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Chapter 66 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (16)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3,656
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,637 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

Inglis, Leone, and Liselotte went further up.
With the power of her Artifact, Liselotte flew while carrying the other two.
And, as they reached the top-most layer, a glimmer of white light appeared beyond the pierced ceiling.

The moment the three of them touched it——

The next second, they were all back to the stone ring in the Academy’s courtyard.

「Hm? Seems like we’re out.」
「Ah……Y-, you’re right.」
「It appears to be so.」

They could see behind them a door that looked like the one they walked into.

「Welcome back! But, eeehh?? You all walked out from a different door than when you entered? And three people from the same door……?」
「There wasn’t anything weird when we’re in there, if you wondered.」
「Really? Hmm, I guess it’s on me, then?」

Said Principal Miliera as she craned her neck.

「That’s a big fat lie—— Even though you forcefully created your own exit.」
「She’s right……You even saved me on the way.」
「It’s better if we all pass, you see. You don’t want to redo the test, right?」
「Indeed, I don’t. Let us get the stories straight.」
「Yeah, let’s. I’d hate to go through the same thing twice.」

The three of them held a little meeting in a hushed voice.

「Principal. Can we take this as we passed the test?」
「Hmm……You three came out from a door, so I have to lean to that. Well then, Miss Inglis, Miss Leone, and Miss Liselotte, you three have passed! You did great.」

Right after the Principal announced so, Liselotte’s twin attendants came rushing over.

「Milady! Well done!」
「As expected of you!」
「Well, it wasn’t anything hard.」
「However, are you alright getting out with that woman?」
「She may plan something against you, Milady.」

Out blurted those words as their eyes glanced at Leone.
They seemed to be wary of her for being Leon’s little sister.

「Stop it, you two. It’s fine that you’re concerned about my safety, but there is no point to harp on her.」
「Huh…… Got it.」
「If that’s what you wished, Milady.」

The two seemed shocked by Liselotte’s change of heart, but they nodded anyway.

「Now, shall we take a rest? I’m quite worn out. We shall spectate for the rest of the day.」

Said Liselotte as she went down from the stone ring.

「I will prepare something to sit on in a minute!」
「Let me get you a drink.」

The two attendants gallantly took care of her needs.
With a plop, Inglis put her hand on Leone, who watched Liselotte’s group off.

「It must have been hard, but perhaps she finally understands you, Leone.」
「Yeah……. I hope so; I guess. Rather than that, thank you for saving me. You were so cool back then, Inglis. You made my heart throb. Isn’t it weird? Even though you’re a girl.」 
「Hahaha. Well, “cool” is a compliment.」

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At the end of the day, Inglis was a man inside, so that part of her leaked out.
She didn’t know for sure, but she didn’t feel bad about it.

「I wonder how Rani is doing——」

Inglis’ eyes darted around, looking for Rafinha.
But there was no sign of her.
Instead, Inglis found Lahti and Pullum outside of the ring.

「Did she pass?」
「Nah, she outright got disqualified. They drop you from a hole that tore the space if you failed.」
「Is that so?」
「Uuu……Even though I shouldn’t lose…..」

Said the dejected Pullum.

「You’re such a klutz, you know. Even if you have a High Grade Rune, you can’t fight by yourself, right? Well, that can’t be helped. Cheer up.」
「Call me I’m cute, then I’ll cheer up.」
「Haah!? You idiot, I can’t say something like that so wishy-washy……!」
「But you said that to Inglis!」
「……They’re still at it.」

Inglis thought ‌it would’ve been better if Lahti just said it and be done with it, but she got where he came from.
It was just how the heart of a boy worked. Boys couldn’t be honest with the girls they liked.
Lahti didn’t hold any of such feelings for Inglis, so it was ‌easy for him to compliment her.
Things like this could only be solved with time.

「At any rate, it seems like Rani isn’t done yet.」
「It seems so. Let’s wait for her.」

However, just waiting would be boring.
Free time like this was precisely there to be used for some kind of training——and that gave Inglis an idea.

「Principal, may I?」
「What’s the matter, Miss Inglis?」
「While I wait for Rani, I wish to train under the heavy gravity pull like the one back then. May I please?」
「Eh? That? Well, you can, but——now?」
「Yes! Please, and make it as heavy as possible!」
「Well, we ‌have a promise, so I’m fine with it. Alright, I will apply the gravity field on the other half of the ring. Anyone who doesn’t want to get hit please move away. For this time’s exercise, you may use Artifacts, so feel free to do so.」

Principal Miliera called out to the other students.

