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Chapter 572 – Fina’s Adventure 12

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1007 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In the end, they decided to head to Kolbo with ten people — Six Heroes, Fina, and the three men.

Fina was taken along because she was receiving technical education in pharmacy.

After receiving God of Destruction’s knowledge, she was knowledgeable enough to put adults to shame in one aspect.

You could see that the education had bore fruit just from the fact that she managed to slip through Maxwell’s Search spell.

“Nevertheless, it is exhausting to make ten people fly.”

Considering how he was acting composed even after casting the Flight spell on everyone, you could see that his magic power was in a different league.

Having been outwitted when it came to magic, he probably wanted to clear his name here and was looking motivated.

“Well, I guess you can’t endure showing such a blunder to your fiancee.”
“Leave me be! Do not lump me together with you who makes blunders all year round.”
“Well, I suppose even this old man can fail once in a while.”

Reid and Gadius were saying such things with smug grins.

Gadius, who was only useful in battles, seemed to find the chance to corner Maxwell amusing.

Maxwell cast the spell while acting a little dejected due to their talk, meanwhile, Fina was simply enjoying flying.

“Grandpa Maxwell, so cool! I am flying!”
“Right? Right? It would seem you are my only ally, Fina.”
“You have Letina too. I guess you are popular with kids at least.”
“Letina is an adult!”
“One part remains undeveloped though.”
“…I am hoping it will in the future.”
“What was that pause?”
“But would the mansion side be okay? Letina’s there, so what if Kufar attacks now…”
“He’s currently sealed inside the World Tree. God of Destruction’s acquaintance is keeping watch.”

Letina was staying behind in the mansion this time. It was problematic even from the guarding standpoint to drag an important person like her around.

Ashella and Priscilla were also the same in that regard, so since staying together would make it easier for the knights and personal army to protect them, they stayed behind too.

Among the ten people flying, Reid was flying as awkwardly as always.

However, considering he could crack jokes at Maxwell or answer Maria’s question, he was still composed enough.

The ones who weren’t were Lyell and Gadius.

“F-Fina, don’t let go of daddy’s hand, okay?”
“Daddy, you’re upside down!”
“And I’m spinning around here! My eyes are going in circles….waahhh!”

Lyell flew fearfully while clinging to Fina’s hand, while Gadius was doing a tailspin stunt. Looking at that Fina was laughing loudly.

Cortina and Maria flew surprisingly skillfully, so they showed no signs of nervousness. Reid tried to sneak behind Cortina but got kicked in the face. But their lively flight would end in a little over an hour.

The most distinguishable part of the Flight spell was its movement speed.

You could ignore the highway and continue straight while also rivaling the speed of a fine horse, and without wearing yourself down.

Had Cortina been able to use this spell when Reid fought with the Twin-Bladed Devil in his past life, perhaps he wouldn’t have died.

Once they arrived near Kolbo, they headed to a hut outside the village without entering it.

According to the trio, they weren’t allowed to live inside the village due to being half-demons.

“This is our house. Yuna and others are under the care of my mother here.”

Troy’s mother was single handedly looking after Yuna who was like a grandchild to her, as well as Jones’ mother and Zell’s lover.

However, the three were just sleeping so she didn’t need to do much.

“Mom, it’s me. I brought Maria.”
“Troy, is that you? You really did it!”

The one who opened the door in all smiles was a woman with streaks of white hair. You could see the exhaustion clearly on her face.

“Ohh, Lady Maria. Thank you for coming! We could only rely on you…”
“I understand. Please let me see the patients for now.”

It seemed that she didn’t know the means Troy used to bring her here.

Maria realized that and headed to the patients without saying much.

“The three seem to be afflicted by Kufar’s poison. For the time being, I will cast Antidote and Purify.”
“Thank you very much! We were unable to consult any doctor…”
“No, this poison would have been beyond a normal doctor. Kufar is a poison specialist, after all.”
“Were we really being deceived by that man…”
“Yes. Just to add, he’s not even human.”

The three were bewildered to hear Kufar was a Disease Slime. And they finally realized that they had been playing in his plot all this time.

“That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲… I’ll never forgive him!”
“Well, he’s apparently locked inside the World Tree Labyrinth now. A Mythical-class monster is keeping watch over him.”
“Really? Does that mean we can be relieved?”
“Not exactly. Kufar isn’t the only main culprit. There should be more people involved in his evil deeds. Like you guys.”
“We are really reflecting on that. But we won’t be deceived anymore.”
“I can make medicine for that illness, you know?”

Fina suddenly spoke up.

Among the knowledge she received from the God of Destruction, there was a panacea that could heal poison of this level.

“But I don’t have the ingredients so I can’t make it.”
“Huh, if that’s all we will go gather them.”

Reid carefreely answered back without considering it properly. But in fact, Six Heroes were skilled enough to accomplish that much.

“Kufar is gone, but his remnants still linger around. If there are more people being deceived like him, that antidote will become a valuable trump card.”
“That’s true. Fina, can you do it?”
“Leave it to me!”

She hit her small chest in consent. Lyell watched over his beloved daughter proudly.

He couldn’t do anything cool until now, so he swore he would show his cool side to his daughter this time for sure.


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