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Chapter 253 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (26)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2161 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 961 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Everyday she would have a serious match against Vufailbane, and whenever she was hungry, she would feast on his meat, such were the ideal training days for Inglis. One day, the end came abruptly.

「Good afternoon! Please take care of me again today.」

She bowed.

Inglis, who was smiling so happily as she always did, had brought an enormous object that didn’t match her adorable face today. The object was in the shape of a sword, albeit a bit distorted, and its sheer size was so massive it surpassed even Inglis’ height. Its dull, pale blue glow was unique to Vufailbane’s Dragon Scales.

Inglis had prepared a large quantity of spare chains to restrain Vufailbane, and because she had grown more adept at processing the scales, she attempted to make a weapon.

As usual, her manufacturing method was based on striking the scales with bare hands, so she hadn’t been able to sharpen the blade in particular. However, seeing that it was made from the scales of a Dragon God, its durability was already proven.

It obviously surpassed the quality of the ice swords Inglis could produce through sorcery, but it should be incomparable to any ordinary Artifacts as well. It might even be able to withstand the full power of Ether in combat.

Truly, Dragon Gods were a gift that kept giving. New powers, training partners to hone those powers, delicious meals when hungry, and even supreme weapons now, Inglis wouldn’t even dare to sneeze in Vufailbane’s general direction.

「Look, look! I made a sword out of the Dragon Scales you provided. I think this should be incredibly sturdy. I’m thinking of using it for today’s match, can I?」

Inglis couldn’t ask for a better partner. Could a sword made from Vufailbane’s Dragon Scale tear the scales of a living Dragon God? She couldn’t help but get excited about a battle that should be different from those of yesterday.

「You see, ordinary weapons break under the load of Ether when I muster all of the Ether I have, so not having a more permanent weapon has been a pickle. But, I’m sure this will solve it. It’s all thanks to you, thank you for everything you’ve provided!」

After politely thanking him, it was time for the battle. Just how powerful is a greatsword made of Dragon Scales? Inglis’ eyes lit up in excitement, while Vufailbane was indifferent to her.

『Hmph…… If you want to swing a toy around, do it somewhere else. It’s none of my business.』

He then laid down on the spot and curled up.

「Eh……?! I-, is something the matter? You’ve been attacking me with such vigor and killing intent until yesterday!」

And it had been the most amazing training because of that!

『I don’t care. I will not entertain you any longer.』
「?! P-, please wait! D-, did you upset your stomach? Oh, are you actually too hungry to have any energy instead? I can’t feed you humans, but I can get you some really tasty meat. Would you like some? Should I bring it to you?」
『Shut up! That’s my own meat! I don’t do cannibalism!!』
「B-, but I need you to cheer up and get back in top shape so we can fight again today…… Just what is the problem?」
『I am a creature of principle. It is regretful that I cannot defeat you right now, but even more importantly, I realized that fighting you is all but vain.』
「Wha……?! Such a cowardly mindset, is that even appropriate for a Dragon God, dragons who stand above all other dragons?! I never thought that the pride of a monarch like you can be so cheap!」
「Don’t they say that the greatest training is combat? You may even surpass me as you grow in our bouts! No one can deny the possibility! Come on, don’t lose heart, stand tall! I know you can do it!」
『Hmph. Useless. Sure, I may grow, but your growth is twice as fast. The more we fight, the more the gap between us widens! Don’t think I don’t know that.』
『One way to reverse this situation… would be for me to become dramatically stronger, but such a miracle is impossible unless I evolve into a Dragon God King this instant.』
「Ooh?! Wh-, what is that?! A Dragon that is even more powerful than the Dragon Gods?! How can you become one? Be a Dragon God King now, please!」
『Don’t be absurd! Dragons grow more powerful with each passing year! Even if there is a time I become a Dragon God King, it will be far in the future! A far more distant time, many times longer than all the years I have lived thus far. Of course, you will no longer be alive by then.』
「……Which means I need to reincarnate many more times to reach it, is it? I wonder if I can meet the Goddess and ask her for help again? Even if I wanted to, just where ever she could be…」

Inglis could not perceive the presence of the Goddess Alistair from the world of today.

『And there is another method to close the gap between us.』
『That is to wait until your strength declines. For me, a human’s life is but a fleeting moment, a mere bubble. Therefore, I shall not fight you, so you will not grow any stronger, but wait for you to grow old and your strength fade, and only then will I kill you and eat you up. I shall take advantage of the passage of time.』
「……! N-, no way!!」

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For what it was worth, Vufailbane’s strategy was solid.


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