snuck out and had sword training with Cloud.

I didn’t find any formidable opponents since then, but running around in the forest was bound to give me scratches. Surprisingly enough, however, no scars remain on my body. Michelle had small ones all over her body, though.

This, too, might’ve been part of the blessings I received from that goddess.


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