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Chapter 251 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (24)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2069 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 872 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

The next day…

「Good afternoon. How was your day?」
『YOU B̲A̲S̲S̲T̲A̲A̲A̲A̲A̲R̲R̲R̲D̲D̲D̲D̲D̲D̲!!!!!!!!』

As Inglis loosened up the dragon scale chains, the Dragon God let out a roar with all the wrath one could find. A gust of wind ruffled Inglis’ long silver hair, and a tremendous and most violent killing intent pierced through her. This chilling air, oh how pleasant it felt. It seems like she can expect another good match today.

「I am happy to find that you are energetic. It seems like your tail has regenerated too, what superb recovery ability.」
『You THINK that I am in a good mood?!! Now I know why a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ like you can have MY Dragon Roar in your body! You cut off my tail and ate it while I was asleep this whole time, didn’t you?!』
「As expected, you understood fast! Exactly! Although, it was never my intention to be able to use your Dragon Roar……it was a surprise for me too.」
『What? Then why would you even do such a thing to me?!!』
「Just a little bit of a situation between us humans……For some reason, the people around this area are running out of food. We were in rush against time to give them some rations, so we borrowed your tail for a tad few times while you were asleep.」
『That’s even WORSE!! You are treating the flesh of a Dragon God like it was some livestock! You are using me as charity to sate the hunger of some lowly humans!!』
「That is not true, you are not some livestock. You are completely different, you know? I cannot even begin to describe it, just how tasty your meat is!!」

Vufailbane’s tail hit the ground in anger, the tremor that ensued caused Inglis’ body to float for a moment.

「Isn’t it wonderful to be delicious?」
『Shut up! You’re making a fool out of this Dragon God! I have never experienced a worse humiliation in my long life!!!!』

Vufailbane shook his head left and right in an attempt to reel up his extremely cold Dragon’s Breath, but his mouth was tightly sealed with the dragon scale chains. No matter how much effort Vufailbane put into it, all it did was create the dull sound of metal.

『KGHHHhhhh! Curse you! You are using my own scales, I cannot easily tear them apart!』
「Now, now. Calm down… You’ve lived a long life, there’s a lot that goes with it, no? However shorter my life is compared to yours, I too have lived a long life as a human. I’ve lived a full natural life once, and never have I thought I would be reincarnated as a girl, but this comes with its own fun, you know? May I suggest that you just let what is happening to you now and find joy in it?」
『What is there to enjoy if you are going to eat my flesh and chain me like I’m a livestock?! I will never forgive you, never! I will crush you and the rest of humanity with you! I will make sure you will never be able to do such an insolent thing to me AGAIN!!!』
「I see, I guess I will have to deal with you then. I am sure you will be more distracted by violence than just sitting still, yes?」
『Fine by me! You caught me unawares yesterday, but today will be different! I’ve already seen through your trick!』
「Fufufu… I would like to focus on close combat today, so please keep your mouth shut today, okay? Also, I don’t use projectiles either, I’ve changed into clothes that is fine to be ruined, so why don’t we fight to our heart’s content?」
『Hell if I care! DIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!』
「Thank you very much for taking me so seriously. Now I can grow even stronger with you by my side! HYAAAaaaaahhhh!!」

Inglis’ fist collided with the Dragon God’s foreleg, generating a huge crashing sound on impact.

The aftermath of the clash translated into a shockwave that shook the hulls of the Star Princess unit and one other Flygear waiting in the skies above.

「Th-, they’re even more intense today!」
「That Glis, just because she can dirty her clothes today, she said she’ll hit each other as hard as they could!」
「A-, and she really meant it! That’s not a speed human eyes can follow, but the sounds are terrifying!」
「And the dragon seems to be mad upset, too!」
「Lahti, you can tell?」
「Nn? You can kinda feel it, right? He’s gone mad!」
「W-, well, we left it in that state yesterday, so I guess that’s to be expected……」

Rafinha grunted.

She felt sorry for the dragon, but they still needed to distribute food to the people, and Inglis had told her that the dragon was not the kind of character that would cooperate willy-nilly, and in fact would attack and eat people if left alone. Therefore, it was necessary to restrain it.

Rafinha, for her part, couldn’t say that Inglis’ method wasn’t effective. She had no choice but to leave it to her.


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