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Chapter 614 – Evil Dragon Showdown

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 922 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

I felt my body rapidly swelling up.

Not caring about the body mass, the flesh multiplied, the bones lengthened, and even the internal organs started to transform.

My clothes and armor flew off and my body started to enlarge without a limit.

My height crossed two meters, then ten meters, and eventually, grew up to match up to the Evil Dragon in front of me.


I involuntarily let out a roar that rose from my throat, overpowering the surroundings.

Just that roar made the grassland rustle and Kufar to take a step back. Right now, my body was exactly the same as the jet-black-scaled Evil Dragon before me.

Yes, the God of Destruction had given me the stamp of approval that “I could become the world’s strongest.”

If so, if you asked “what is the strongest being in this world,” I would’ve immediately said that it was this Evil Dragon.

But as if to restrict that, the Polymorph spell was limited to the “organisms you were knowledgeable about.”

Normally, it would be impossible to know the Evil Dragon that well. But we were different. We have defeated this Evil Dragon, dissected its body, and taken the parts away.

During that time, I saw every bit of the Evil Dragon’s body structure.

Not just this world, even the very world that the Evil Dragon came from most likely had no one as knowledgeable about its body as we were.

If so, then I should be able to transform into it.

My only worry was whether the current me could use this magic. But it seems that I somehow managed to succeed. I patted my scale-covered chest in relief.

It would normally be impossible to use it with the scroll’s cooldown restriction, but I had to thank Maria’s Dispel for this.

“I-Impossible… is that Colchis…”

Kufar became astonished by my roar and appearance.

Or more accurately, I couldn’t read his expression after assimilating into Flame Devil, but I could tell his astonishment from his voice.

I decided to take the initiative and take a step toward the Evil Dragon… but I failed to.

I tried to put strength into my leg to raise it, but it didn’t move as I wanted it to.


I raised a doubt in my mind.

My body didn’t move as I wanted. Or rather, the very existence of my limbs felt vague to me… it was as if I had returned to being a baby.

My body condition should’ve been perfect. I could feel the overflowing power too.

It was more than enough to support this body. And yet, I didn’t know how to use it.

“Hah…hahaha…hahahahaha! Of course! Even I took days to get used to this body! After suddenly turning into a different lifeform like a Dragon, of course, you won’t be able to move as you please!”

He was scorning with an expression that had “that scared me” written on it. He then pointed at me, sneered, and gave the Evil Dragon an order.

“Colchis, break the limbs of that fool. Tear off his wings too. I’ll make him an offering after he’s unable to move!”

The Evil Dragon was shocked at my appearance, but once it realized I couldn’t move, it readily approached me.

But he was naive. My power was Thread Manipulation, a power to move the threads.

Back when I fought against the leader of the Hidden Blade, Jend, I also used my Thread Manipulation to move my arms.

If so, there was no reason I couldn’t in this body too.

If I didn’t know how to move my body, I’d just let the threads do the work.

I ran the Thread Manipulation power internally and shuddered at the response.

It was because I felt the amplification of the terrific power. With this much power, I couldn’t even imagine the destruction I could bring about. It was a good decision to have Cortina and others escape in advance.

I slowly stood up so that my power wouldn’t run wild, then moved my neck and fixed my eyes on the approaching Evil Dragon.

The Evil Dragon also turned vigilant when it saw me stand up after being unable to just a while ago.


The Evil Dragon responded to my threatening roar with its own. Then the two of us approached each other and raised our claws.

Crash! An impact that traveled all the way down to my feet had attacked my shoulder… but it wasn’t a fatal wound.

The Evil Dragon’s skin was strong enough to defend even against its own attack. It was clear just how strange Lyell was that he was able to pierce it even with the Holy Sword.

My attack, on the other hand, deeply gouged out the Evil Dragon’s skin.

This difference in power came from the fact that I wasn’t just using the original Evil Dragon’s power, but also strengthening it with Thread Manipulation.


The Evil Dragon never expected that it would get one-sidedly damaged and took distance in shock.

But doing so was the same as allowing me to utilize my wide attack interval.

I spun my body and slammed my tail to it with a sideways swing.

Receiving an attack clearly stronger than its own, the Evil Dragon got blown away with a spin and slammed into the ground.

But that was far from fatal damage for it.

This attack allowed us to gauge each other’s strength, and the battle between the two monsters continued.


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