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Chapter 91 – Side Benefit

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1440 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Be advised that this chapter contains slight erotic elements.

The finished medicine was thick, milky-white liquid with tinges of yellow mixed in. Before I drank it, I listened to Tricia’s explanation on how to go about it.

“Listen, just drinking this won’t improve the strength of emission.”
“Huh, so it’s useless in the end?”
“No, I suppose that wasn’t quite accurate. It does strengthen it, but you can’t make proper use of it…”
“So it needs training?”
“Well, you could say that, I guess? Look, even if you make a hole in the bank, if you don’t guide the water through it you can’t draw it out, right? And guiding it requires quite a bit of getting used to. So at first, someone has to assist you with it.”

She looked like a real doctor now that she was explaining all that to me with her index finger pointed up. However, looking at her behaviour my danger sense started to act up.

Even so, if I wanted to live like an ordinary person from now on, I had to muster my courage and ask.

“Uhh… Assist me how?”
“Let’s see. Specifically, they have to forcefully suck out the excess magic accumulated in your body.”
“That’s possible?”
“Of course. That’s why I strengthened your emission. But well, about the method…”

Saying that, Tricia revealed an impish smile stemming from her innermost feelings. It gave me chills and I took a step back while hugging my shoulders.

“It goes without saying, it has to be sucked through a kiss!”
“Now hold on a-!”

I yelled out without thinking. A kiss, she said? Why did I have to do something like that?

“Well, you need keywords to use magic, right? Aside from exceptions like Lady Maria.”
“I suppose… you have a point.”
“I told you to stop referring to me with that title…”

Maria started sulking because of the lady treatment, but let’s leave her aside for now. Tricia’s explanation was more important than that. I could see Gadius restraining Lyell who was about to lose control.

“In other words, magic power comes out through the mouth. Or rather, I suppose the throat itself would be more accurate, since that’s what produces that voice? And the magic power follows the produced voice, get it?”
“I see, I see?”
“Since it comes out from the mouth, that place is the easiest to extract it from. So when it comes to extracting magic through it, it stands to reason that it would be easier for the extractor to use the mouth too.”
“I see… Hmm?”

I felt like she just made a big leap in logic with that weird theory.

“If magic could be released in the atmosphere without spells or magic circles, there would be no buildup disease. And magic power fundamentally has the inclination to build up inside the body. So transferring from one body to another would prove to be far easier. And that’s where the kiss comes in!”

So in other words, our lips needed to be in direct contact to transfer my magic power to the other person? Her explanation revolved so fast I was not fully convinced, though.

“With that being the case, who’s going to help Nicole?”

Tricia dropped a bomb with a totally amused expression. Hearing that, Lyell raised his hand with all his strength.

“Me, me! I can’t let another man take my daughter’s lips! It’s time for the reliable daddy to make his appearance, wouldn’t you agree?”
“She’s too young to kiss a man. So it should be me, her mother, instead, right?”
“Not a chance.”

Certainly, Maria was the most suitable choice from the medical perspective. But there was no way I could kiss her, considering I couldn’t even suck her breasts before.

“Dear, Nicole’s so cold to me!”
“Did her rebellious age come already…? Isn’t it a bit too early, I wonder?”
“That’s not the problem here. In the first place, don’t you always return to the village? We don’t know when I will collapse and need emergency help, so it would be better to choose someone who actually lives in this town.”
“Gh… As expected from my daughter, but I’m still impressed by that cool-headed analysis.”
“She’s actually nothing like you.”

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Leaving the shocked Lyell aside, Maxwell and Gadius who were opposite… or rather, same as my mental gender, out of question. Which left Tricia, Cortina, Letina, Michelle and Finia, I suppose?

“Okay, Letina is out.”
“Ehhh, why!”
“If the rumours spread that I kissed the daughter of the Marquis, I’m not sure what that could lead to.”

Indeed, Letina was the daughter of a leader of this kingdom, even if she didn’t look the part. I didn’t want any bad rumours spreading around her.

“And I suppose Dr. Tricia is not good either. She never leaves her office, after all.”

There was no knowing when I would collapse, so choosing someone so separated from me when I needed immediate treatment would prove to be fatal.

Based on that same logic, Michelle was not an option either, because she spent the day in the nearby Adventurer Training School. Besides, it would be too pitiable if I took her first kiss.

“Which leaves Cortina, who’s my homeroom teacher, and Finia, I guess?”
“Stop wording it like we are some leftovers. I have no objections though.”
“Maybe my desires played some part there…”
“Hmm? Did you say something?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

I had an opportunity to kiss the girl I confessed to once. I felt it was a bit… no, quite a cowardly thought, but I didn’t want to let go of this chance. It did make me feel a bit… quite a bit pathetic, though.

“Well then, I’ll teach you how to do it. First, smear this nectar on your tongue. Then, kiss and entwine your tongues. After that, the magic power should flow towards the less saturated direction on its own.”
“So I have to drink the medicine more than once?”
“Well, yes, it’s used to expand the power of the emission. You have to keep drinking it and have your body get accustomed to it.”
“I see.”

I took the medicine from the doctor and timidly smeared it on my tongue. Along with the strong flowery scent, a numbing stimulus spread through it. Tongues weren’t supposed to be so easy to stimulate.

“Okay, here I go… It’s making me nervous for some reason.”

Cortina put her hands on my cheeks and drew her slightly flushed face closer. She was simply kissing the daughter of her close friends, so it was probably on the level of kissing a pet for her.

But I was different – I had desires that followed me from my previous life. My heart started to violently pound, and I instinctively clutched the clothes near my chest.

“Don’t be so nervous. Here I go—mmph.”

A little bashfully, Cortina overlapped her lips to mine. Then, her warm tongue quickly invaded my mouth and played with my own.

It was followed by an immediate change. It felt as if all the nerves on my back were being pulled out. They received such stimulus that I couldn’t even distinguish whether it was pain or shock that I was feeling.

“Mgh!? Mnn!”

My body became completely stiff and started to convulse. The unknown sensation tormented me; making me twitch, stiffen and finally lose all my strength.

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After that, Cortina finally withdrew her lips.

“Phew. How did that go, Nicole?”
“Haa, ahh.”

The fatigue had certainly left my body. But a different sensation assaulted me now, making me unable to answer.

We had to keep doing something like this?

“Well that was okay-ish, I guess? Do that in the morning and evening every day.”
“Every day!?”
“Of course. They drink medicine every day right?”
“Ugh, well, yes, but… But look how Nicole’s acting. Wouldn’t that put a burden on her?”
“Just think of it as rehabilitation. She’ll get used to it before long.”

She said it casually, but I couldn’t even feel my back. I weakly collapsed on the ground and overheard the surrounding conversations.

“Aah! Nicole has… Nicole has been dirtieeed!”
“Hey! Don’t say something so scandalous!”
“Oh, but doesn’t she look like a proper female now?”
“Maria, not you too, what are you saying!?”

Cortina and Lyell were in an uproar. I had to keep on doing this every day. It was needed to get healthy, but would I really last through it all? It was tough both physically and mentally.

Imagining what was to come, I couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh.


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