Chapter 476 – Fire Phosphorite Client

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1214 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We took Letina with us and headed back to Stollar.

Of course, her pursuers would just keep following us like that, so I decided to explain the situation to them too. They were working with the Yowi family for many years, so they apparently knew my face already.

In other words, those whose legs Michelle injured with arrows were pointlessly injured. The battle could’ve been avoided if I had just shown my face.

“So with that, we’ll try to contact Gadius or Maxwell and see if we can find a point of compromise. Until then, can you leave Letina with us?”
“Well… If Lord Maxwell will make a move, we have no objection either. However, I believe you understand that it is our master who can make that decision…”
“Yeah. So we’ll just keep her at Gadius’ inn for now. Until we have that permission, he will guarantee her safety in the name of Six Heroes, probably. So be at ease and return to Raum.”
“Understood. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, Lady Nicole. We shall relay this to our master.”

It appeared that they weren’t very enthusiastic about this situation either, so with a somewhat strong persuasion from me, they agreed without raising any objections.

With this, Letina’s safety was guaranteed for the time being.

Afterward, I healed their injuries. Finia was better at healing magic, but she was busy now.

“Sorry, I’m not great at healing magic. Finia is specialized in it more, but she has her hands full now.”
“It’s okay, we are aware of the situation. You could have just left us be but you are healing us instead. Thank you.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“Ah, being healed by Lady Nicole would allow us to brag to the other servants!”
“Come again?”

Feeling better, the servants started spilling out the current situation at the mansion.

It appeared that Letina, Michelle and I were like idols among them when we attended the academy. Seeing how we kept growing beautiful before their eyes, it was natural that it spurred on the popularity.

So being healed personally by me would make them a target of envy to the rest of the servants, it seems.

“W-Well, leaving that aside, I hope you can leave Letina be for some time longer.”

With that, I grabbed the servant’s hand and looked at him with an upturned look. It managed to make Elliot fall with one shot, so it would definitely be effective. Incidentally, with Lyell, just this upturned look was more than enough.

“Understood! I will try to convince our master even if I have to sacrifice my body!”
“Wait, you don’t have to stake your life on it.”

Like this, we managed to return to Stollar on good terms.

Letina had the Adventurer’s Guild registration card, while the men also held the Yowi family’s IDs, so they managed to enter the city without problems.

Not just that, the carriage that Michelle was supposed to drive was instead handled by them as they alternated between them, so being able to return back with quite a forced march was quite beneficial for us.

Normally it should have taken three days to return, but they managed to do it in a day and a half, so I was actually thankful.

“Wow, never thought we’d return in under two days.”
“As expected, human-wave tactics are powerful.”
“Nicole, are you still unable to drive a carriage?”
“I had many other things to learn so…”

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We had such idle talk as we passed through the Stollar’s gate. But we had to switch back to work mode from now on.

“Okay, we’ll go deliver the commission goods, so you head for Gadius’ inn, Letina. The location is what I told you before.”
“All right.”
“As for your servants, I’ll send you off to Raum later, so make sure to protect Letina until then, okay?”
“Leave it to us.”

After surviving the Berith incident, my magic power seemed to have grown even further, so I could teleport two other people aside from me now. In other words, I could teleport three people if I excluded myself.

The Teleport spell did not necessarily need the user to be the target, so it was just barely possible to send all three of them to Raum. They would return far faster that way instead of walking, so they should have nothing to complain about.

After that, we traveled through the city to deliver the Fire Phosphorite, arriving near the southern gate. That was where our client should have been, but…

“It was you?”
“That’s so cold of you. Didn’t I help you in Berith?”
“I mean, I am wholeheartedly thankful for that. Rather, I don’t even know how to thank you at this point.”

The one who showed up there was a white-haired girl. God of Destruction Yuuri.

“You should’ve easily mined it yourself, so why did you commission it to us?”
“No, please think about it chronologically. I gave out that commission before you people returned here, you know?”
“So you’re saying it was a coincidence?”
“Yes. I had some business to take care of in the south at that time.”

Now that I think about it, she and her husband were on a trip to the south while I recovered.

“So, what do you need Fire Phosphorite for anyway?”
“Naturally, for various things? The details are a secret but things like guns or internal combustion engines?”

I heard some difficult terms, but didn’t understand them.

Well, she was the God of Destruction who had left many spells and magic items in the world. It was natural that I could not understand the vocabulary of a specialist.

The point was, it was fine as long as they weren’t used in criminal activities, but this god should be aware of that so I could trust her.

“Well then, let’s talk about your remuneration…”
“About that, just make it three people’s share. I’ve been indebted to you before.”
“It’s fine. This small change will not cover it anyway.”
“Ugh, you have a point, but it affects my conscience…”
“If you fall into a poor life because of that, your parents will hate me. Sir Lyell aside, I don’t want to be hated by Miss Maria. She’s honestly scary.”
“I get you.”

I reflexively agreed.

But well, we were talking about our remuneration now. As she said, what she has done for me could not be repaid by mere money. I had to prepare something else instead.

“I see. Then I’ll obediently accept it this time. I will pay you back when another chance arises.”
“Hehe, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

She waved her hand with those words, and the Fire Phosphorite disappeared in a flash. It could have been teleportation magic, or perhaps dimensional storage. Either way, I couldn’t understand what she did.

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“Well then, before long.”
“Yeah, later.”

Then, she turned her back on us and disappeared into the crowd of hustling people.

Given how she appeared completely randomly, I’m sure she would show up again as she said.

With that in mind, this parting only felt half as sad as it should have been. The way she spoiled things like that was really like her.


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