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Chapter 615 – Evil Dragon Conclusion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1242 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After the Evil Dragon lost in our initial exchange of blows, it started to take distance from me.

And that was natural— despite its peerless power, it easily lost out, so being vigilant was expected.

I was currently strengthening the Evil Dragon’s power even further with Thread Manipulation.

Since we had the same body, it was natural that I would be stronger.

Having experienced that difference in power directly, the Evil Dragon was unsure how to attack me. And as if to keep me in check, it once again released a light breath attack toward me.

I tried to answer in kind, but then I realized I didn’t know how to do it.

We had the same body so I could naturally release a breath. But I didn’t know how. As someone originally human, I couldn’t activate the unfamiliar organ inside me.

My wavering seemed to have been conveyed to the Evil Dragon and it arrogantly spewed breath at me.

I tried to close in with my strengthened legs, but the Evil Dragon flapped its wings and soared high up.

After that, it was a one-sided development.

Similarly to the fire-breathing organ, I couldn’t use my wings properly.

In the first place, these wings were far too little compared to the body. Most likely, the wings of the dragonkind used some kind of magical power to assist it during flight.

I couldn’t fly, and I couldn’t use the breath. But I was overwhelmingly above it in terms of pure strength alone.

The Evil Dragon used a tactic that put it to advantage. Which was basically aerial bombardment.

It was firing a barrage of small breath attacks at me from above.

Even a direct hit only burned my scales, but since it was still dealing damage I couldn’t just keep on accumulating it.

Having said that, I had no means of attacking the Evil Dragon that soared high up.

The grassland was gouged out by the breaths everywhere, and each attack made the ground tremble.

Each time the grassland scattered into the air along with the earth, and the terrain changed.

If the pioneer village or any others around saw this spectacle, they’d think the world was coming to an end.


I suddenly saw something shining among all that. Maybe it was due to the dragon’s instinct, but I reflexively leaped toward it and grasped it in my hand.

Then, the breath attacked me from overhead once again. But this time, it seemed to be quite a strong one.

I wouldn’t come out unscathed if I took the brunt of it. Thinking that I immediately kicked the ground and jumped up toward the Evil Dragon.

It was a leap that used pure strength instead of wings or magic.

But the jump made by this body, which was a lump of muscles and further strengthened by Thread Manipulation, easily got me up to where the Evil Dragon was.


Just as I reached it, I instantly slammed my tail, as giant as a tower, into the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon was focusing its strength on releasing a breath, so it had no way to react to this.

With a heavy slamming sound that no living being should make, the Evil Dragon got blown away. But since there was no scaffold, the attack was still too light to be lethal.

With that, my body once again fell to the ground.

I tried to use Levitate but I couldn’t use words with this body. Or well, among Dragons, some could use human words, so it should be possible to speak. But I couldn’t just start experimenting with my vocal organs in the middle of a battle.

Just as I landed on the ground, the Evil Dragon also recovered from the attack.

Still, this situation wasn’t looking very good. As expected, after getting hit by my attack, the Evil Dragon soared even higher up.

Due to my muscle strengthening, I could still leap that far up, but the higher it was the more time it had to react to my leap.

The Evil Dragon’s breath on the other hand could reach me even from a few kilometers up. Still, the farther it attacked from the more time I had to dodge it too.

After both of us lost effective attack means, the situation entered a deadlock. To settle this fight we had to get into each other’s attack range.

I focused on the shining object in my hand—at the gauntlets that flew off during my transformation, and pulled out threads from it.

Following it I made the threads vibrate and used it in place of my voice. I opened my mouth at the same time and released magic power and formed a magic circle. If I couldn’t chant without voice, I could just use the threads to do it.

Opening my mouth to pour magic power, drawing a magic circle, and activating the technique— they were all things I could do even with this body. And then, the spell I cast was High Enchant— a spell that was a step above Enchant.

Once I was ready, I resolved myself and kicked off the ground. It made a crater form at my feet, big enough to make it clear how much power I put into it even from the skies.

I ascended with terrific speed, but the Evil Dragon wasn’t one to overlook it. It decided to attack me with its breath, but I flapped my wings and slightly shifted my position to the side to dodge it.

The size of the wings on my back was lacking for flight, but they could still adjust my direction during the ascension.

The Evil Dragon apparently didn’t expect me to make an evasive maneuver and stiffened with its head protruding forward on the verge of releasing its breath.

I greatly shifted my ascension trajectory and floated up about 50 meters to the side of the Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon couldn’t make a move, while I—swung down my arm from high up.

The fundamental arm strength of the Evil Dragon’s body. The power of Thread Manipulation flows through its abundant muscles. And the High Enchant spell that I cast as insurance.

I used all the utmost power that I could manage—and swung down five Mythril threads. They were over a hundred meters in length.

They were more than long enough to slam down on the pushed-out neck of the Evil Dragon.


My war cry manifested as the Evil Dragon’s roar and left my throat.

Had we been on the ground, even the Evil Dragon could have avoided this.

But we were mid-air. It couldn’t possibly evade while its posture was broken due to the breath attack.

The threads, traveling far beyond the speed of sound, slammed down on the Evil Dragon and chopped its body into six parts.

At the same time, a thunderous blast of wind spread through the surroundings, mercilessly slashing at the ground and my own body.

My body easily repelled those shockwaves, however, the ground was a different story.

When I looked down, there was no longer a grassland there, but instead, a thoroughly torn-up wasteland and a gouged-out mountain.

The Evil Dragon’s body fell toward the ground in six parts. Even the Evil Dragon couldn’t survive being torn up to that degree.

And thus, my second battle against the Evil Dragon Colchis had come to an end.


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