Chapter 477 – Methuselah Domain’s Senior Magic Academy

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1077 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


A carriage was speeding through as it gave off rattling noises. Before long, that carriage stopped before a giant gate.

This was a town in the Methuselah domain located in the northern part of the Forest Kingdom of Raum, and there was a senior magic academy in it, one of Raum’s few.

The carriage stopped before that academy, and one girl and a youth accompanying her stepped out from within.

The students’ attention gathered on it, wondering what was going on, but their breaths were stolen when they saw the stunningly beautiful pair. The girl had bluish-silver hair and heterochromatic red and blue eyes, shining like she was the personification of the goddess of night. The youth following behind her had bright golden hair and wore a neutral smile. He also had rarely-seen handsome looks, and the female students squealed in joy as they witnessed his smile.

Escorted by that youth, the girl passed through the gate, and spoke with a lovely, fleeting, and perhaps even excessive, forced smile.

“How did it come to this…?”

Barely enduring to hold her head from the dull pain she was feeling, Nicole headed to the office where the principal waited.


Letina’s engagement. That itself was something to be blessed, but Duke Tubal Methuselah Lamech had quite dark rumors floating around him. Rumors that he was cultivating illegal drugs in his own domain and was selling it abroad.

The Methuselah domain had all kinds of plants growing luxuriantly and the various fruits they harvested were their main source of income. Among them were poisonous plants too, but since they could not kill only that part of the vegetation, they could only oversee the people charged with harvesting them.

The one who should be overseeing them was Duke Lamech, who ruled this Methuselah domain. The problem was that Duke Lamech had quite a greedy personality when it came to money.

He had no interest in royal authority, so he was quite faithful to the king among the dukes. For that reason, they closed their eyes to some corruption from his side, but it would be a different story if illegal drugs were concerned.

That said, when it came to a duke connected to the royal bloodline, they could not investigate him openly. Due to that, the public investigation organizations have decided to let the sleeping dogs lie and he was overlooked until now.

However, with the marriage talks held with Marquis Yowi, the situation changed a little. Dark rumors were not only about lord Tubal Methuselah Lamech, but even involved his own son, Cain Methuselah Lamech too.

Letina tried to investigate that, but not a single person had made back of the two Adventurer groups she sent there.

Sensing the danger with that, Letina appealed to her father, Marquis Yowi, but a lower-ranking Marquis could not put a wedding ceremony on hold when it came to a higher-ranking duke household.

Letina knew her father’s hardship too, so she could not force her way selfishly, but also could not just get wed obediently either, so unable to put up with it, she decided to resort to investigating it herself.

Naturally, Marquis Yowi could not just allow it, so he sent his servants after her and ordered to bring her back, which led to her encountering us.

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“Coincidences sure can be frightening.”

My mutter was natural. Letina ran around and even crossed the national border into the United Three Nations. But by sheer coincidence, we also happened to be there due to our commission.

This was such a coincidence you could call it the mischief of a god. I mean, the commission was actually from a god.

We were having a discussion at the cafeteria of Gadius’ inn. But on top of the four of us, there was also Letina, her three servants, and even Gadius, so we were split into two tables.

The servants, as well as Michelle and Cloud, who were not interested in joining this difficult conversation were having a meal at the other table. It was strangely pissing me off a bit how they were having a fun time with the servants.

“Still, I have to say, you sure have grown taller, Letina. You overtook me again.”
“It appears that I was the type that grows in one go sexually. Thanks to that, my body is in constant pain day after day.”
“Those are some first-world problems.”

I grew slowly and it stopped right around Cortina’s height.

Incidentally, Cortina was a petite feline. Being the same height as her, you could imagine how sad I felt.

I wanted at least ten more centimeters.

“But it looks like I have you totally beat in terms of the chest, so I guess it’s fine.”
“Khh, I cannot help it, it is the elven nature!”
“Your pecs feel harder than Finia’s.”
“Don’t call them pecs!”

She dropped the lady act and objected while throwing her hands up. Yeah, this is more like her. Remembering the academy days, I was momentarily moved.

“Anyway, how did you plan to investigate anyway?”
“I was thinking of getting into the Lamech domain’s magic academy that Cain attends.”
“What a muscle-brain approach! Not even Lyell would do that! Or maybe he would?”
“Being compared to Lord Lyell only makes me happy.”
“You’re happy about that?”

So her Six Hero fanaticism has peaked, huh.

Gadius then interjected, being at wits’ end.

“Frankly, I am bad at this type of thing, so I am not sure how to respond to this request…”
“Yeah, trickery isn’t your type of thing.”
“Cortina and Maxwell are best at that. I am not sure how to act even if you come to me. Why did you not just consult them in Raum?”
“I did not want to involve others in my family troubles…”
“And that leads to the opposite. Well, I will relay it to Maxwell since it involves nobles. Do not expect much from me, okay?”
“I am indebted.”

Letina meekly bowed her head.

But from what we heard, there didn’t seem to be much time left. We were dealing with the senior academy. It would be hard even for Maxwell to start sneakily investigating him there.

“Which means, someone has to infiltrate, huh…”

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Age-wise, we should be the most inconspicuous ones, but… I looked towards Michelle and Cloud who were enjoying their food on the other table and felt a headache coming.


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