Chapter 152 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2456 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1118 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「M-, making Glis the Commander of……th-, that’s just stupid!」

It was so shocking to her, Rafinha’s eyes darted wildly. As though he overheard her comment, King Charleas grinned.

「Perhaps, saying it foolish is not an overstatement. Her delegation is indeed unprecedented. However, we believe in what we saw. Inglis possesses a capacity on par with the Holy Knights and the Hyrule Menaces. What more reason do I need to patronize her for it? As a King, I am required to evaluate people evidently and treat them accordingly.」

To be frank, Inglis was sure she could do it well if she were to be a commander of a chivalric order. She was a monarch of a country much bigger than this one in her previous life. Leading a single chivalric order was a child’s play. On that front, King Charleas’ assessment was correct. He correctly evaluated Inglis’ capabilities.

At the same time, however, he was also wrong. His assessment of her capability was indeed correct, but not for her nature. On that note, Rafinha’s evaluation was the correct one. Truly, it was just stupid.

「B-, but the biggest problem here is that Glis is Glis, you know……W-wait… Rather than that, Mister Redas, you will no longer be the Commander, are you fine with that?!」

Rafinha turned to Redas, seeking a helping hand. If Inglis were to become the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order, the current Knight Commander, Redas, would lose his position. He surely wouldn’t make amends with such…

「I absolutely am!! In fact, I would personally ask her myself! I shall be her Vice Commander and will serve our new Commander with all my heart and soul!」

Redas, however, didn’t have a single shred of doubt on his face.

「EEeeeeh?!! Wh-, why would you go so far?!」
「At that time, when Inglis——nay, Commander Inglis confronted the Highlander Abel by herself and kicked him far out the castle……I felt a wave of delight so horrifyingly intense. Didn’t you all feel the same?!」

He called his subordinates.

「「Yes! Exactly!」」
「「It felt so unbelievably refreshing!!」」

Abel’s attitude was like trampling on King Charleas’ dignity under his feet, not leaving even an iota of it unharmed. And so, after having been forced to watch it happening up close, Inglis’ blow had literally kicked the Knights’ despondency away.

「Up until now, we could only bow our heads to the Highland. Regardless of how outrageous they worked us around, we could only endure. After all, without the Artifacts given to us by them, we wouldn’t be able to protect ourselves from Magic Stone Beasts…… Even Holy Knights and Hyrule Menaces; they ultimately originated from the Highland. At the end of the day, we are heavily dependent on the Highland——However, even without a Rune or an Artifact, Commander Inglis had defeated a top-class Highlander. She showed us how she destroyed the common sense and entrapment that had been existing up until now! That beauty, that strength, even now they’re so vividly etched in my brain I can never forget it! Commander Inglis! Please lead us by your path!!」
「「We hereby ask of you!」」
「「Commander Inglis!!」」

Somehow, Redas and the rest of his Order seemed to be completely excited about it. Their glittering, hopeful gazes were all focused on Inglis at once.

「You heard them, Inglis. There’s nothing to be worried about. The Knights of the Order are already completely charmed by you. You truly are the Goddess who protects this Kingdom, surpassing even the Hyrule Menaces……I leave these men in your hand.」

King Charleas put his hand on Inglis’ shoulder with a plop, but before Inglis could make out any reply——

「B-but, Your Majesty! I-, I cannot agree with this!」

As though trying to rain on the parade, a short and plump man dressed not in the Knightly armor but rather in civil official attire raised his voice.

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「Th-, that girl is a Runeless! Placing someone like that in a position as vital as the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order will be a shame to high heavens! This has never happened before! It will destroy our long tradition of Knights!」
「You fool! We can’t get caught in such trivialities when we have Inglis before us! She is far too excellent that a Rune is redundant for someone like her! She is a new entity unbound by the common sense of this world……You can’t continue to survive in this world If you can’t accept the unknown and endorse the changes!」
「His Majesty the King is correct! We of the Imperial Guard Order have accepted it, what is there to object?!」

Inglis, who had been silently watching the stage unfold, finally spoke up for the first time.

「I agree with his views!」

So she said, standing at the side of the plump official.


Every single soul in the room, save for Rafinha, raised their voices hysterically. Inglis then showed her right hand that was clear of Rune to everyone in the room to see.

「As you can see, I am a Runeless——And as per the rule of this Kingdom, a Runeless can only go as far as becoming a Squire, an Apprentice Knight! How can His Majesty the King, the one person who should set the standard for everyone, and Mister Redas, the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order himself, be the ones to violate their own rules?!」
「H-, however, Inglis!」

Both Redas and King Charleas seemed like they were going to pursue the matter further, but Inglis definitely wouldn’t back down. It seemed like the time for her to fight had come. One thing she would say about this delegation; absolutely no. Too bothersome.

If she were to take up the position of a Knight Commander, she would be walking the same path as her previous life. In short, she would have to devote her life to this country and its people. Inglis had had enough. It was a path he had seen to the very end of it.

Such a role was better left for people who had the passion for it. All she would do was stand on frontlines and continue to hone her skills in battles.

She would definitely turn it down——but, refusing it in a way that would offend the King wouldn’t be a good idea at all. She liked her current position and environment as a student at the Knight Academy, and if she were to screw up and be estranged from the country all alone, she would be separated from Rafinha too.

I will show you how I refuse it amicably and conclusively!


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