Chapter 137 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (45)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2366 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1101 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「UWaaaah……Amazing! Hey, hey Rani, are you seeing this? That’s a Prisma, right?」
「Y-, you’re right…」

While it wasn’t the giant bird trapped in ice that Inglis saw in Arlman before, a Prisma was an opponent Inglis had always admired.

The ultimate Magic Stone Beast, said to be capable of ruining an entire country. It was said that only a Holy Knight who wielded weaponized Hyrule Menace could oppose them.

Ever since she learned their existence when she was little, Inglis had always wanted to be able to defeat them with her own power. At last, she met one that moved.

I can finally fulfill an objective I’ve had since I was little! There is no way I am not trembling in excitement from this.

「To be precise, this one that hasn’t achieved its perfected form just yet. Only half of its figure glimmers in prismatic light. But, it will be a perfect Prisma if you leave alone for a while.」

Black Mask was right. Half of the beastman Prisma body wasn’t rainbow-colored, but rather a mottled pattern. Perhaps it was appropriate to say that it was a juvenile Prisma. However, Inglis could keenly feel the enormous amount of energy its body contained.

「AAaaahhh!! I’m torn. Which one should I fight……」

With her eyes brightly sparkling, Inglis looked alternatively between Black Mask and Prisma. Black Mask was wielded a weaponized Hyrule Menace, while the Prisma would be a delight to fight against. Inglis couldn’t choose between the two. This was truly a great battlefield, with wide selections of powerful enemies to face!

「Come on! Glis!」


Her cheeks were pulled apart.

「What are you thinking!? Don’t you see we have to go back to the Academy!? Leone, Liselotte, Miss Ripple, everyone is there!」
「Ihyak! Wh-, whani. Y-, yyah shee…」
「See what?」

Rafinha seemed willing to listen, so she let the cheeks go.

「Precisely because everyone is there, the situation will be fine for a while, you know? Look…」

An equally enormous barrier appeared to isolate the juvenile Prisma from the surrounding area. That was probably Principal Miliera’s power. The barrier was so powerful, its strength was evident even from this far away.

There was Principal Miliera who, while not a Holy Knight, possessed Special Grade Rune, Silva who also possessed Special Grade Rune, and Leone and Liselotte as well.

And, most importantly, Yua must be there as well, though Inglis wasn’t so sure if she would be taking it so seriously. That girl’s power was unfathomable and mysterious. She shouldn’t get done in so easily.

「Barrier……!? Ah! That’s dangerous……!!」

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Spheres of light appeared all over the body of the juvenile Prisma, and they scattered rays of light in every direction!

「It’s okay……!」

However, the barrier sealed the rays within, not allowing even a streak outside. The barrier remained intact, sparing the urban region around the Knight Academy of any damage.

「Phew……Thank goodness the city is okay!」
「See? I told you it’s okay, didn’t I? It’s important to believe in your friends, you know?」
「……Is what you said while you actually want more time to fight with Black Mask, don’t you? Seeing your character, Glis, I bet you’re trying to fight both of them!」
「As if. Even I’m aware of time and occasion. If we leave him alone, who knows what will he do after we’re gone? He might even go and kill His Majesty.」

Inglis groaned at her own excuse in her heart, but she didn’t show any of it on her face as though that was what she really thought.

「But, didn’t he just say that he’d like you to let him go before?」
「What are you saying, he’s a villain, you know? They’re a guerilla organization. You can’t expect to trust the words of people like them, you know? We’re allies of justice, after all.」
「Hmmm…Glis, both your words and his words can’t be trusted……」
「Eeh!? Why!!」
「Because Glis doesn’t say things with justice! You sound fishy, there has to be something no-good behind your words!」
「B-, but, don’t you love justice, Rani?」
「Well, that’s me! It’s because I’ve been living properly and courteously!」

While Inglis and Rafinha were arguing with each other, they were called by someone with a disdainful tone.

「Good god, you girls are noisy. Don’t frolic around, go back already! We don’t have the time to play with you.」

It was Cystia’s voice. When they looked at her, she had already returned to her previous Hyrule Menace form.

「……! W-, wait, you can’t turn back like that, please! I still want to fight……!」
「Shut up! I’m not a show or a plaything for you!」
「I’m sorry, but she’s correct. I’m also worried about the burden on Cystia, too. I guess action speaks louder. We shall leave first. Let’s go, Cystia.」
「You can’t……!」
「Hold on, Glis! It’s alright, just let them go!」

The moment Rafinha said that, there was a movement from within the barrier in the Knight Academy. A dazzling light as bright as the sun filled the space.

「……!? That’s…the same light that happens when a Hyrule Menace turns into a weapon, right Glis!?」

It was as Rafinha said.

「You’re right!」
「Which means Miss Ripple has returned to normal and turned into a weapon……!? Yaay! This means we can possibly defeat the Prisma! Yeah. Since it’s like that, we can go and apprehend Black——」
「No……! We can’t! We have to go back to the Academy fast! That thing is dangerous!」

While it looked the same as Cystia’s transformation, it was different. Something completely different.

「Sure sure. I’m sure what you mean is that it’s dangerous if the Prisma is defeated, right? You want to fight it before it’s defeated, right?」
「Yeah, let’s just go with that, so let’s go to the Academy quickly!」
「That should do. Make haste before it’s too late.」

As if he could hear Inglis’ thoughts, Black Mask gave her a few words.

「……How truly regrettable. It seems like I can’t fight you to much of my heart’s content…Until we meet again. Now, excuse me.」
「No, thank you. There is no real benefit for me in crossing swords with you, as you’re nothing but a huge menace for us.」

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There seemed to be no time to say anything further.

「Now, Rani, let’s go! Hurry up!」
「I-, I got it!」

The Flygear carried them, flew at full speed to the Knight Academy.


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