Chapter 250 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (23)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2398 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1104 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「I am glad. You were so powerful and mighty, and now I can force you to yield to me! Fufufu」

Inglis clenched her fist tightly, lips curved into a most beautiful smile. This was something completely unthinkable for her in her previous life as King Inglis. This feat was something only she knew, but it was still an achievement. Right now it was clear that, in terms of capability, she had far surpassed King Inglis. In defeating Vufailbane the Dragon God, she had proven so to herself.

She was the only one who knew it, but it was still to be welcomed. Inglis had reached this point while she was only 15 years old. She wasn’t old enough to have her strength decline. She could aim even higher. She was by no means satisfied by this, as she would continue to pursue the art of battle.

Since she had to rely on her newly acquired Dragon Roar this time, she planned to win using only her Ether in the next fight. If Inglis didn’t have the Dragon Roar, the outcome of the match would have been much more uncertain. In that respect, it was good luck for Inglis and bad luck for Vufailbane.

The Dragon God was just as surprised with how Inglis managed to possess Dragon Roar, and there really was only one possible reason. It was because Inglis had eaten Vufailbane’s meat.

In the days as King Inglis, she had heard the legend of Dragon Slayers. According to the legend, a warrior who had slayed a dragon was endowed with said dragon’s supernatural power.

King Inglis had never seen a Dragon Slayer in person, so this legend was no more than a bunch of semi-believed hearsays. Any warrior capable of slaying a dragon would have superhuman strength in the first place, so it would be difficult to tell the difference apart.

But this legend turned out to be true. It was evident from the fact that Inglis’ body was imbued with Vufailbane’s Dragon Roar. While technically she hadn’t finished Vufailbane off, apparently cutting off his flesh and eating it was an act equivalent to Dragon Slaying.

It was, of course, a bit different from how the legend went, but since the origin of such a story was vague anyway, there was no other way to accept it as the way it was.

And, another tangent point from the legend was that, apparently, not everyone who ate the flesh of Vufailbane would be endowed with Dragon Roar.

Inglis was imbued with Dragon Roar, but Rafinha, Leone, and many others were not. There was a possibility that the amount of the meat eaten was a factor, but Rafinha who had eaten as much as Inglis didn’t show any sign of wielding Dragon Roar. Which means, the possibility of this theory being true was also low.

The point was that the legend sounded as if anyone who killed a dragon would be endowed with its power, but that wasn’t the case. There was a matter of compatibility between the Dragon Roar of the Dragon God and the candidate, and only those who were compatible were endowed with the Dragon Roar.

The requirements for that compatibility were still unknown, but Inglis welcomed any kind of new power. It would make her stronger and enable her to aim for greater heights. She would train, and train, and train even more to use this Dragon Roar thing, and make it her own.

For now, she could only control the Dragon Roar to the extent of reproducing the Phantom Claws and the Phantom Tail. Obviously, that meant she only borrowed a power that happened to reside in her.

If she had completely taken in the Dragon Roar as her own, that meant the Dragon Roar should converge along her body, mimicking the shape of her hands and legs. On that front, she was still lacking.

While she was not yet good enough at handling Ether, she had obtained the Dragon Roar too. A very joyous occasion indeed. She needed to have more and more training to master her new powers.

And as luck would have it, she had the best sparring partner here. She would have him accompany her for time and time again in the future. She could say that it was worth the trouble coming all the way to Alucard, so far in the north.

「Gli~s! You okay?! Can we get closer now?!」

Rafinha’s voice came from above.

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Rafinha and the others had split into two flygears, she rode the Star Princess unit, and they were bringing something with them. It was a rather thick and long chain-like object. It was too big to be carried by one vessel, so it was tied end-to-end to each of the aircraft.

「Yeah, it’s okay, Rani! Thanks! Can you drop that chain down?」
「Okay! Here it goes!」

Inglis readily grabbed it as it fell from the sky. It was very solid, a little bit distorted here and there, but its durability was definitely extraordinary. Inglis had attempted to process the Dragon Scales by herself on the outskirts of the camp, and the result was this chain.

She made it in preparation for today. Even Vufailbane the Dragon God wouldn’t be able to tear the chains woven by his own super durable dragon scales so easily. He still needed to fulfill his role as food supply and a hand-to-hand combat partner.

However, it wasn’t exactly his character to stay put and follow along. Which means they had no other way but to do this.

「Do forgive me, but please follow along for a while, okay?」

Inglis went on to wrap Vufailbane’s body around with Dragon Scale Chains. Then, after a short while…

「Today has been fun! Thank you very much.」

Inglis politely bowed to the still unconscious Vufailbane.

「No, your thank you sure is polite, but you roughed it up quite well, you know…」
「Th-that’s right… I feel bad now…」
「I-, indeed…」

Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte looked dumbfounded.

「Is that so? It’s all right. I will apologize to him again before we restart our match.」
「You want to fight it again, huh… Just don’t get the garrison involved.」
「R-really, please don’t, Inglis!」
「I won’t. Well, let’s get back. My stomach is empty after all the fights.」

And then, all that was left behind was… the laid up figure of Vufailbane, chained up in his own scales, with his tail cut on its base to be used as a feed.

That night, a resentful roar echoed throughout the encampment all night long.


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