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Chapter 359 – 16 Year Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (11)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2018 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 693 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

“No, it isn’t me… this is Inglis.”

Eris indicated Inglis.

“What do you want with me?”
“Hmm? Such a young one…”

The elderly Highlander gentleman, Caraldo, briefly expressed surprise before swiftly regaining his pleasant demeanor.

“My name is Caraldo. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”
“I’m Inglis Eux. Thank you for your politeness. Now, how may I assist you?”

Inglis responded with a respectful bow and queried.

“Please observe.”

Caraldo, the elder gentleman, gestured towards the Highland in the sky.

“That’s Rüstung, the headquarters island of the Duke of War.”
“The Duke of War?! One of the three Archdukes is acting independently?!”

Eris’ face grew tense.

“Are you familiar with this, Eris?”
“…Are you aware of the two main Highland factions, the Three Archdukes’ Party and the Church Founder’s Union?”
“Yes. Special Envoy Theodore is a member of the Three Archdukes’ Party, as was his predecessor, Special Envoy Myynti.”

During Special Envoy Myynti’s tenure, flygears and Flygear Carriers were initially bestowed upon the Midland. His successor, Special Envoy Theodore, a close ally of Prince Wayne, sought to further solidify this trend.

“Yes, they are. The Three Archdukes are Highlanders who bear the titles of the Duke of Art, the Duke of Law, and the Duke of War. In other words, one of the top three Highlanders is here…!”
“Eh…?! So, you’re saying they’re even more significant than Special Envoy Theodore…? Why are they here?!”

Inglis looked eager, while Rafinha appeared fearful. Upon seeing their reactions, Caraldo offered a comforting smile.

“That’s a sufficient amount of baseline knowledge.”

He nodded approvingly before looking back up at the massive piece of floating land.

“Ladies, I suggest preparing yourselves.”

As Caraldo issued his warning, a bulkhead on the underside of the Highland opened, and something was ejected.

“…a person?!”

Not a flygear nor a Flygear Carrier, but a bare human was hurtling through the sky. They plummeted at high speed, the wind roaring as their body cut through it. The person grew larger as they neared the training ground, arms still crossed, making no attempt to soften their landing.


The man’s voice boomed and his landing was deafening. Just as Caraldo had forewarned, the ground beneath Inglis trembled at his arrival.

The impact from such a great height caused the stone floor of the training ground to crumple under his weight. Any ordinary person would have perished instantly, but this man seemed unscathed.

The man who landed with crossed arms was a muscular figure with long, fiery red hair. He seemed to be in his mid-20s, with a ruggedly handsome face. Despite his rough exterior, his physique was impressive and clearly the result of extensive training.

“He is Lord Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War.”

The elderly gentleman, Caraldo, bowed respectfully.

“This is Lady Inglis.”
“Hoh…? Appearance doesn’t matter, strength does! I’ve heard about the mighty warrior who wields Hyrule Menaces and has defeated the Prisma! You wouldn’t refuse a Highlander as a suitor, would you?!”

Despite his high rank, the Duke of War, Jeldegrīva, spoke in an informal manner. His face bore a bright smile that was both refreshing and fervent.


Rafinha and Eris wore uncomfortable expressions. They certainly hadn’t anticipated someone like this.

“I-, I can’t—!”
“Hm…? You can’t…? I’ll try another approach then—”
“I can’t thank you enough! Thank you for coming! Now, let’s get started!”

Inglis’ eyes sparkled brighter than ever before, and she quickly assumed a battle stance. A challenge from a high-ranking Highlander was more than she could ever hope for. She intended to make up for the absence of her other suitors by enjoying this battle.

“Ah, I see you’re quick to understand! Give me your best shot, little girl!”

Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War, also prepared himself, delight clearly visible on his face.

“Yes! Here I come!”

Jeldegrīva’s stance showed no obvious weaknesses and was impressive at first glance. Facing such an adversary, Inglis wouldn’t wait for an opportunity.

—She charged headlong!

Inglis lunged directly at Jeldegriva. She swung her small, five-year-old fist with all her might.

In response, Jeldegrīva also swung his fist—


A booming sound echoed as their fists collided.


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