Chapter 232 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2287 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1017 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「I’m going then.」
「It’s you, Glis. Aren’t you actually disappointed you can’t fight them?」
「No, that’s okay. I just need to change clothes and come back here again, and they’ll attack me.」
「Ahaha……So you do want to fight, after all!」
「Isn’t it just the best to have an enemy you can fight indefinitely? We sure found a great treasure in such a good place ♪」
「No, don’t say it in the tone of someone finding a good restaurant or a cute dress downtown……」

Rafinha heaved a deep sigh

「No no no no, that thing’s a huge bother, just get rid of it already!」

Unlike Rafinha who looked fed up, Lahti was serious.

「Okay. Can I take it home, then?」
「Sure, take it. Do whatever you want with it.」
「Gosh, Glis! We can’t keep something like that! Not in the Royal Capital or in Ymir! It’ll cause a huge mess wherever we bring it!」


Rafinha pulled her ear tight.

「Ouch ouch ouch……I-, I get it, I get it already! I’ll think of ways to prevent it from causing that mess! But, while it’s too valuable to be killed, it’s definitely better to move the Dragon God to some other place, you know? Alucard being such a cold country is probably because the Dragon God is buried under it……」
「Eeeehhh?! That thing can even change the climate?!」
「Considering the power it possesses, it’s very possible. Remove it and you’ll know soon enough. It’ll probably get a lot warmer than now.」

Although it wasn’t as clear, Inglis had witnessed how the Dragon God made the land it resided cold in her previous life. So, she was certain with her words.

「Which means, the the cold and barren land that prevents us from growing crops will… disappear?!」
「Then, then, if we can get a lot of crops growing, will we be able to afford to give some of them to the Highland?! Then, if we can get a lot of strong Artifacts, or maybe even get a Hyrule Menace like Miss Eris or Miss Ripple to come and protect our Kingdom…」

Lahti and Pullum, believing Inglis’ words, uttered those words excitedly.

「Tragedies like Lekrea being attacked and leveled by Magic Stone Beast…」
「Won’t happen again. We will prevent it from happening ever again! At least we have the means to!」

The town of Lekrea was actually brought to ruins once due to the rampage of Magic Stone Beasts, although there was no trace of it anywhere else, as there was only a huge, gaping hole where the town was before, and the tail of a Dragon God sticking out of it.

Because of the tragedy that befell Lekrea, the King of Alucard decided that the national policy had to be revised and the Kingdom must increase its defenses against Magic Stone Beasts. However, even if they wished to gain more powerful Artifacts or a Hyrule Menace from the Highland, they didn’t have enough food supply to offer in exchange.

So, at the suggestion of a Highland military official, Archlord Abel, Alucard agreed to help with a plan to attack Charalia, the home country of Inglis, Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte, at the same time Venefian army was invading. As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg.

However, the plan fell through, and Abel who came directly to the Royal Castle of Charalia was killed by Black Mask, the leader of the Ironblood Chain Brigade.

After which, Tiffany, the Hyrule Menace who came to Alucard as Abel’s replacement, repeatedly looted food from various places and turned the ruined town of Lekrea into a prison. She activated the Levitation Magic Formation that was set up in that town and took Lekrea, along with its plot of land, to the Highland.

Thus the summary concluded. Everything started with the collapse of Lekrea due to a powerful Magic Stone Beast. An increase in national defense was necessary to counter that threat, of course. However, the method to reach that goal was certainly not the most righteous one.

But then, what would happen if the climate of the Alucardian land changed for the better, and crops became more abundant than ever? The whole ordeal would be a simple matter of making a proper deal with the Highland without them having to lend a hand in starting a war with Charalia. This is a change that will fundamentally solve all of Alucard’s problems.

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「Then we definitely have to do it! It would save Charalia from being invaded too!」
「That’s right. Rafinha is right. It could be the fundamental solution to all of the problems!」
「There is hope for all of us!」

The series of events that would take place from then on might cause Alucard to break off relations with the Church Founder’s Union, but the Three Archduke’s Party would be willing to make a deal in their stead. Or rather, perhaps it’s more apt to say that the Special Envoy Theodore must certainly be willing to. If so, then it would be a matter of concern, as Rafinha might become more and more fond of him

「……Well, there is still some more things to do before that, though!」

Inglis slammed her fist to her palm as she took a step towards the Phantom Dragons.

「……Y-, you’re going to eat it, huh!」
「Not just the two us, but everyone will.」
「However, doesn’t she want to fight to her own satisfaction first?」

Looking back at Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte, Inglis answered with a smile.

「All of it, I guess?」
「Ahaha…then you definitely should at least apologize to the dragon beforehand.」

Rafinha laughed dryly.

「Yeah…Or summarize it and say you’re going to give it a hell of a time.……」

Leone nodded.

「When you think of it in retrospect, it’s hard to tell whether what we will do to it is right or wrong.」

Liselotte moaned.

「Then, once again, I’m going.」

Inglis approached the Phantom Dragons with a steady, unhurried gait.


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