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Chapter 151 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2124 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 942 words
Editor(s): Hydra

There were already quite a few people in the audience hall, their eyes drawn toward Inglis and Rafinha once the girls walked in.

「Ooh—Here she comes!」
「Beautiful as usual!」
「Hohou……So she is the rumored… Indeed, she is quite the……but still…」

Various exclaims were heard throughout the hall. Looking at their garments, most of them were members of the Imperial Guard Order, but there were others as well. Judging from their fine attire, were they nobles from the King’s close circle?


And when someone spoke up——

「「We’ll follow you for the rest of our lives!」」

Other cheers and applause broke out in succession.


Neither Inglis nor Rafinha could understand what was going on, as they only could crane their neck in confusion Just what was all this congratulations for?

「Hold it, people. These two don’t know anything yet, don’t be too hasty.」

Redas called out to his men, he himself let out a chuckle.

「Come on, stand before His Majesty.」

With a polite gesture, Redas opened the way for Inglis and Rafinha then stationed himself where he stood. His attitude was like a subordinate or a vassal paying his superior all the courtesies. He was so humbled that it was just too unnatural.

「Y-, yes…」

Slightly bewildered, Inglis and Rafinha walked up to King Charleas who was seated on his throne. Inglis got down to one knee and gave the King a fervent greeting.

「Inglis Eux and Rafinha Wilford have arrived at your service.」
「Very well. Thank you for coming! I see now. You were a maid back then, but now a student of the Knight Academy……Nevertheless, the flower retains her beauty.」
「——Thank you very much.」

Still, Inglis would rather pick the fruit than the flower. 1 Rather than the flatteries, Inglis would like to engage in the feast instead. There was a limit to how much she could suppress the rumblings of her stomach. It would be embarrassing if it was to be heard in this very situation. She had to eat, ASAP.

「Many of you were there, while some of you may not have seen their faces before. These two are the ones who saved my life in the last incident! And I have been indebted to them! To you, my deepest gratitude.」

King Charleas bowed to them. Inglis had had this impression of him for a while now, but he really was a man who wouldn’t adhere to pretension and reputation. Which was why he could easily bow his head to mere Academy students like them.

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In retrospect, perhaps Prince Wayne had the same tendency. They might be at odds on political fronts, but their human natures were similar in various aspects.

Clap clap clap clap!

The applause restarted.

「You’ve done a wonderful job!」
「Thank you for saving His Majesty on our behalf!」
「I will never forget that moment in my life!」

They were praised highly, and even higher.

「Fufu. It does feel a bit good to be praised like this, huh~」

Rafinha sneakily started a talk. It was good that she was happy with it, but…

「But I’d rather have the feast sooner……My stomach will rumble if not hurry!」
「Uu……M-, me too——but we need to endure since it’ll be vulgar to be heard right in front of the King!」

Right now, a slice of meat was more important than a hundred phrases of praise.
Quick, she wanted it quickly!

「Especially Inglis!」
「You controlled the Highland’s Archlord all by yourself, and even drove back the Ironblood Chain Brigade that had come attacking. The way you fight is nothing like what anyone expects from a pretty maiden like you, and yet your presence was akin to the Fierce Deity2 himself!」
「I’m honored……」

Inglis gave a short gratitude. To be honest, she didn’t really listen to what King Charleas said. She was fully concentrating on not letting her stomach growl. And, she was waiting for those words, those beautiful ‘Bring the food in’ words.

「Indeed. And not to mention, the level-headedness without a slight of agitation that you show both here and then in the presence of Abel and I.」

That… wasn’t entirely true. She was actually a bit nervous right now, as it would be so embarrassing to have her stomach rumble. And there was also excitement in her heart. It needn’t be said, she knew of the sumptuous feast the Castle would provide.
All in all, she was by no means calm. At least, not now!

「Along with your keen eye for strategy, an eloquent tongue, and an extraordinary mind despite your age that Redas has reported to me.」
「And thus, I have decided to respond to your achievements with the utmost sincerity.」

Here it is! Let the banquet start. The feast. How joyful. I can feel my cheeks relax.

「Inglis Eux. I hereby declare that I am appointing you to the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order!」

Inglis only had her eyes opened wide, but Rafinha was so startled she shrieked.


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Everyone else must have known that King Charleas was going to make this declaration. That was why the congratulations were given out a little bit ahead of time.

Clap clap clap clap clap clap!!

Various sounds echoed within the audience hall; the applause, the congratulatory…

「——No, rather than that, my food……」


And, the rumble of the stomach that Inglis finally could not hold anymore resounded. Although all the other sounds drowned it out, so she was saved from shame.


  1. Mab: The phrase Inglis used here is “hana yori dango,” a phrase that is originated when people choose to engage in the food and the festive rather than solemnly watching the falling sakura petals in the season where sakura trees bloom. The activity is called Ohanami (Flower-viewing) and the traditional food associated with it is Hanami Dango (rice dumplings in the color of pink, white, green in that order). “Hana yori dango” literally means dumplings over the flower.

    The phrase is also commonly used to express “worldly desires/short-term goals over spiritual desires/long-term goals.”

    There is also a Manga series, later adapted into a TV series (Japanese and then Korean), called Hana yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), but with different kanji for the dango. …….There isn’t the necessity for me to spend 5 minutes writing a trivia like this that no one will bother to read.

    But still, I wrote it because I hope everyone can enjoy it the same way I do.

  2. Mab:Yes, this is the same kanji for the Fierce Deity Mask in Majora’s Mask. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not.
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