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Chapter 297 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (7)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2477 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1085 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「You seem awfully comfortable!」

Aiming at Inglis’ chest, two additional shots were launched.

With her posture compromised, intercepting the homing attacks would be much harder. Although, even with a good posture, taking on even a single one with her sword made her lose her balance.

This means she needs a different approach…


Using the momentum of a backward flip, Inglis kicked the incoming rays of light.

The projectiles changed trajectory at her kick, and the lights shot up and disappeared into the sky.

「WHAT?!! Her kicks are harder than her sword?!」

It wasn’t that difficult, actually. It just happens that the first attack reached Inglis right when she undid the hypergravity sorcery she consistently applied to herself. That was why the pressure on the sword was greater than she expected, thus she activated Ether Armor before she kicked the following attacks.

If she could have it, she’d rather try to prolong the fight without having to resort to Ether Armor that much, but… it was evident that each attack was strong enough to collapse entire castle walls, so if she stalled too long, there might not be much of the castle left. Rafinha might even fall to collateral damage, so Inglis had to give up on that idea.

With that being said, Inglis could feel her leg getting a bit numb because she missed kicking the sweet spot by just the slightest bit. There was still more to enjoy, it seemed…

「I’ll take it with my sword next!! Again, please!」

Inglis once again held up her dragonscale sword. Despite it taking on the ray of light upfront, there wasn’t the slightest tear in the blade itself. Not to mention, the light wasn’t merely condensed mana, but a power much closer to Ether, a Quasi-Ether.

It was much similar to Inglis’s own Ether Pierce or Ether Strike. And yet, the blade suffered no durability loss whatsoever. Which means there was a possibility that it could withstand the full force of Ether Armor!

「Then eat up as much as you want! It’s on the house! No need to thank me!!」

Rochefort’s shield was studded with six gems. All six of them shone brightly and they all produced the same rays of light as before. If a single gem was as strong as a cannon, then firing all of them was practically the same as firing a volley.

The six rays of light came in at a high speed, subtly changing angles to aim at Inglis’ head, chest, right shoulder, left shoulder, right leg, and left leg.

「No, please let me say it! Thank you very much!!」

An attack with enough firepower to collapse a building, and there are six of them!! Receiving such an attack had proved to be a challenge on its own. Evading them would be a waste. Inglis would have all the joy of taking them all head-on!

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Inglis stepped into the oncoming six rays of light, her sword positioned diagonally to her right hand.

The shots aimed at her right leg, chest, and left shoulder were all parried and shot back into the sky. But, the other three were already right in front of Inglis. Even in her Ether Armor, swinging the extra long dragonscale sword to parry all three was virtually impossible.

「Useless, eh?!」

Rochefort smirked, and that very instant…

「That’s not……!」

Inglis used the momentum of her raising her sword to backflip. The speed and distance of her leap opened up a bit of a gap between her and the rays. And that slightest bit of window was enough to unleash her slashes again!


Next, diagonally from the left side, she raised her sword and parried off the rays that aimed at her left leg and right shoulder. At the same time, Inglis once again used her sword momentum to backflip.1 

The very moment her feet touched the ground, she struck a headlong thrust into the last ray of light that aimed at her head.


The last one made the loudest clang as it flew past Rochefort.

「HOoooOO— YOU’RE FABULOUS!! You move as if you dance with a sword in hand. What a dainty—」

A huge explosion roared from behind Rochefort.

「WHA—?! What was that noise?!」

Turning around, Rochefort witnessed his mothership, the Venefique Battleship, was on fire with its engine combusting.

The ray of light that Inglis returned hit the engine of the flying battleship. The giant vessel, losing all control, was crash-landing towards a large channel drawn from Vault lake.

From the looks of it, it probably wouldn’t explode and scatter in the air… hopefully.

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「OOOOOOHHHH?!! Y-, you aimed there?!」
「A-, amazing! This girl really stands on a dimension higher than any of us!」
「Y-, you’re amazing, Lady Inglis!! I must confess that I couldn’t see what was happening since you moved so fast, but that strength! That beauty! I couldn’t help but shiver at your presence!!」

At the cheers raised by Redas, the Knights all around nodded their heads in agreement.

「Hahaha… the Imperial Guards all love Glis, don’t they…」

Rafinha, who was in the middle of treating King Charleas, was overwhelmed by the excitement.


Putting aside strength, how could he praise Inglis’ beauty if he couldn’t even see her? Well, now’s not the time to retort on that.

Inglis cleared her throat, before she called to Rochefort, armed with a smile.

「What powerful attacks. Just a single streak of light and a battleship of that size will sink.」
「You bounced it off and precisely aimed at the engine?!」
「I actually only wanted to graze it a little bit to later seize it and repurpose it but… measuring with the naked eye is a bit hard, see? I doubt it can be repaired now. It seems I still need to improve myself.」

As she had expected, the ray of light Rochefort unleashed had packed an incredible amount of punch, so much so that Inglis had a hard time manipulating it as she wanted

Still, she perhaps could aim it more accurately if she had used her kicks, but it wouldn’t be as powerful.

「Fufufu… With its wielder being this clumsy, even the weapon will cry in pity.」

Inglis smiled jovially as she stroked the blade of her sword. That was a line she had never uttered in her second life as Inglis Eux. A line she had always wanted to say at least once.



  1. Lio: One thing I don’t like about fantasy novels once it reaches certain power levels is how gravity becomes nonexistent when agile people start doing flips faster than the eye.
    Mab: Gravity is a suggestion.
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