Chapter 298 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (8)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2104 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 876 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Every single weapon Inglis ever held in her hands was destroyed because none of them could withstand the load of the Ether, but this sword made of Dragon God Vufailbane’s scales showed no signs of breaking. It could catch up to Inglis’ full strength.

As she had claimed, if only she had more strength, then she could have shot back the ray of light much more accurately. This was huge. Inglis’ overall combat power had jumped significantly.

After all, she had been upgraded— from bare-handed to having a weapon.

「I don’t know what’s so funny! But this only means our bridge has been burned!」
「—Are you sure you just never intended to cross the bridge back to begin with?」
「OOBVIOUSLYY!! Only a man with loose screws would pull off a maneuver like this!」
「I, personally, think that it is a shame that someone with so much power is in such a hurry to meet his death, but… perhaps, in your case, you didn’t have many options left, did you?」
「……?! Who the hell are you? Are you a new type of Hyrule Menace the Highland had created, or maybe Ironblood Chain Brigade’s secret weapon?!」
「Neither. I am just a simple Squire student, one that is about to assume the Honorary-c̲u̲m̲-Temporary Emergency Acting Commander of the Imperial Guard Order title.」
「Ku ku. Poking at a man prepared to die, you’re an evil person, I see! But, being treated so badly by such a beautiful woman isn’t so bad」
「You have a peculiar taste, I see……」
「I am going to die a meaningless death either way!! Might as well leave my mark on this world!!」
「Yes. I pray for your cause…」
「HAA HA HA. Cute but not endearing, are you!!」

The gems on Rochefort’s shield shined dazzlingly. They emitted a ray of light, stronger and more intense than the ones before. It enveloped the entire shield and further permeated to cover Rochefort’s body.

With a high-pitched ping, Rochefort’s body shone as if it was screaming with joy. At the same time, the ground vibrated around the spot where he was standing, before finally collapsing and making a big hole, unable to withstand his pressure.

Which means those rays of light were still the weaker means of offense.

Just how powerful this attack would be… Inglis couldn’t hold back her excitement. And just how strong would the dragonscale sword hold it off… Inglis was just as expectant.

An unknown enemy, and a new weapon… not many battles could make her heart dance as much as this one.

「Yes, please do! I look forward to it!」

Inglis replied, glints in her eyes, a smile on her face, and her sword at the ready.


The ground exploded as columns of earth rolled up simply because Rochefort kicked the ground. Inglis thought back to the times she unleashed Ether Battle Techniques at full strength, and she recalled that a similar phenomenon happened.

This meant she couldn’t have asked for a better opponent.

And with his ferocious momentum, he gouged the ground, leaving ruts in his wake, as he came straight at Inglis, aiming to bash her head-on!

「I’ll do the same then! HYAAAaahh!」

Inglis similarly kicked the ground, charging toward Rochefort.

「?! They vanished?!」
「I-, I can’t see! I can’t see them at all!」
「Be careful, everyone!! Brace for impact! A huge impact!!」

Shortly after Rafinha warned the Knights…

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An ear-splitting thunderous roar was heard. All they could see was the figure of Inglis, slamming her sword toward Rochefort’s shield. At the same time, the shockwave of the impact dispersed into the surroundings.


The Knights then fell on their backs, one after another. It came as Rafinha warned.

「Don’t get up! You want to keep your body low!!」

She called to those around her while she was covering King Charleas’ body with her own, to prevent the king from being blown away.

「G-, got it!」
「Thanks! Will do!」
「Rafinha! How is His Majesty?!」

Redas came and helped her hold down King Charleas.

「It’s all right! He’ll be fine if I follow what Glis instructed! He’ll be saved for sure! We just need to wait until Glis win!」

Inglis would surely win! After all, they still had a lot to do after this. The real battle was to save Raphael and defeat Prisma. Inglis, of all people, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to fight a battle like that, and she would crush anything that would sadden Rafinha.

That was why she wouldn’t lose. She couldn’t possibly lose. After all, losing to a Holy Knight wielding a Hyrule Menace meant that it would be impossible to defeat Prisma as well.

She would win. She would come out victorious and give Rafinha a smile, commenting about how good the fight was, completely unaware of how worried Rafinha was the whole time.

And that smile would be the best, the cutest she would make, so Rafinha couldn’t help but forgive her for all the ridiculous things she just did. That was how it had always been, and that is how it will always be…1 


  1. Sil: Why do I feel like this is a flag of Inglis getting defeated in one of the future battles…
    Mab: I really hope it is. That will be interesting.

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