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Chapter 370 – 16 Year Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (22)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3186 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1334 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

As a representative of the Highland, Special Envoy Theodore had acted audaciously in favor of the Midland side. It was perhaps only feasible because of his substantial influence and support within the Highland domains.

Being the offspring of one of the three mainstays of the Three Archduke Party, Theodore was akin to royalty in the context of Midland. His position was comparable to that of a prince, much like Prince Wayne.

Abel had once described special envoys as mere lackeys, the lowest echelon of their order, yet someone of Theodore’s high rank filled such a seemingly undignified role.

Given her relation to Theodore as his sister, Cyrene was likely of high rank too, yet she had chosen the position of a consul in the city of Nova. It seemed to be a family trait. However, if Cyrene were indeed such an influential figure, wouldn’t her assassination cause a major crisis?

“Lord Jill…! When Lord Theodore’s younger sister, Lady Cyrene, became a consul and faced misfortune, wouldn’t that have been a grave issue for the Highland side?”
“Aah, that incident. It was a tremendous problem. The Art Duke went berserk over it. After all, her descent was not orchestrated by our people, but by the church. Your former special envoy, that Myynti fellow, was one of us. He tried to prevent it, but it was beyond his control. What followed is history. The Art Duke was furious at losing his daughter.”
“…and that incident fueled the growing friction between the two factions…?”
“Not that specifically. The girl’s situation was more of a secondary concern, though I’m certain it’s a personal matter for the Art Duke.”
“…I see.”

For Inglis, who was oblivious to the political dynamics within Highland, this information was quite enlightening.

“Ho ho ho. Young master, don’t be surprised if the Duke of Art and the Duke of Law reprimand you for speaking so freely.”
“Ha ha ha. You’re right, gramps. I did become a bit loquacious. But I’m speaking with my future wife; what have I to lose?”
“Ho ho ho! I see, I see. Perhaps this visit will indeed prove fruitful.”
““W-, WIFE…?!””
“You are accepting challenges as part of your matchmaking efforts, correct?”
“Y-, yes…”

“I believe it’s too soon for you to wed at your apparent age, but now I’m considering pursuing this proposal seriously.”
“W-, well… My current appearance’s age is deceiving.”
“I’ve taken a liking to you, Inglis! Both your strength and your courage…! Had you been male, I would have recruited you as a confidant, but since you’re female, I’ll take you as my wife!”

With a self-assured smile, Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War, declared.

“H-, however, Lord Jill, I…”

Inglis Eux never had any intention of marrying in the first place. That was her primary concern.

“Two peas in a pod, indeed…”

These words slipped from the half-dazed Eris’ lips.

“Yes, precisely that. Well said, Hyrule Menace girl!” Jeldegrīva declared, nodding with satisfaction.

“Inglis… have you ever felt a longing for a truly formidable opponent to face? A desire for someone truly powerful to challenge?” he asked, eyes burning with intensity.
“Yes… It’s a thought that often occupies my mind,” she admitted.
“If you marry me, you’ll have a strong adversary right beside you at all times! A never-ending battleground, just for you!”

“Just imagine having a child between us, a child who would inherit both our talents! They might even surpass us… Creating the ultimate fighting rival, doesn’t that appeal to you?”
“Hngh…! It does sound… appealing…”
“Inglis, the idea struck me the moment I saw you! Why seek strong opponents when we can create them? It’s possible, between the two of us, don’t you think?”
“Th-, that’s not…!”

That’s not necessarily wrong, a realization that left Inglis at a loss for words. The suggestion was strangely compelling. The concept of giving birth to a child, whom she would personally train, had never crossed her mind before. Presented in such a manner, Inglis started to see that the idea might not be as outlandish as it first seemed.

Yet, the very act of creating a child presented a conundrum for her. The essential part of two people bringing a new life into the world was something Inglis couldn’t fathom1 . Unless there was some divine way for a child to be born without the conventional process.

Could High Ether make it possible? Even if so, her current mastery of it seemed insufficient.

“BUT! Before all that, there’s something I must do…!” Jeldegrīva asserted.
“I must defeat you…! Winning your hand in marriage means defeating you first, right? Today was a draw, but I’ll train harder. When you’re old enough to bear children, I’ll be strong enough to beat you. Watch out!”

He voiced this threat with an honest and uplifting smile.

“Fufu… That’s not the typical way to woo a woman.”

Despite his words, she found herself intrigued.

“You think? It suits you quite well, though.”
“That it does. Fufufu… I shall wait, then. I won’t lose either.”

A battle against a mighty opponent, with her hand in marriage at stake—surprisingly, the idea was not unappealing. All she needed to do was win, and she never entered a fight with losing in mind.

“Okay, time to head back, Gramps!”
“Let us return to the castle, Miss Eris. You need rest.”

Both Inglis and Jeldegrīva sprung from the crater they had made, fixing their gaze on the town they had left behind. Before them lay the open vista of Ymir’s townscape.


Something was amiss. They were surveying the town of Ymir, but they were standing outside its walls. This peculiarity struck them both. Ymir, after all, was a fortified town, shielded by impenetrable walls on all four sides.

To have such a clear view of the town meant that one of the walls had been obliterated. Indeed, they could see the other walls still intact.

If Inglis were to hazard a guess, it was likely due to the forceful impact of Jeldegrīva’s colossal sword, which she had skillfully evaded using Divine Feat. Even the shockwave alone had traveled far enough to reduce the town’s wall to rubble. In fact, Inglis could trace the path of destruction from their crater right up to the demolished walls.

“W-, well…”

Repairing the damage would undoubtedly require significant manpower and resources. However, what truly alarmed Inglis was—


An infuriated Rafinha, arms folded, awaited Inglis.

“Ah, Rani… I’m glad you’re fine…”

She tugged at Inglis’ ear forcefully.

“What are you going to do about this?! The wall is gone!! I told you not to destroy the town, right?! Right!? You heard me, didn’t you?!”
“No, you’ve misunderstood…the town isn’t destroyed, right? It’s just the wall, so the wall did its job protecting the town. Thank you, Mr. Wall, for your service…you can rest now…”
“HAAH?! How does that fix anything?! I asked you what you’re going to do about this!”
“But that’s not me…! That’s Lord Jill…!”

Rafinha’s fierce glare shifted to Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War.

“Really? Are you the one who destroyed that…?!”
“Y-, yeah…! My apologies; I used too much strength. I’ll supply some materials from Highland, so please forgive me. They’ll be much sturdier than the pebbles you were using before.”
“…well, I can forgive that, then. Glis, you will rebuild the walls, though. Okay? We’ll help you out, too.”
“Y-, yeah…okay.”

At that moment, a group of flygears approached. They were the ones commanded by Caraldo when he came to the outskirts.

“Well, we’ll get the materials down right away! Let’s go, gramps! See you later, Inglis! Keep training, and let’s have another good fight!”
“Yes, Lord Jill. However, it won’t be another draw. I’ll seize victory next time.”
“Hah, you wish…! I’m looking forward to it!”
“Ho ho ho. Best of regards.”

With a warm but invigorating smile and a friendly grandfatherly grin, the two slowly made their way back to the Highland above, each wearing their respective smiles.



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