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Chapter 358 – 16 Year Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 765 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

The gigantic island, known as Highland, had manifested above Ymir. Its sheer magnitude and oppressive presence was awe-inspiring.

“Hahaha… Glis, that’s not quite a Magic Stone Beast, is it?” Rafinha’s voice rang out.
“I’m sure they’re here for my matchmaking!” Inglis responded.
“No, that’s highly unlikely…! But, the question remains…why are they here?!” Eris, too, displayed signs of tension on her face.

Ada, Selena, and Irina soon joined the group, each expressing their surprise.

“Wha-… Highland…?!” Selena stuttered.
“Why has the Highland appeared here?!” Irina questioned.
“Regardless, we must prepare for battle! I’ll direct the defensive formation—!”

Ada’s voice was cut short by Eris who urged caution.

“No, hold on! We cannot defend against a Highland assault! Instead, focus on evacuating the townsfolk! We’ll protect the town for as long as possible. You should evacuate and get as far away as possible!” Eris instructed.

“Uh, understood…! Lady Irina, Lady Selena! What are your thoughts?!”
“Yes, let’s trust in Lady Eris’ decision,” Selena agreed,
“Do as she says!” Irina added.

“Understood! Flygear corps, move into the town and evacuate the citizens! Get out and get as far away as possible!” Ada instructed.
“ROGER!!” The Knights responded energetically and immediately sprung into action.

“Now, Lady Irina, Lady Selena! You need to evacuate Ymir with the flygears!” Ada added.
“No!” The sisters declared, shaking their heads.

“I will stay! As the wife, it’s my duty to protect our home in my husband’s absence!”
“I stand by my sister!”
“Lady Irina, Lady Selena…!” Ada lamented.
“But at the very least, seek shelter in the castle! Leave this to us!” Eris interjected.

“Lady Irina, Lady Selena, listen to Lady Eris, let’s seek refuge inside!” Ada echoed.
“Ada, promise to look after my mother and aunt!” Rafinha pleaded.
“I entrust them to you, Miss Ada!” Inglis echoed.
“Yes… Let’s move—!”

As Ada led the two away, Eris spotted something in the sky.

“Look! Something’s approaching!”

Eris pointed upwards.

“Are those Flying Battleships?!”
“S-, so many…How many are there? One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…”

And more were emerging from the floating Highland, filling the sky and forming an impressive formation. Their alignment suggested not just practicality, but an air of ceremony as well.

“Wow… The Highland sure knows how to make an entrance with so many Flying Battleships! Now this is a challenge worth taking on… This matchmaking event is getting exciting!” Inglis, in a five-year-old form, watched the sky with wide, gleaming eyes, akin to a child witnessing a fireworks display.

The power of Charalia, a significant force in the Midland, paled in comparison. They owned only two Flying Battleships, one gifted by Special Envoy Theodore and the other captured from the Venefian army.

But in Ymir’s sky, there were dozens, the disparity in military strength unmistakably evident. Their fleet alone could devastate countless countries. And this was just one Highland territory.

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“Aah, Glis! Regardless of the scale or whether it’s Prisma or Highland, you’re always up for the challenge, aren’t you?!” Rafinha sighed, holding her head.

“Making excuses based on my circumstances or the opponent’s power is not becoming… If it’s a challenge, I accept it, no matter who it is!” Glis retorted.
“Keep in mind, only accept challenges, okay?! Never instigate first! If you do, we risk war with the Highland, spelling disaster for our country!”
“Yes, I know— But if they aim to ruin Ymir and harm my family, I won’t stand idly by. And I don’t want you to stop me either.”
“… Yeah! I’m with Glis on this!”
“—I’ll just pray it doesn’t come to that…”

Just then, flygears and a Flygear Carrier descended from one of the Flying Battleships, seemingly headed for the castle.

“Flygears and a Flygear Carrier?!”

There were many, specifically, one Flygear Carrier and several flygears. They were slightly different in size and appearance from the ones the Midland had seen, noticeably larger.

This small squadron landed in the courtyard’s training area, where Inglis, Rafinha, and Eris stood, showing no signs of hostility. Following their arrival, soldiers in full-face armor disembarked, accompanied by a white-haired man in a butler’s uniform. His forehead bore the Highland stigma, a sign of his status. His gentle demeanor was a stark contrast to the stern soldiers behind him.

This elderly Highlander approached Inglis and her group, bowing courteously.

“Excuse me. Might I inquire if Lady Inglis Eux is present?” He asked Eris.

Word of Inglis, described as a young woman, must have reached him. Given that Inglis and Rafinha currently appeared as children, Eris was the only one who matched the description.


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