Chapter 230 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1963 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 854 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Yeah, looking good! You’re cute, so cute! It looks perfect on you! Whatever you wear looks good on you Glis, so making them are always worth it~𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Rafinha, who had some dark circles under her eyes, showed Inglis her reflection on a hand mirror. From what she was seeing in the mirror, despite wearing the dignified, austere costume of a Shrine Maiden, Inglis’ chest and collars were showing some extra exposure of skin, which instead incited a bewitching glamor to her image. To sum it in one word; she is attractive.

If possible, she’d love to use a larger mirror so that she could take her time enjoying her reflection all by herself.

「It’s true…Her skin is so beautiful and smooth, and her bust is so big……I envy you. How nice.」

Said Pullum who had the same dark circles under her gleaming eyes.

「Well, why don’t you go and touch them while at it? They’re so squishy and nice to touch, you know?」
「H-, Hey Rani! Don’t touch people’s breasts so casually!」
「Why not? I made you the costume, you pay me with your body, okay?」
「Come on, Pullum. Don’t be shy, just touch them. It’s okay.」
「Th-, then, I guess I will…… Woow, so this is how they feel like! They’re really bouncy, huh……」
「Uu……Th-, that’s enough, okay? It’s embarrassing, so stop it!」
「How about you, Liselotte? We’re doing it anyway, you can touch them all you want.」

They were in an encampment tent that they pitched on the deck of the Flygear Carrier. One tent shared not only for the three of Inglis, Rafinha, and Pullum, but Leone and Liselotte were in there as well.

Lahti, Luwin, the other Alucardian Knights under him, as well as the rest of the survivors of Lekrea, were all resting in their own tents.

The circular, wide hull and deck of the Flygear Port were designed to allow a large number of people to rest safely even up in the air. Accommodating movements of several dozens of troops is the very purpose of such a mobile base.

Putting that aside, Liselotte coughed when Rafinha invited her to join their fun.

「H-, how very vulgar. I cannot commend such an act.」

As expected of the earnest and well-behaved young lady that Liselotte is. Well, to be fair, the most mischievous hands here belong to a young lady of the esteemed Marquiss Wilford too. Either way, that was a huge help. Inglis should be able to steer the course of the conversation…

「But, well, if you must…… Learning of what you don’t have is also good, time to time.」
「Not you too, Liselotte……!」

Rafinha and Pullum were on the slender side, and their chest departments weren’t really well-developed. Liselotte’s, however, was not at all lacking, as she was in fact average in that front. And yet, apparently she actually was interested in them.

「Then I must, I really must 𝅘𝅥𝅮 Come on, come here, feel how juicy they are.」
「Uwaah…These are pretty hefty. Amazing…」

If so, there is only one last person Inglis could depend on.

「Leone, it’s about time you save me!」
「Ahaha……H-, hang in there!!」

Leone had taken refuge in the corner of the tent and was in a defensive stance, covering her own breasts with her arms to prevent the damage from spreading to her. She instantly sensed that she would be the next to fall victim.

「Leone! How cruel!」
「L-, look, I’ll take over Rene for you, so……sorry?」

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True, Rene was stationed at Leone’s chest, so in a sense, she had taken over the role of watching over Rene. After all, the little Magic Stone Beast would gladly jump into the fray otherwise.

「Here, here! I’ll rub them harder if you look somewhere else~𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「Hyau……?! D-, don’t touch me so weirdly! Th-, that’s enough, right?! We have to go to the dragon ASAP!」
「Mn, you’re right. I guess that’s that? I’ve had my fill of Glis’ springiness too……」
「Yes. It was amazing. So enviable.」
「I learned a lot……」

After Rafinha said so, Inglis was finally freed from the assaults from the three girls.

「Phew…Finally……So, that’s the end of playing around, we’re going to the dragon now, okay? Rani, Pullum, I’m sure you two are exhausted. You can sit this one out.」
「No, I’m going too. We’re about to secure and eat a really tasty dragon meat, right? I’d hate to oversleep and miss it!」
「Me too, I want to be of help as much as possible! If I can help the people suffering from my brother stealing their food, I’ll do anything!」
「Yup, let’s fight together! It’s okay, right Glis?!」
「You’re right. I have something I want you two to do, too…」
「Of course, we will help.」
「Indeed. Let us all go together.」

Inglis and the others left their tent and split up to their own Flygears before they descended to the former site of the town of Lekrea, where the tail of the Dragon God protruded.


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