Chapter 478 – Scrambling For Finia

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 965 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As I was thinking about who should infiltrate to search for information, I moved my eyes to the table next to ours.

There were Cloud and Michelle engaged in an eating contest with the three servants.

The way Michelle stuffed her cheeks looked full of vitality and was quite like her, but if you asked whether she was suited to attend a senior academy that required dealing with nobles, the answer would be a definite no.

“That one’s… out.”
“Which means, it comes to me and Letina.”
“Wait, you people, are you planning to infiltrate by yourselves?”
“Well, I mean, I don’t think Maxwell or Cortina can manage a stealthy investigation, right? We have no time, so we have to quickly infiltrate and settle the problem.”
“I am sure you can do it well, Rei—cough, Nicole, but it is still dangerous. Think about Lyell and Maria.”
“Mgh, when you put it like that… But still, this is for Letina.”
“Is there no one else?”

At his question, I thought back on my friends who were close to our age.

I suppose Mark and others who were around 20 years old could somehow manage to slip in but…

“Mark in a senior magic academy? Nope, not happening.”

Besides, they couldn’t even use magic. It would be impossible to infiltrate a magic academy like that. By that same logic, Raum’s Adventurers would have it hard. It would be particularly impossible for Kayle, who had severe eighth-grader syndrome.

“So it really is up to you… But still…”
“I won’t be reckless. Besides, you think I’ll fall behind some green noble?”
“It was only recently that you had a painful experience due to your pride.”
“You sure like to hit in the sore spots. But still, I’ll be careful, and I’ll only do the investigation and leave the rest to Maxwell. The other party is a duke, after all.”
“More accurately, his son. But I suppose those are our only options.”
“No, there is one additional problem.”
“Which is?”

Just as I somehow persuaded Gadius, Letina raised a problem.

“Methuselah domain’s senior magic academy has a dormitory system. And the majority of the new students are nobles.”
“Normally they are accompanied by several attendants that take care of them.”
“I have Finia for that, right?”
“Oh, but I wanted Finia to be my attendant.”
“Huuh?! Hold on there, Letina, you plan to come along?”
“I said it, did I not? This place is for nobles. Are you skilled in noble etiquette, Nicole?”
“Uggh… Well, I have received lady manners education from Maxwell.”
“Bfff! Cough, cough!

When I mentioned I received lady education, Gadius and Finia spurted their drinks. Since they knew I was Reid, they choked on their drinks when they realized how mismatched it sounded.

Don’t look at me! I wanna erase it from my memory too.

“How long ago was that? Besides, such half-baked etiquette would be easily seen through. Are you saying you will not be needing my help when such time comes? Moreover, the other party knows my face. A transfer student at this timing would stand out, so if I move in first, Cain’s attention should be directed to me. We have to divert his attention somehow.”
“Well that would be helpful but… Still, why Finia then?”
“I also would prefer to accompany Lady Nicole if possible.”
“My servants are like that, as you can see. They are not suitable for fights as attendants. Finia, on the other hand, can fit both criterias and has a perfect foundation. Moreover, if I am to act as a decoy, I would prefer an escort who is both skilled and I can fully trust.”
“I guess Finia certainly fits that, but what should I do?”
“Is there no one you can think of?”

I had no acquaintance who knew noble etiquette and was skilled enough to act as an attendant. If I had to say, it would be Maria, but if I brought her along, she would stand out like crazy.

Matisse would satisfy the moderate appearance aspect but… I wonder what she’s doing now.

“I really have—”

No one in mind, just as I was about to end that sentence, I remembered one person.

But would that really be fine?

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“—someone in mind?”
“Oh, I never expected you to actually do.”
“Hey, what’s with that attitude after you stole Finia from me.”
“I was thinking you would be fine even without an attendant in the worst case.”
“But I would stand out like that.”
“Well yes. I was thinking of dispatching one from my home. They cannot fight, but you can protect yourself, Nicole.”
“Well, yeah. But the one I have in mind should be able to handle the fights.”
“That would be ideal then.”

The problem was—that they weren’t human.

But well, we can work on that. Now that’s decided, I should go and negotiate…

“Um, Lady Nicole. When will you send us back to Raum?”
“Oh, I forgot about that.”

It seems that their speed-eating contest ended with Michelle’s overwhelming victory.

Cloud and two other servants had fainted while holding their stomachs, but this result was within my expectations. Michelle’s stomach was unknown waters even from my perspective.

“I don’t think you guys are in any shape to move, so rest and digest your meal for some time. I will gather people in the meantime.”
“Understood. But we would like to quickly let our master know about this, so I hope it can be done quickly.”
“Got it, got it. Just wait.”

I gave them a light wink and cast the Teleport spell.

My destination was the Sword Kingdom of Alecmarle. The mountain where Aste, also known as Wind God Hastur, had retired to.


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