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Chapter 94 – The Usual After-School

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 922 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After about a month, we finally constructed the embankment and made ourselves a place to swim. All that was left was for the teachers to use Earth Wall and solidify it.

After we built it and Cortina and other teachers finally completed it, Maxwell came to show his face. That damn old man kept up his good-natured old man’s appearance and easily widened the bank we made, so I lost my words.

What was the point of us working for the entire month? I felt envious of my classmate who honestly felt impressed and looked up to him as a hero.

Either way, that marked the completion of the swimming place. The rest was for the water to flow in on its own and make an appropriately deep pool. By that time, my swimsuit was finished and I was pushed down the valley of shame, but let’s just forget that.

As such, preparations for the new lesson was done, and we finally returned to our usual daily lessons. In other words, to our Adventure-like hunts after-school.

We did public works during school times, but as expected, such heavy labor was too hard for children’s bodies to handle. The moment I got home after-school, I knocked myself out and slept all the way until dinner. And at night, I trained Cloud, forging him as an Adventurer. My sleeping hours had clearly decreased as of late.

But that was only until today. From tomorrow on, we were returning to the usual lessons until the swimming practices began. Since we weren’t fatigued, I had enough stamina left to take Michelle and Letina with me, and spend the after-school in the forest until dinner time.

“Crimson Two, Ultramarina One, Gold Three. Grant yon archer the power to draw… How is it?”
“Nghhhh…! Ghh… No good.”

Receiving my Interference Magic, Michelle tried her best to draw the silver longbow, but she only managed to draw it a bit, nowhere near enough to loose an arrow. She couldn’t even budge it before, so I suppose this could be called progress.

It was the result of her physical strength going up due to the school’s training and my magic that I’ve become able to use up to Crimson two.

“I’m not sure about the result, but this bow amazes me every time I look at it…”
“Well, it was given by the goddess, after all.”
“Huh, that lady was the goddess!?”

That was careless of me. I felt like I’ve become a bit too loose-mouthed as of late. I needed to pay more attention from now on. But well, someone who readily gives a bow like this was probably better to be called a god.

“Errr… I’m sure the goddess presented it to you because you were desperately trying to save a friend.”
“You think so? Ah, she was really pretty, so maybe that is the case!”
“Yeah, right. Do you remember her, though, Michelle?”
“Hmm? Eh… Now that you mentioned it, I can’t seem to recall her face?”
“You two, you don’t even remember her face, so why did you even call her pretty?”
“Why, I wonder?”

She certainly seemed to be a beauty. However, that impression wasn’t stored in my memories. She was probably using something like the perception obstruction magic. She did say something along those lines back when she reincarnated me too.

But only I knew that, not Michelle. I’ve already learned my lesson for running my mouth, so I better avoid mentioning anything else.

“If you can’t use it, then that’s that. There’s no need to force yourself, so just go with your usual bow today, okay?”
“That’s true. We have to hurry up before the sun sets.”
“Yeah, you’re right!”

Kids were fast to switch moods. After I made that suggestion, the two quickly entered their hunting modes.

Adventurers often hunted large prey in Raum’s vicinity, so there were few dangerous animals left there. Moreover, we were close to the Elven settlement, so it was safer than any other place. It was for that reason that even kids like us could safely enter the forest.

The kidnappers who were threatening the peace lately were exterminated—by me, though—and the thieves who stole the Treants’ seeds were all massacred, too. Again, by me.

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Either way, there was no visible threat around Raum at present.

“Ah, there it is.”
“Did you find one already? Your eyes are as sharp as ever.”

I discovered a wild goat eating grass quite a distance away. It was a wild one, but it was biologically no different from the reared goats. Since the dangerous beasts disappeared from here, similar gentle animals took their place.

That said, it’s not like there was no danger at all. It ran out of luck when hunters like us spotted it, though. I mean, I wasn’t a hunter, but still.

“Then, let’s do the usual.”
“Got it.”
“Letina, you’re too loud.”

The usual referred to the combination where I stealthily approached and restricted its movements, while Letina and Michelle finished it off from the distance.

If it was just me, I would use my threads to entangle its legs and finish it in one move once its movements were sealed. But that would defeat the purpose of their training. There were still many things they had to learn, including the cooperation with the vanguard.

“Now then… Let’s start, shall we!”

With those words, I erased my presence without using my Stealth Gift and headed towards the goat.


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