Chapter 249 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (22)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2044 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 829 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

『Ugh……?! GUUOooOOhhH……?!』

Vuifailbane’s enormous body was heavily tilted in the air.

「Your belly isn’t covered by your super strong dragon scales, you see?」

The head, neck, back, and tail of Vufailbane were covered with very durable dragon scales, but his abdomen wasn’t as protected. The fact that he was flying and looking down on Inglis from above, meant that his relatively soft abdomen was exposed to her the whole time. Inglis wasn’t at much of a disadvantage as Vufailbane thought.

『NUUuuuUUUuu?! This much is nothiiinnngggg!!』

After a momentary waver, Vufailbane regained his posture. It was indeed an effective blow, but he was quite tolerant of getting hit.

Even though blood was rushing to his head, he fought with a cool head and a calm mind. He quickly descended to the ground and lowered himself to hide his unscaled surface from Inglis. Even so, he was still at a height where Inglis had to look up to him.

「So now we’ll fight in a close combat quarter?」
『I have concluded that I can win with pure, simple force!』

Vufailbane’s judgment made sense. The power of a blow from Phantom Claw or Tail was almost equal to the power of a direct attack of Inglis’ Ether Armor. And if he were to strike Inglis in this close proximity, his attack would carry not only the power of the Dragon Roar, but also the force of his own muscles.

For that reason, Vufailbane should be able to overpower Inglis. With enough pressure, a small human body could easily be broken. Vufailbane was right to make that judgment based on his past battles. He wasn’t wrong.

But, he is oh so wrong!

『Take this!』
「Right back at you!」

Each time Vufailbane’s enormous claws and Inglis’ dainty hands collided, a thunderous sound crackled. And it was the Dragon God, Vufailbane, who was being pushed back and toppled over.

『H-……how?! Impossi————?!!』

Vufailbane couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming. This was not right. It couldn’t be. How?! Why?

His dismay didn’t refer to how he was pushed back. He could clearly see why he was pushed back in this exchange. The reason was simple. It was because there was another force at work in this girl’s favor.

And Vufailbane, out of anyone, clearly understood what that force was. A pair of huge, whitish, translucent dragonic hands appeared on Inglis’ sides, overlapping with her fists and giving her a boost of firepower. The very same Phantom Claws that he himself was using.

With the addition of this strange power, the clash was overpowering him, resulting in his body overturned. If it was only the overlapping of forces, Vufailbane could understand as much. However…

『WHY……?! Why do you have……?!』

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He raised his voice, though not losing focus on the fight. With his upturned position, his belly was up facing the sky. Anticipating that Inglis would strike at this opportunity, he concentrated his Dragon Roar on his abdomen to prepare for the impact as he raised himself as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, he was agile enough and managed to regain his position before Inglis could attack his abdomen.

『That is MY Dragon Roar!How could you possess it?!』

Vufailbane turned his eyes to where Inglis was. Inglis, however, was no longer there.

『NuUu?! Where are……?!』
「No matter how hard your scales are, the blow will still be felt inside, right?!」

As Vufailbane looked upward, he saw Inglis twisting her body to its limit, ready to swing a kick. That leg of hers, which looked oh so thick and delicious, had the power of the Dragon Roar in the shape of Phantom Tail clinging onto it.

And that…was the last thing Vufailbane’s eyes saw.

Inglis’ kick, which was not only wrapped in Ether Armor, but also Dragon Roar, exploded into Vufailbane’s head. Super durable scales notwithstanding, the powerful impact on the head shook his squishy brain inside.

The entire length of the Dragon God tilted wildy after Inglis delivered her full force blow to the head. He collapsed on the spot, leaving a loud earth tremor.


Inglis remained poised, watching over him for a moment. The dragon didn’t get back up. It seemed like she managed to knock the wind out of him. She relaxed her guard a bit, took a breath, then wiped the sweat from her forehead.

「Phew… Boy, was that fun!」

As she would expect from the Dragon God Vufailbane, said to have destroyed even Gods. The extent of his power was extraordinary. Even compared to any strong opponents Inglis Eux had ever fought, the dragon was outstanding.

The only ones who could compete with Vufailbane toe-to-toe like this would probably be Black Mask of the Ironblood Chain Brigade, or Yua who seems to have evolved in an unusual path after incorporating the power of a Prisma. Yua’s power was still a mystery, however, and there were too many unknown aspects to her.


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