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Chapter 573 – Fina’s Adventure 13

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 965 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In the end, Troy’s group along with their family and lover were told to move to Lyell’s village.

This was because leaving them at Kolbo left the risk of them being used by Kufar’s remnants, and also in consideration for them, since it would be hard to go on if something happened again and they weren’t let inside the village.

It was decided that Troy’s group would become Lyell’s subordinates and join the village’s vigilance corps.

They’d probably receive severe criticism for some time, but they accepted that as punishment for their crimes.

There was also one more person who had to be punished.

“Listen, Fina. What you did today was something so serious it could destroy someone’s life.”
“I’m sorry.”
“This isn’t something that can be solved with an apology. I have to properly educate you so you don’t repeat the same mistake in the future.”

Fina sat on her knees before Maria with teary eyes. She knew very well how scary an angry Maria was.

And this time, Cortina and Ashella also stood by her side.

Taking God of Destruction’s irresponsible words at face value was a sin that heavy.

In the worst case, even her own well-being would’ve been in danger, so even the normally gentle Ashella was quite merciless.

“Slapping your butt as punishment is a decided matter, but your education certainly needs to be addressed too.”
“Indeed. That white girl is not a bad person, but she inspired her with a bit too much unrestrained advice.”
“Fina is honest, but that makes it all the easier to influence her, so the teacher is probably at fault too.”
“Well, it’s the Whitey we’re talking about here.”

Reid ended up interjecting without thinking. He was just that connected to her.

Seeing Michelle’s Third Eye would tell you that God of Destruction’s technical prowess were in a different league. But it was a valid worry that her easily elated nature would influence her badly.

Fina’s current actions were proof of that.

“But she isn’t a mean girl, and her pharmacy knowledge is high, so it wouldn’t be right to blame just her alone…”
“Oh Maria, that’s why you’re such a good girl.”

As Maria worried to herself, Ashella stood with puffed cheeks, showing her discontent. It was hard to tell who was older.

This atmosphere made Ashella look similar to God of Destruction, which was a mystery.

“Well, as long as we properly teach Fina what she shouldn’t do, there should be no problems. Also, making a child sit for so long is pretty harsh.”

Reid said so, picked up Fina, and moved her away from the three.

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“You really are weak to children.”
“Not really.”
“Yes really. Even back in the orphanage, you took the kids’ charge attacks head-on and ended up squashed under them. You could’ve avoided them if you wanted.”
“…I guess that did happen. Well, I just act based on my mood during the occasion.”

He shrugged lightly and tapped on crying Fina’s back to soothe her.

Maria and others saw his actions far too skillful, as if he was used to doing this.

“You seem strangely skillful at that. Don’t tell me you have an illegitimate child or something, do you? The one you’ve given birth to, in specific.”
“Stop saying scandalous things!! I’m from an orphanage so I’m used to this stuff.”

Reid wanted them to leave it at that. In reality, it was because he was seeing Fina all the time, so he got used to it.

“M-More importantly, what about Lyell’s side? Wouldn’t it cause problems?”
“Well, a bit, I guess? If I start working them hard at first, they should have no complaints. There’s also the need to train Kabby again.”

The Carbuncle became the topic suddenly and leaped vertically from shock. Fina saw that from Reid’s arms and started laughing.

“Hard with Lyell’s standard, huh… they might die. And yeah, I also thought about that. Carbuncle, haven’t you grown strangely blunt every since you came here?”
“Ever since… Oh, I see, you did work under Maxwell, didn’t you? So you knew Nicole all along, huh?”
“Well, yeah. I couldn’t say it since it was a secret. Anyway, it’s gotten flabby around the stomach too.”
“This is the result after losing weight. It used to be even rounder.”

Back then it accompanied Nicole’s group on adventures, it got a lot of exercise.

But after coming here, it has been constantly stuck at the infant Fina’s side, so both its exercise and combat sense had decreased.

It was probably something unavoidable, but it was also natural to think that was the main reason why this situation happened.

“Maybe it would be better to have it work along with Fina.”
“But Fina is still only three years old. She shouldn’t be able to do intense exercises.”
“It’s okay, Nicole even went against Kobolds at that age.”
“I’m… She’s not someone to make a standard.”

Reid almost exposed himself, but with his ongoing setting that he worked under Maxwell, the fact that he knew Nicole didn’t arouse much suspicion.

“At any rate, they found their place too, so they shouldn’t do any more wrongdoings.”
“What I’m worried about is instead whether other remnants would come to seal off their mouths.”
“Oh, that is certainly possible. However, I will just turn the tables on them. They will take my fists that lost their target this time around.”
“You just wanna vent your anger, don’t you…”

Reid spoke in exasperation, and finally, put Fina down on the chair. Fina seemed dissatisfied at that, but she behaved since it was better than being the target of their anger.

Like this, a child prank that caused trouble to everyone, ended without an incident.


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