Chapter 153 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (6)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2669 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1300 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Inglis decisively announced to the crowd all around her.

「Rules exist to be kept and followed! Therefore I will not accept the position of a Knight Commander! I don’t want the long line of Knight tradition to be broken just for me alone——!」
「B-, but, Inglis! Isn’t only by revisioning old customs and discover a new and better one, we can weave a path for the future?!」
「His Majesty the King is correct! Rather than rigid traditions, we must make a choice that is truly for the good of the Kingdom and the people! You have that worth!」

As expected, King Charleas and Redas were insistent. From the way they spoke, it seemed that they really wished to install Inglis as a Commander, thinking that would be for the sake of the country. They were both flexible with their attitude, evaluating good things as good and nothing else, and didn’t bind themselves to commonly accepted practice.

Those were all good points, which was why it was troubling. Don’t roll me up in your world-keeping business.

「However, is that necessarily for the better? Will it really be for the good of this country and the people? In fact, didn’t this gentleman just object to it?」
「That is just a trifle matter, Inglis. A pebble in the face of a grand cause.」
「Indeed. He only did it to cover his own hide, fearing his position will be threatened!」
「It is only normal for any man to worry about his position. I don’t think there is anything wrong it——And I’m sure that there will be many others who would feel the same way if I were to be appointed as a Knight Commander.」
「That, may be true, but……!」
「But still!」
「At the same time, if I, a Runeless, become a Knight Commander, then all the Squires before me will believe that they, too, can become an official Knight. However, in actuality, they cannot, can they?」
「Unless they possess the strength to be one, much like you do, then obviously they can’t.」
「After all, they are in their position because they don’t have the power to wield an Artifact, to begin with.」

「Indeed. They would be discontent if their status remained unchanged even though I, a Runeless much like they are, had become a Commander of an entire Chivalric Order. This short-lived elation for the Squires would then lead to suspicion and eventually distrust against those in the seats of power. That might result in a disparity between those who have a Rune and those who don’t. What I am afraid of, is that making a single exception may create an otherwise avoidable conflict. Please, see it from this perspective. I alone can’t protect the whole Kingdom. It can only be done if everyone sees the same view and works shoulder to shoulder. While indeed we have the help of the Highlanders, this Kingdom has the tradition and record that proved that we can accomplish it together. Is it worth making me a Knight Commander, even if that means it would pull us apart? Perhaps there is something that can be gained by this exception, but I believe we will lose just as much. I do not wish to see this Kingdom fall into turmoil just because of me!」
「M-mu…a slight change in heart may cause a division amongst us, so you say……」
「Are you saying that, at the end of the day, it is not beneficial for the country?」
「Yes. That is why——with a heavy heart, I must decline the position of a Commander Knight. I truly am sorry……」

Having said so, a single tear trickled down Inglis’ cheek. Half of what she performed was an act, but the other half of it was genuine. She really found it regrettable. Of course, it wasn’t about her declining her position as a Knight Commander or her lamenting her career path.

——in short, she grieved for the feast that was supposed to be waiting for them after her inauguration.

After having turned down King Charleas’ personal assistance, they would happily indulge in the celebratory feast and put everything behind——obviously that wasn’t how things would turn. She was really sad, as the banquet was right under her nose. She couldn’t hold her tears to flow, but she had no other option but to leave now.


Nearby, Rafinha was also drowning in tears. She too had guessed it from the flow of events. The fact that they had to give up on the feast.

「Forgive us. We pushed you into the corner……」

However, King Charleas and Redas seemed to have taken a different meaning from it. The tears shed by Inglis, an immensely beautiful lady at the young age of 15, seemed to have formed a ripple in their hearts. There were signs that they would back down.

Still, what was the point of the summon then? Not only would they miss out on the banquet, but Inglis also had to go to the effort of refusing the career she had no interest in.

Had she known this would be the case, she would have just stayed and helped with the civil engineering work at the Knight Academy and taken the provided lunch boxes. Now she had missed the lunch boxes too.

No, this isn’t the end yet! I refuse to fall only to gain nothing. At least let me get something out of this!

With that in mind, Inglis knelt down again in front of the King.

「Your Majesty. I may be unable to accept the position, but I shall offer you my strength.」
「Hm……What do you mean?」
「I will certainly come to your bidding in times of crisis like the other day, so please summon me as you see fit! Use my power to its limit however you need it. If so, there won’t be any unnecessary conflict like what I mentioned before. I believe you will be able to utilize me most effectively like such.」
「However, that will make you…」
「I don’t mind. I need neither position nor honor. So long my heart is gratified, I wish for nothing more.」

Of course, what she meant by that was to be able to fight against strong opponents to heart’s content, to gain experience in actual combat, and to experience growth from it. However, how they take Inglis’ words was up to them.

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「What a venerable young girl! I admire your spirit.」

King Charleas seemed to have interpreted it as Inglis wishing for the good of the Kingdom and the people. Again, it was up to them to decide how they would take Inglis’ words. Inglis herself spewed not a single lie.

「I see……How regrettable, I would have loved to serve under you……Being with you, with your beautiful figure like the moon in the high sky, and your fragrance like the most sublime flower, every day would have been paradise……」
「N-, never mind! A-anyway! While you will not become our commander, we can still fight together again, right?!」
「Of course. I look forward for that time to come. Please do summon me whenever you need my help.」

Personally, for Inglis, it would be great if they would call upon her just to defeat some strong opponent without her having to bear the responsibility that came with it. That’s what she tried to get across.

There was some slight difference regarding the motives; they sought for a bigger cause while Inglis sought for battle experience, but this would benefit both parties, so it would be fine.

With that, her coming here wouldn’t be all for naught.

「Now, if you will excuse us!」

Inglis bowed deeply and left the audience hall.


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