「I’m joining, okay? Trainings are important‌.」
「So am I. I won’t lose to the both of you.」
「Milady! Me too!」
「We shall accompany.」
「M-, me too!!」
「Stop it, Pullum…..! Aah, sheesh, I’m going too then——」

Leone and the others seemed to be willing to join in.

「Here we go, then——the current maximum power output!」


The load on her body far surpassed Inglis’ imagination.

「Ghh……!?!? T-, this is incredible……!」

In Inglis’ case, she already had her own gravity pull she put on her own.
The effect of the two pulls synchronizing with each other made the saying “heavy as a lead” obsolete, as the effect Inglis had felt far surpassed that.
If she didn’t handle herself well, her body might as well crush under its own weight.
Although, she stopped it by kneeling——

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That being said, the movement pattern of mana in this technique. Let’s make sure to remember how to increase the pull. If I could recreate it, I could train myself even better.

「GUEEEeeehhh……!? Can’t stand, can’t move, I’m dead……!!!!」

Lahti fell flat on the floor, the whites of his eyes showed up.

「Lahti! Ah……Kyan!?」

Pullum stumbled and fell on his backside.


That sounds like it hurts a lot——

「I-, I can’t move…….!」
「Are you alright, Milady……?」

Van and Ray were completely sinking into the floor.

「S-, somehow……. I suppose.」
「Uuuuh……What a heavy pull——」

While their knees were glued to the ground, Liselotte and Leone were trying to stand up.
However, not a single soul in the gravity field could move.

At any rate, Lahti is in danger, so I probably should get him outside.
Inglis cut off the load she put on herself.
Now that she was only loaded with the one applied by the Principal’s Artifact, it was easier for her to move.


To test the water, Inglis jumped. Her body properly leaped into the air.
With a somersault, Inglis landed with a heavy thud.


Leone and anyone else who saw her did so exclaimed in astonishment.
They experienced it firsthand that the weight on their body would never allow them to do so.

「Easy does it……! Are you holding fine?」

Inglis approached Lahti and picked him up, then carried him out of the high gravity field.

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「Hahaha…… I’m such a damn loser, getting princess-carried by the princess.」
「It’s fine. Just so you know, the ride from now on sports gender equality.」

She then carried Van, Ray, and then Pullum, who seemed to be unable to move out of the field as well.

「Phew. Doing such a menial task is quite the labor when it’s done in this gravity pull, isn’t it?」

Inglis wiped the few sweats she had on her forehead.
Leone and Liselotte were speechless when they watched her.

「I-, I can’t believe it……. moving around so lightly in such a high gravity pull……」
「Not to mention that she is just a Squire without a Rune…… it’s as if common sense doesn’t work on her.」

Principal Miliera was just as wide-eyed.

「You really are amazing……It’s the first time I see someone moving around under this weight.」
「Thank you very much. Should I bring you two outside too?」
「It’s okay. I’ll work my best……!」
「I hold no intention to lose——!」

The two gritted their teeth and began moving around.

「Hm, hm 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Receiving motivation from your friends and improving yourself! Oh, how exquisite! Do your very best 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Principal Miliera was delighted when she saw Leone and Liselotte’s willpower fired up.

And, at that moment, a door appeared right in the middle of them out of nowhere.
The one who walked out of that door was Rafinha.

「Eh? I’m out……uugyaaauuuh!? Wai……what’s happeningg!?!?!?!?」
「Ah, Rani. Welcome back. I’m glad that you look fine.」

You pass if you walked out from a door, so she must be qualified. 
Although, it was unfortunate that her exit was in the middle of a High Gravity Pull field.

「I’m not fine! It’s heavyyyyyyy!!!! Glis, save meeee!!!」
「Yes, yes. On my way.」
「You can’t, Rafinha! Stand up with your own strength!」
「You shouldn’t rely on others!」
「They’re right, Miss Rafinha. Fighto!」
「EeeeEEEh!? Even you too, Principal!? What IS happening…….!?!?!?」

Rafinha who just came out from the trial seemed very unhappy with how she was treated.

At any rate, Inglis and her group had passed the test and could take the request from the Lambert Firm.


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