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Chapter 74 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (24)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,112 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 970 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「What’s with you…… The subspace has no effect on you at all……!!」
「Oh, it does. However, you must know that mana isn’t everything. Power comes in many forms.」

Ether battle techniques were usable.
As Inglis had guessed, this space was incapable of disrupting Ether movement.

「Kgh…… that’s b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲, what else can——」
「Now, bring us back to our previous space. Otherwise, I’ll take you down. Both Rani and Leone are in trouble, you see.」

Rafinha and Leone were fighting teeth and nails to protect the Prime Minister from the preying Magic Stone Beasts. They were struggling hard as their Artifacts had lost the most essential function.
If this state continued on, the two of them wouldn’t last. Inglis needed to break the tie, and she needed it quickly.

That was when it happened——A segment of the Magic Stone Swarm was suddenly blown to the air.
From underneath, something crawled up.

「Wh-, what——!?」
「Another surprise? Give me a break!」

Rafinha and Leone raised their protest.

「Hohyo! Hohyohyohyohyo!!」

It was a humanoid Magic Stone Beast with runes all over its bloated body.
It was short and stout, but the gems embedded on its hardened skin was the distinctive feature of a Magic Stone Beast.
The newly emerged Magic Stone Beast had the body of the Rune Eater, but even more so, its head was that of Special Envoy Myynti, complete with the stigma on its forehead.
That head raised an eruptive laugh.

「Magic Stone Beast——! In such a shape……!」

The Rune Eater had eaten Myynti. However, the absorbed Myynti then mutated into a Magic Stone Beast and adapted such a form. Is that how it went?
And that’s not all——


Along with a chuckle he raised, Myynti produced ice swords for each of his giant fingers.

「It’s using mana……!」

This subspace didn’t affect Highlanders. This was possible, probably because Myynti had a stigma.
He then swung both of his hands, darting the ice swords at the spider Magic Stone Beasts, skewering a dozen of them. After which, just like when the Rune Eater ate Myynti, the beasts turned charcoal black and were absorbed into him.
Not only had he turned into a Magic Stone Beast, it appeared ‌he could absorb other Magic Stone Beasts‌.

「…… Cannibalism!?」
「He’s doing it so fast……!!」

In the blink of an eye, Myynti had absorbed a sizable amount of spider Magic Stone Beast, and his body mutated further.
Perhaps because of the large amount of the beast it had eaten, there were spider legs sprouting out of Myynti’s lower body.

When that change happened, the other spider Magic Stone Beasts gathered under him.
Myynti had absorbed a huge amount of those beasts and gained control over them like a queen bee or queen ant.

「They’re merging——」

Not long after, Myynti’s lower half had become that of a complete spider.1 

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The body of the Rune Eater with his Runes.
The face of Myynti and his Stigma.
The lower half of the body that had become a spider Magic Stone Beast——

This monster was no longer just the Rune Eater, a Magic Stone Beast, or a Highlander. It was a Chimera that mixed all of those into one chaotic blend of a beast.

One thing Inglis could say of it——It looks strong.

「That is one amazing Chimera——I expected no less of you to hide something of this caliber. I see you in a new light now.」

Since the enemies were now unified, Inglis could take on it by herself now.
To be perfectly fair, Inglis felt ‌being stuck in this subspace alone was a bit too lackluster for a challenge.

「T-, that’s not me——All I did was gathering Magic Stone Beasts……!」

However, Faris denied Inglis’ words.

「? Then, how did…… I see, it truly must be Prism Powder this time……」

The Ironblood Chain Brigade must have used a different route than the Prime Minister and Inglis to reach Myynti.
Otherwise, there would be no explanation for Leon’s appearance in the Royal Capital.2 
The effect of the Prism Powder that was given to Myynti finally kicked in here and now. It must be.

「So, you’re saying that it’s all just a coincidence? Fufufu. This must be because of my good karma.」
「GEEZ, Glis! Don’t be so happy about it!!」
「She’s right, that thing is just so creepy and gross——!」

Commented Rafinha and Leone who had been guarding the Prime Minister as they drew closer to Inglis.

「T-…… this must be because of MY good karma——! 」

Faris’ body, which had been dangling off Inglis’ hand, distorted as his figure disappeared, along with his weight.

「Though it’s a shame that I can’t see you die in my front-row seat……! You’re all going to die here! No worries, I’ll pick up your corpse after that, if that monster hasn’t eaten you yet that is!」

Only his voice left, echoing in the empty space.
It seemed like Faris had left Inglis and the other three to escape the subspace all by himself.

「AH……! He’s gone!?」
「He just left us here and fled!?」
「Perhaps he wants to avoid the case of him dying and the subspace collapsed into itself.」
「N-, no way——Can we even go out!?」
「How is it, Inglis? Can you do it like before?」
「If I break the space, maybe we’ll be okay. But before that——」

I still need to enjoy every ‌bit of fight against that Chimera first.


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Myynti’s head slurped and licked his lips, saliva flying everywhere.
Inglis wondered why he didn’t look so different, despite the fact that he had become a Magic Stone Beast.


  1. Mab: so… an arachne…. a balding crazed fat cannibal one at that.
  2. Mab: Uh, I think I have another idea as to why Leon was in the capital that night, not to mention that he was so suspiciously close to Lambert Firm’s manor…

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