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Chapter 479 – The Principal’s Misunderstanding

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1005 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

With the blond youth—Den—escorting me, I arrived at the senior magic academy Methuselah branch’s board chairman’s room.

Den was originally an Ogre, but his height was quite a bit shorter now, and his horns were also inconspicuously small. His darker skin color had grown lighter, his hair grew, and you could now call him a fair-skinned golden hair pretty boy.

With Aste’s, or God Hastur’s education, his butler skills were quite good. You could call him a perfect person for this job. When someone like that escorted me, who looked graceful at a glance, of course, we’d stand out.

Even as we passed through the corridor, everyone was staring at us. I removed my eyepatch to make things more amiable, but standing out this much was beyond my calculations… I mean, the fact that Den had turned into such a pretty boy itself was unaccounted for.

Arriving at the chairman’s office, Den knocked on the door four times in my stead and awaited the response.

“Who is it?”
“I am Nicolle who is transferring to this school starting today. I arrived to greet the board chairman.”
“Ah, yes, I have heard as such. Do enter.”

At my reply that I tried to make as modest and polite as possible, a somewhat arrogant-sounding voice answered back. Then again, the board chairman was one of the most influential people in this academy so that was only natural. Incidentally, the most influential would be Cain Methuselah Lamech.

He was technically a student, but given his position of being the Duke’s eldest son, and considering the money he would have if those dark rumors are true, he probably easily surpassed the board chairman.

“Excuse us.”

With permission, Den opened the door, and I headed inside with his escort.

The interior of the office was, different from Maxwell’s, full of luxurious decorations. There was a painting probably drawn by a famous painter, a full-body armor displayed next to the entrance, and such, giving off a sort of an authoritative feeling.

Honestly, it was simply in bad taste.

Without letting my impressions show, I arrived at the desk and slightly bent my knee with a bow in the so-called curtsy bow that ladies did. It was something I learned from Maxwell’s education, and something I perfected after Letina’s intensive training.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Lyell and Maria’s daughter, Nicole. I have no peerage and as such no surname. This is my attendant Den.”
“Yes, I am Jack Olson. I have heard of you. It seems you have made a name in Berith.”
“Oh, the riot incident? I was merely trying to stop it with everything I had.”

I moved my gaze away, trying not to meet his eyes as much as possible, and acted modestly.

This was because Den claimed that it was better to use my magic eye for a good first impression. Which was certainly more convenient for the investigation if it made everyone around more amiable. However, my eyes were too powerful.

Even if I casually voiced my desire, they would twist the thoughts of the other person and force them to act.

Seeing my strange attitude, I sensed Olson to be frowning. Thinking I overdid it I was about to raise my face, but Den cut into the conversation.

“My apologies, board chairman. Please allow me to voice my humble opinion.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“My lady Nicole’s right eye is weak and lacks pigment as you may tell, so I would like to ask permission for her to wear this eyepatch.”
“Oh, just that? But why not wear it from the start?”
“She is not injured, so it would be rude to hide her face during the first meeting, especially towards someone of higher standing… Those were my lady’s wishes.”
“Hmm, I suppose that makes sense.”

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In reality, it was just a trick to leave a good impression. But there was no need to actually say that. Let’s leave this to Den’s quick-wittedness.

Then Den started to fluently recite my strong points to the chairman. About how compassionate, how beautiful, and how honest at heart I was. Frankly, I was embarrassed just listening to it.

“D-Den, please leave it at that…”

I stopped him with a red face. I put a hand to his elbow while fidgeting, so I probably looked like a well-bred young lady. In fact, I saw that chairman Olson’s face was looking a little flushed.

“Excuse me. Then Lady Nicole, if I may.”

Saying that, Den turned my face a little up and put the eyepatch on me.

Being originally an ogre, he was still a bit taller than me even though he had grown shorter. He was probably about 160 cm tall now. Because of that, I had to look a little up when he was touching my face.

His once boorish fingers had grown slender now, and once he attached the eyepatch, he brushed past my face and arranged my hair.

His fingers were tickly so I ended up leaking a voice.

“You two, please refrain from such conduct inside the academy.”
“I am saying that please do the lovers talk inside your dorm room. Heroes’ daughter or not, it’s slovenly.”
“T-T-That’s preposterous!! Den is my attendant! We are not in such a relationship!”
“Really now? It sure seemed like that to me.”
“Board chairman. My apologies but Lady Nicole and I are rather ill-suited. It would affect Lady Nicole’s honor, so I ask that you not voice such misunderstandings.”
“Hmm… It would certainly be troublesome to incur Lord Lyell and Lady Maria’s displeasures.”
“Yes, thank you for your understanding.”

After that, the board chairman relayed the necessary information to us and we finally headed to the dormitory. Normally we’d be heading to the classroom now, but organizing the room came first.

We were infiltrating for a short term, but we’d be living for more than a few days there. There was a need to organize it to a degree.


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