Chapter 231 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2227 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1049 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Three Flygears departed from the Flygear Carriers. One of them was the Star Princess unit, with Inglis and Rafinha boarding on it, while the other two were Flygears provisioned with the Carrier. Leone paired with Liselotte, Lahti paired with Pullum.

Lahti should have stayed behind in the Flygear Carrier, but he insisted on joining.
Perhaps he felt he had a sense of responsibility to carry as the technical supreme commander of this mission, and maybe he was also worried about Pullum, either way, he had his reasons.

「Why don’t we drop off a little bit away from it and walk? It might be dangerous if we get too close to it.」

Inglis suggested as she landed her Flygear far from the place the tail was sticking out.

「Hey, Glis. Why do we drop off so far away?」

Rafinha asked as she walked towards the tail of the Dragon God.

「Are we being wary perchance it rises up from the ground and attacks us?」

What Leone said was indeed correct if they were to proceed with caution, but there is another thing to keep in mind when dealing with a Dragon God.

「For dragons so powerful that they receive the name Dragon Gods, the very aura, or Qi, they wear around their body becomes their kin——something called Phantom Dragons or Astral Dragons.」

The power that dragons have in their body is not mana or sorcery. It is comparatively more effective compared to the energy-inefficient sorcery techniques.
The flames and blizzards that dragons breathe out don’t require any particular chant or gestures to activate, and yet they are proportionately more powerful than sorceries of the same effect.

However, unlike sorcery and its common rules, the strength of a dragon varies greatly from individual to individual. Their power is more suitably categorized as individuality rather than technique.

「And we are being wary of that?」
「Yes. If we got too close to it, those Phantom Dragons might surround and destroy our Flygears…」

Inglis personally would welcome it if they attacked her, but she’d rather not have the Flygears destroyed

「I’ve never heard of a story about dragons that goes like that, Inglis sure knows a lot.」
「It is my first time hearing of it, too. I’m sure Miss Inglis must have read a most rare book.」
「Was there a book like that in the library in Ymir? I don’t think I’ve seen it.」
「Well, in your case Rani, there are more books that you don’t know than you do know. You don’t read books much, after all.」
「Leave me be. I didn’t read the content, but I’ve gone there a lot while playing hide-and-seek! I know I memorized the covers of the books pretty well……Yeah.」
「No, you should read the content too, okay?」

Having said that, there was no such book in reality, as all that information came from the memories of King Inglis. Then again, at that time, books regarding dragons existed and were valuable, and dragons were part of people’s common knowledge. From the way Leone and Liselotte reacted, it seems like dragons have been completely forgotten by the people of this time, the same way they forgot the existence of mana and the knowledge and skills to manipulate it.

「Hey, the two of you are going back to Ymir on the next vacation, right? Can you bring that book with you and show us? I’m interested in reading it.」
「Good idea. I would love to see such a book too.」

Their zeal to learn is excellent, but that’s not good.

「W-, weelllll, that’s……Ah, everyone, be on guard. They’re coming!」

Conveniently, a pale haze began to form in front of Inglis and the others.

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The haze then took the form of dragon heads that threatened the girls. Each and every one of them radiated such a strong killing intent that would make even the most trained Knight lose his will to fight. In fact, there were a number of King Inglis’ knights who lost heart to those Phantom Dragons during the battle against the Dragon God.

「Wh-, what are they!?」
「N-, not something to belittle for sure, incomparable to some random Magic Stone Beasts!」
「Indeed……Compared to Magic Stone Beasts, they have a much clearer enmity and killing intent!」

They were just ordinary girls in their down time, but Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte were not only full-fledged Knight candidates, they were seeds of high ranked Knights. The unknown phenomenon took them by surprise, but it didn’t frighten them. How encouraging.

They were dwarfed in comparison to Silva who had a Special Grade Rune or Yua who was a walking irregularity, but their capabilities were quite high enough. If they were in King Inglis’ army, they would have done a pretty fine job for themselves.

「A- and their number keeps increasing……!」

As Pullum had said, more and more Phantom Dragons were materialized and gathered to form a wall in front of Inglis and the others.

「They are Phantom Dragons, a dragon’s aura materialized. They are transparent but they bite hard, and you’ll get hurt if you get bitten. They’re just watching us now, but if you go into a certain range, they will come and attack you.」
「Well, I hope it ends at just being hurt!」
「Yeah. They look very powerful, after all!」
「Miss Inglis was correct. Had we gotten close to the main body out of the blue, our Flygears would have been surrounded and we would have had nowhere to escape.」
「Everyone, please wait here for a moment. I’ll go and step up by myself. If this costume works as intended, I won’t be attacked.」

As a matter of fact, in her previous life as King Inglis, she had seen a scene where a Shrine Maiden of Dragon Gods wearing this costume walked to this very Dragon God without being attacked by the Phantom Dragons.

In other words, if she could evade being attacked by the Phantom Dragons, it should be possible for Inglis to converse with the Dragon God Vufailbane. And, by all means, she’d like to converse with the Dragon God. Which means, she first had to attempt crossing the wall of Phantom Dragons.


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