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Chapter 369 – 16 Year Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (21)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2135 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 900 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Deprived of its target, the enormous blade slammed into the ground, its massive force rippling outwards and dispersing from the depths of the crater.


Inglis had been forced to use the divine technique she had sealed within herself, but it was for Eris’ sake. The instant she materialized behind the Duke of War, she swung her right blade, intending to halt it just before it reached the nape of his neck, signaling victory. That was her plan, but the Duke of War’s reaction speed exceeded her wildest expectations.


Jeldegrīva seemed taken aback. His wings snapped into motion, attempting to halt Inglis’ sword before it could reach his neck.

“…! Too fast…!”

Though she had meant to stop her blade just shy of his nape, the interference of the wings caused her sword to slice through with surprising ease.

The left wing of Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War, fell to the ground, severed. While Inglis, thwarted by his wings, never reached Jeldegrīva’s neck.

“Ah…! F-, forgive me, Lord Jill! I didn’t mean to cut you…!”
“Ooh, that hurts…! No, don’t mind it…! A good meal and a good sleep and I’ll be all fixed.”

As ever, the Duke of War remained unflinchingly courageous. Inglis found this aspect of his personality rather charming.

“This much is to be expected from a serious match, huh? If anything, I’m fortunate that I only lost a wing after having my back taken. To think it could cut my body, though, now that’s one hell of a cut…! That’s a Hyrule Menace for you…!”
“You’re right, but…”

His weapon had damaged Eris’ twin swords with just one blow. It was terrifying. Had Inglis continued the duel of strength, Eris would have surely shattered.

“Are you okay, Miss Eris…?!”
“I-, I’m sorry…! I can’t…!”

Her voice resounded in Inglis’ mind, and shortly afterward, Eris reverted from her twin sword form to her human shape. She lost her balance, however, and tumbled to the ground.

“Miss Eris…!”
“U, ugh…”

Her limbs were marred with injuries.

“Forgive me, I pushed you too hard…!”
“N-, no, it’s fine. I also consented to…kgh…?!”

Inglis attempted to help her stand, but Eris’ face twisted in agony as she did so. She must have touched a wound. The bones in her limbs appeared to be bruised or even broken.

This meant that the damage sustained by the Hyrule Menace in their weapon form translated directly to their female form. Inglis now understood that, forcing herself to grasp the implications.

“Right when there’s someone who can finally wield me, it turns out I’m the one who’s holding you back… how shameful.”
“That’s not true. We merely had a slightly unfavorable matchup. Besides, I shouldn’t have fought in the manner I did.”

Inglis had instinctively engaged Jeldegrīva head-on, eager to test the might of his colossal sword, but that was never the intended purpose of her twin weapons. These swords were designed to capitalize on speed and agility to conquer an adversary. Had she wanted to face off directly, she should have opted for a larger, more robust weapon or shield-like armor.

“Let’s call it a day. Continuing would be dangerous for both of us.”
“You’re right, let’s.”

Inglis agreed, and they declared the day’s match a draw due to their injuries.

“Ho ho ho. I must tend to the young master’s wounds as well.”

The elder gentleman Caraldo, who had already reverted to his human form unbeknownst to Inglis, chuckled in a grandfatherly manner.

“I’m fine, gramps. I’m not so easily broken.”

Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War, gradually resumed his original youthful appearance, a cut visible down his back, likely a residual effect of having his wing severed.

“Are you alright, though? I’m sorry, I got too carried away.”

The Duke of War then displayed genuine concern for Eris.

“Y-, yes… I am fine.”
“Let us go back and rest, Miss Eris.”

Inglis gently lifted Eris into her arms.

“Say, Gramps? Do you think she’ll heal overnight? I’m pretty sure I saw some cracks in her blades…”
“Hoho. I can’t say for certain. She may heal to some extent on her own, but if her weapon form requires serious repair, even we at Rüstung may struggle. We would need to send her to the Duke of Art. Hyrule Menaces are under the Duke of Art’s jurisdiction, after all.”
“Hm… Hoy, Inglis.”
“Yes, Lord Jill?”
“I’ll go speak with the Duke of Art, so have him examine her if something goes awry. I’ll instruct him to coordinate with your special envoy.”
“Thank you very much, Lord Jill…!”

“Well, even without my intervention, you should be able to reach him through him.”
“What do you mean?”
“Hm? You don’t know? Your country’s special envoy… Charalia, is it? Yeah, that Theodore fellow, he’s the Art Duke’s son. Contacting the Duke through him should be feasible.”
“Eeh…?! Is that true…?!”
“I-, I wasn’t aware…”

Given that even Eris was unaware of this, the truth must have been confined to a very select few. People like Prince Wayne, Principal Miliera, or King Charleas, who were personally close to him, might know of his lineage.

Indeed, if his status as a high-ranking Highlander became public knowledge, it would attract unwanted attention and problems. The Ironblood Chain Brigade might even target him. Therefore, it was hardly surprising that Special Envoy Theodore would choose to keep this a secret.


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