Chapter 252 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (25)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1726 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 754 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「St-, still…What an outrageous battle……I couldn’t believe she’s put up against such an enormous monster! It was no wonder she was able to repel that accursed Hyrule Menace Tiffany!」

Luwin, who had requested to come and watch the battle today, was wide-eyed. He knew that Inglis was no ordinary person when he saw her carrying the huge Dragon Tail so lightly with a smile on her face and she even processed the otherworldly tough Dragon Scales with her bare hands, but this sight still managed to take him aback.

The strength to overpower such a huge dragon with a single fist. The speed of her movements’ literally imperceptible. And yet, whenever she did appear from time to time, her movements were flowing so beautifully, so gracefully…

「I never thought humans could fight with such strength and grace…」
「Well, Glis is a little bit of a special case. She has the soul of a war general in the body of an angel.」
「Ha ha ha, exactly…Seeing her, I can’t help but agree……」

Luwin nodded at Rafinha’s words.

「Right? I told you. If she can’t handle the dragon, nobody can.」
「You are most correct, Your Highness. S-, still, I failed to understand. How come a person of her capacity is a Squire? She is even stronger than a Hyrule Menace! that should put her at the very least in the position of a Holy Knight! No, it may be a relief for our kingdom that she is put unfavorably in Charalia. We could promise her a key position and have her stay at Alucard!」
「No, that won’t do. She’s a Squire ‘cuz she wants to be a Squire.」
「The King of Charalia himself wanted her to be the Commander of the Imperial Knight Order, and yet she dropped the offer so easily, or so I heard. She said it’s a hassle!」
「Wh-, what?! I- I cannot comprehend! Why would she…?!」
「She wants to continue standing in the frontline without advancing her career, that’s why she wants to keep being my Squire, or so she said. Even though I want her to marry my brother and become the future marchioness!」

And then, they would truly become sisters, Inglis with Raphael, while Rafinha with someone wonderful whom she didn’t know yet. They would have children together, and raise them together, weaving a close knit family like their mother and aunt. This was the ideal future that Rafinha envisioned.

At the same time, Rafinha also intended to fulfill her duties as a Knight, for a better world, and for a better Ymir. As for how she would manage both was something she will ponder about later.

「I-, I see……?」
「Well, the thing is, you can’t bait her with a political position. You basically just let her do whatever she wants. There’s nothing we can do to stop her.」
「Sh-, she’s just like typhoons or other natural disasters…」
「Yeah, not exactly wrong. But, well, she isn’t a bad person per se… As you can see, she’s crazy beautiful, and she looks dang good no matter what she does, and, in the end, she’s got a chaperone. She’ll listen to Rafinha, if nobody else. Don’t worry.」
「I- I see… so it’s not like she’s the only one fighting the hard fight because she’s forced to…」
「「「「「Nope. She does it because she wants to.」」」」」

Everyone except Luwin said the exact same words at the same time.

「Ha ha ha ha… I see now……」
「That being said, she is also doing it because it’s necessary. We need the food, after all!」
「You’re right. That’s why I can’t stop her, Glis somehow always comes up with a good excuse to do whatever she wants……」

Right at that moment, the loudest roar yet ever thundered, followed by a screeching roar before the giant dragon fell flat on his face. And then… Inglis put up the most refreshing smile one could make and waved her hand.

「Yup! Another fun day! RANI~! Everyone~! It’s fine now, let’s cut the tail while we have the chance~~♪」
「Ah, it seems like she is done! All right, let’s collect our food for today! Let’s go!」

Inglis would have a fight with Vufailbane, knock him unconscious, and the rest would cut his tail off while he was still in lala-land to gather food and distribute it to the surrounding villages and towns suffering from food shortages, days like such would continue for a while.


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