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Chapter 90 – Medicine Creation and Conspiracy

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 971 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Tricia started making the medicine before the Queen Blossom’s eyes. That said, she wasn’t doing anything too special. Unlike the seeds, nectar could be ingested normally to show its medical effect.

The problem was that you couldn’t leave it be for too long or it would evaporate into the atmosphere and its effect would fade.

“…I planned to mix the liquid medicine and lock the medical effect in place… But this is not the amount I expected.”

While explaining it to us, she took out a small bottle from her medicine box and gently poured the content in the nectar. If this preservation liquid was too little or too much, the nectar’s effect couldn’t be preserved.

“Given the amount, the preservation liquid I have on hand wouldn’t be enough. Lord Maxwell… No, Lady Maria, could you return to Raum with Cor… Lady Cortina and bring me my vials? Lady Cortina should know where the preservation liquid is stored.”
“Yes, leave it to me. Also, you can call me without titles as you do with Cortina, okay?”
“That would be too discourteous!”
“And it’s not for me?!”
“You are a colleague, so no!”

Cortina and Tricia started their usual chatter. Maria started deploying the magic while observing them from the side.

“If it’s just to get them, Maxwell could manage that too right?”

Maria wasn’t used to the Teleportation magic. It took her some time to invoke it. She was so unused to it that she couldn’t use it in battle.

Then, wouldn’t it be faster if Maxwell went instead? I wondered about that and asked Tricia. She answered without stopping her hands.

“I mean, it’s my house, you know? I can’t really let a man enter there without permission, right?”
“Ah, right. Even you are a woman.”
“What do you mean ‘even you’!?”

While we were making a noise, the Teleportation lit up in its characteristic light and Maria and Cortina disappeared from the place.

“So that medicine—”
“Hyah!? W-what?”

The Queen Blossom’s sudden voice caused her to reply with a stiff voice. But she didn’t stop her hands, which showed her professionalism.

By stirring it like this, she was able to compensate for the lack of preservation medicine. Of course, she couldn’t keep on stirring forever, so this was only a temporary measure.

“That medicine can preserve the nectar’s effects?”
“Oh, well it can preserve the effects I’m aware of…”
“Then, it can also preserve the nectar I give to the Alraune, yes?”
“Well… I don’t know what effect the Altraune need, so unless I test it…”
“Ho-ho, then could you make a larger portion? I’d like to try giving it to my children.”

Her sudden request shocked Tricia and she started darting her eyes about. But as the Queen Blossom said, if the nectar could be preserved, they would be able to sustain themselves even if they had to move their habitat to a mountain like they did this time.

If we handled this well, we could get our hands on the continuous supply of this valuable nectar.

“Can you make it?”
“Well, if Cortina brings additional medicine, it’s not impossible.”
“Then let’s share it?”
“Would that be alright?”
“As long as we can secure Nicole’s share, wouldn’t it be fine?”

Queen Blossom’s nectar strengthened the emission of magic power. It was even called the source of Alraune’s evolution, so it was natural for it to have that much effect, but if we could secure a stable supply of it, the interests involved would make things quite troublesome.

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Some might even aim for Queen Blossom herself. Even so, Maxwell said something so carefree. But I knew him. This old man might have looked like a fool, but his mind was sharp enough to get involved with national politics.

“Those that knew about your whereabouts got exterminated yesterday. Only we and a few others know that you live here. It wouldn’t be that difficult for you to remain hidden.”
“But what about medicine? If you secure the stable supply, other countries, merchants and robbers would start sniffing around.”

Merchants sensitive to money, robbers, or even countries desiring to use the medicine to raise the abilities of their magicians would be watering at the mouth in the face of it.

“That’s easy. I can just monopolize it. Maybe Lyell and Gadius can back me up too? With that, the essential four of us, Maria included, would be involved in the business. Moreover, I have the backing of Raum, too. There would be few who would still dare to force their way, wouldn’t you say?”
“Not just the kingdom, they’d be turning us into their enemies, huh? Certainly, that would be the worst development for them.”

Their conspiracy that involved the entire country formed bit by bit. Hearing that, Tricia plugged her ears and shook her head. Michelle ended up stirring the nectar in her stead.

“Aah, I didn’t hear it, I didn’t hear it! I don’t want to hear something that could shorten my life-span!”
“Doctor, you have to mix it properly.”
“Michelle is doing, so it’s fine. Besides, my arms are tired.”
“I withdraw my statement about you looking professional.”
“Ehh! I’m not sure what you mean, but did my value just drop!?”

What was the point of plugging her ears if she heard what I said? Didn’t that mean she heard everything, in the end? While I was looking exasperatedly at her, the Teleportation light appeared once again, and along with it Maria and Cortina.

“Sorry for the wait, we brought the medicine.”
“Tricia, you should clean your house once in a while. It’s hardly different from Maxwell’s you know?”

The boisterous duo returned with a handbag packed full of vials. Tricia received those, and with that my medicine was finally complete.


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